A Bleeding Carcinoma of the Muslim world


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From the very inception of societal system in this Universe, Arab terrains were emblem of barbarity as carnage was having no meanings for the then people. For bewildering those people, God Almighty repleted this universe with Prophets for erasure of people according to absolutism. Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) being last preacher of Allah, consolidated all the glinting muslims under one oasis for sifting polytheists towards secularism. Soon after, sea change was fabricated by people that Islam began to maltle with eerie preemption.
In the nick of time, no dust-up was annexed with the muslims’ jurisdictions. Even all the polytheists cowered  instances of Hazrat Muhammad’s honesty, bravery and tenure. But after the death of crème-da-la-crème, the muslims were instigated as pillar of strength uptill centuries owing to their gimlet-eyed visions. While from last three decades, the muslims foamed at the mouth with each others’ frowsty  behaviors.
As two factions are there for bewildering the muslims. Thatmeans, the muslims have been derailed towards division and two pools have been portrayed, one pool is being governed by SaudiArabia and second pool is sombered with Iran. All Shiati community is feasting its eyes under the apprenticeship of Iran while Ehl-e-Sunnat are bestowed  towards the panorama of SaudiArabia. And dynasts of these two pools are enchanting their followers for grasping privy interests without pooching-out for  alliance of the muslims.
It has been flabbergasted in sacrosanct book ”Holy Quran” that the Jews could never be ally of the muslims. While six months earlier in the Washington Post, one of grotesque author put to paper that Saudia was bolstering its coalition plan with Israel for demurring Iran and starching their followers as Israel is canopy of the Jews. Don’t you think that just for dazzling Saudia was annexing with Israel without visualizing the verses of Holy Quran. Same allegory is frontispiece of marque of Iran hitherto as Iran is frolicking with sanctuary of its community and withering lingerers of Shaam, Lebanon, Syria and other cots through gorilla war by Hazb-e-Wahdat  superwised by Hassan Nasrulla. This is our standard that just to keep marque at hovering level, even bloodshed have no value for us.
Even barbarity and carnage have transcended hovering level due to their mala-fide attitude. The whole Islamic World is facing macabre of this atrocity, disruption by militant groups is being considered as aftermaths of this clomp between Saudia and Iran. If we cordon-off Islamic states then chafed situations will be depicted as during 2015, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Libya, Syria and Pakistan faced 115,13,03,13,39,20 attacks respectively according to INSS affiliated with Tel Aviv University. Hazrat  Muhammad(SAW) had not stipulated such benchmark of religion for the muslims. While defiance of dynasts of both wings is flanking the pantheon of muslims.
The muslims in all Islamic states are gallowing against the notions of ruffians owing to erroneous absurdity of their robust factions. And clerics are longing for anosnymity grandeur of negativism from coalition of muslims as they have specified jurisdiction with a lot of acolytes for fulfilling their wishes under guise of madaras, where laws are implicated by them according to their notions. People like pathans who have jag of children for nurturing beseech such institutes for instigation of their children and parry from reminiscing their bellies. Clerics of both pools have same strategy whether belong to Shiati community or Sunni.
                             On other hand, as far as fizzling role of America and its Western allies is concerned, the tumultuous situations from which Iraq, Syria, Libya, Pakistan and Afghanistan etc  are suffering that are just because of America and these Western states. In 2003, America intimidated into Iraq’s fiefdom by inepting a fake statement that Saddam Hussain under coalition with Osama was pooching-out the weapon of mass destruction which would be berserked against the West. Such clause was not buffeting Iraq at that time while Americans laid the foundation of ISIS by betrothing of pro-democracy in Iraq. In 2013-14 when this chafed group was properly announced, founders of the very group had no nexus with group. Geroge Bush from America and Tony Blayer from England were under one cot in this vision. And now, ISIS has oozed as ominous militant group for the World and maltling dust-up and carnage in Islamic states like Syria and Iraq etc.
                                 While in the very issue of two pools, America is corroborating both factions Saudia as well as Iran for its interests. In some macabre, America insinuates its vindications towards Iran and clutches Saudia in some blotchy situation prevailing with them. Russia mostly cripples Iran under its canopy as there is conflict between America and Russia. To dichotomize America, Russia is having leverages for Iran being superpower of the World. Because all the Gulf countries are inclined towards America in lieu of Russia. And China is an impartial republic state in this issue as trade by China to the whole World is bruise of culmination with no fiascos but China has ”unconditional positive regard” for Pakistan owing to geopolitical situation and have soft corner in every field for Pakistan. While slanderous conflict between Saudia and Iran is dwindling the stench of Islam and same allegory of the then time is being kindled, refuting the views of primo.  But question is;
Who can orchestrate the reconciliation between Saudia and Iran?
Nawaz Sharif has surged for self-immolation to mildew both groups towards one destination. Nodoubt, his preemption is despicable but a partial man can never eradicate a breach between two factions. As, Pakistani troops are there in Bahrain for patronizing the Armed forces of Saudia but if reality is lurched then Pakistani troops are imagined putting wedges for protection of Saudian monarchy in lieu of vindicating Saudi troops. Almost 1.5 million Pakistanis are apprehending jobs in Saudia and Pakistan Government has special immunity in shape of loans and funds by Saudia. Visualizing all these clauses, Pakistan bows towards this pool with full enchantment.
While Iran and Pakistan have nexus with one another through 1000km boundry line and Iran reconvene Pakistan in any predicament through vary bounties. And economic corridor between Pak-China includes gas pipeline project from Iran. But Pakistan have ushered its sympathies to one pool means SaudiArabia then Nawaz Sharif can never sombered these two pools because Iran is holding grudges owing to partialness of Pakistan Government.
Here, I can’t eschew from denouement of our Worldly famed leaders in Islamic history during era of 1970. ZA Bhutto from Pakistan, Yasir Arfaat, Shah Faisal from SaudiArabia, Colonel Qaddafi from Libya, Anwar Saddat from Egypt, Adam Malik from Indonesia, Tun Abdur Razzak from Malaysia, Abbes Ali Khalatbari from Iran and Hafez-al-Assad from Syria who had compelled officialdom of the West to suffer from ”Tactile-hallucination” and the muslims had furore for those bully leaders. And they thronged the muslims’ entity as they believed that the muslims were like a single soul with captivation of thoughts. Those pillars of strength were put to side by clandestine movement of America and its Western allies, when the West considered those robust leaders as matter of fiascos for them because they were nestling all the muslims under one roof.
To me, if Hafez-al-Assad were alive then Syria was not facing such anarchy and lynching  of innocent nurturing children and state would be bruise of culmination. Similarly, Bahrain was having no conflict between Shiati community and Sunni community if Shah Faisal were alive but it is our bad luck that we have to gimp owing to clergy who are nictating from the aftermaths.
These two pools have ruffled the muslims  for reinstatement of monopoly and dichotomy amid the muslims has touched-on coulee.  Even the lingerers of varying sects censure each other’s views and can’t wither havoc instead of lacerating.
We have so much emaciated that Mosque ”House of God” has no value for us. Friday12th February,2016 Maulana Imran was lynched by Hafiz Shakir owing to discrimination of leading Namaz Jumma in Karak. Now, yuh can well guess that what type of  thoughts we have in our dome and what clerics are dousing before us.

Stating the pith, Clerics and a few other clauses have divided the muslims and sectarianism is the very carcinoma of muslim World oozing blood and if proper remedy will not be prescribed then you know better that when carcinoma of a patient touches last stage without being cured, what happens and how much adverse effects it has upon others.