A Guarantor of Peace and Tranquility


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Turmoil and barbarity was smear of malign attitude on the part of then people before beseeching of Hazrat Muhammad(SAW) after inception of societal system on this earth. This very cancerous callous was eroded by last Prophet(PBUH) as he was having eerie gnosis for bewildering people. After physical disappearance of primo, a few saints raking behind him appeased the acute motto of dousing Islamic teachings.
With passage of time, sea change had been portrayed as divine spirit amid saints and lingerers was indomitable enchantment. Those guarantors liquefied cliché of Islam through absolutism from pillar to post and masses were visualized lingering behind those zappy saints. Likewise, Abdullah Shah Ghazi approached Karachi for emboldening the muslims of this shelter regarding pantheism.
In response, people of vicinity surmounted their corroboration for Shah Ghazi and even now, decisive majority of Karachites have adoration for famous saint died long ago without any conjectural view. To them, terrain of Karachi is not tumbling from ballistic waves of ocean owing to shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, bully saint. Neelofar was vanishing cots annexing with ocean a few time ago and Karachi had ominous threats regarding neelofar but masses had no stench of tension. As, neelofar couldn’t hit Karachi due to mausoleum of Shah Ghazi, flabbergasted by speaker of Sindh Assembly ‘’Agha Siraj Durrani.’’
Similarly, celibate lives of Bahudin Zakaria, Hassan Ali Hajvery, Hazrat Abdul Lateef, Baba Nazar Diwaan from Multan, Lahore, Islamabad and Syaed Kasraan respectively are lulling their followers. Inhabitants of Lahore rebuff their faiths at the sanctum of Dhata sahib, which is none other than sacrosanct place for praying and purging of their souls. People of Potwhaar region make head way through mausoleum of Bari-Imam sarkar for catharsis of their sins.
Likewise, Dhudialites have shrine of Backwoodsman named ‘Baba Shah Ishaq Noori Pak’ for ‘’unconditional positive regard.’’ The begetting child of Bibi Feroza Khatun and Syed Sultan Bilawal was awarded with insignia of ‘’Zor-e-Ilamat’’ famous as ‘’Noori Pak’’ owing to his indomitable personality. He was captivated with erudition education about religion under the supervision of clerics and soon he clutched prolific results and bestowed himself towards Sufism. He lulled his lingerers and obliterated all their miseries and worries.
During his life, obeisance by followers was at peak as he purged many people through his gnosis especially Dhudialians and people of Narang Syaedan. When the division of sub-continent was announced and Pakistan came into existence, barbarity by the Hindus-Sikh communities was imposed upon the muslims in the proposed Indian territories and in retaliation same hullaballoo was fabricated in Pakistan  for the Hindus-Sikh communities. Dhudial had hefty amount of the Hindu-Sikh communities who made head way of shrine of Baba Shah Ishaq, when the muslims from various terrains appeared to instigate themselves amid Dhudial. The Hindus and the Sikhs with their families apprehended mausoleum as shelter and safe haven because to them, the muslims had reverence for shrine and couldn’t attack them there. Through this allegory, mausoleum of Shah Ishaq proved itself as guarantor of peace in Dhudial.                   
Grandson of Sher Shah Soori used to stay in muddied oasis near Wadaray  proceeding from Dhudial to Narang Syaedan and vice versa and spread the narrative of Allah Almighty before the people. Grotesque allegory was annexed with his theosophical personality that someone who met him on the way, his impending wishes were fulfilled due to clutching Baba Shah Ishaq. Great disciple met Creator of the universe on 1015 A.D at the age of 121 years.
Pillar of strength died in his canopy near Wadaray, a plethora of people was linked with the charming personality of Baba Shah Ishaq that’s why many people had  thronged at the smear of his death and everyone was pooching-out to take his deadbody. Especially, masses of Dhudial and Narang Syaedan were leaving no stone unturned for grasping the deadbody. Finally, some respected lords ushered a decision about cortege that deadbody would be handed-over to those where it would proceed by itself.
First, people of Narang Syaedan billowed-up for cortege but hefty jag of deadbody began to cower mud, they miscarried and left deadbody astonishingly. Then, Dhudialians surged for lifting funeral, deadbody flanked and started moving with no weight just like a flower. That was the reason, celibate personality was buried at the jurisdiction of Dhudial.
The great sufi-saint who was born in chatta of India had played bric-a-brac role for bewildering people of Dhudial and its connected terrains. People approach the shrine of Baba Shah Ishaq hitherto for exhibiting their respect and salutations. On the contrary, vicinity of his grave is emblem of draping life for tortuous people. That’s why no shred of his mausoleum is depicted vacant on Friday evening. His dart grave is bruise of inner satisfaction for people as he had lineage with Imam Hussain(A.S).
It has been fabricated that he who has taken mendacious oath at the mausoleum, has to face progeny in form of being deaf and dum at the spot. These all mysteries about Baba Shah Ishaq have been flabbergasted by elders but one of his mysteries is deemed in my dome which oozed during my lifetime.
A three feet man ‘’Gorkha’’ resident of Dhudial breaks ice with various business for fulfilling the bellies of his family. Nowadays, he is framed selling green tea in Dhudial bazaar, have three daughters who were deaf and dum. One day, daughters kindled father about visiting of mausoleum of Baba Shah Ishaq. Gorkha refuted as he was having some mental reservations and grudge about shrines.  But daughters beseeched mausoleum for three  Fridays continuously and started ringing-out due to mystery of Baba Shah Ishaq. And now, that acute man  visits shrine every morning before pooching-out for any work. Ghorka and his family are eye-witness of Shah Ishaq’s mystery.
Urs of Baba Shah Ishaq is celebrated each year on 20thMarch with full enthusiasm. Brig.Khurseed Alam being antecedent consolidates decorum planning for quipping this festival each year with contingencies of Karaha, Horse race and dog fighting. A part from this Urs, Brig.Khurseed Alam takes care of flowery outlook of mausoleum.
To conclude; celibate life of Baba Shah Ishaq Noori Pak was guarantor of peace and tranquility and now his grave is spot of eradication of valiums for people of Dhudial as well as connected areas. Really, Shah Ishaq was hovering saint having gnosis over monotheism.