Another “Six” by Nawaz Governmemt

If we ring-out the fluctuating allegory of Pakistan, it has a few pioneers who have exhilarated flowery deeds for the culmination of this sanctuary. As, when Zulifqar Ali Bhutto took over the control, Pakistan was surrounded by rife and barbaric situations but ZA Bhutto was one of those primes who imprinted a lurid view for Pakistanis in the shape of Wah Ordinance factory, Port Qasim, Kamra Aeronautical Complex and Pakistan Steel mill. Nodoubt, foundation of these organizations by Bhutto was brandish idea and up till now these are untarnish having no such scandals like PIA, Railway and Fesco etc but constitution of 1973, which is still complying Pakistan was despicable thought of balmy leader.
Indeed, constitution portrayed by Bhutto is still apprehending all people under one shelter whether he belongs to elite class or from any sect. And neither one hitherto has censured any article or section of 1973 constitution nor quipped himself for putting new one except asserting a few new amendments. Likewise, Nawaz Sharif being Prime Minister had concocted the depiction of 367km motorway between Islamabad and Lahore in 1990-93. Perhaps, that contingency was being fabricated by Nawaz Sharif raking the panorama of Adolf Hitlar’s view who first put to plan this outré nature project for Germany.
Nodoubt, opposition at the then time admonished Nawaz Government for outlandish project but in lieu of parrying from being censured, Nawaz Government sifted the project on the surface. After acquittal of this eerie project, people including opposition dynasts flabbergasted the importance of this rummy project. That’s why, this project was captivated and inaugurated later on 26thNovember,1997. And now masses have realized howmuch motorway portrayed by Nawaz Government  was essential and beneficial.
                                Similarly, Li Keqiang and Nawaz Sharif were two counterparts who consolidated for construction of Economic Corridor on 22ndMay,2013. As, under this corridor, China is doling out $11 billion to Pakistan with interest rate of 1.6% along with 10,400MW electricity project. Nawaz Sharif is endorsing his cliché for prosperity of Pakistan through these projects and nodoubt, economic corridor will beef-up the economy.
                                  In this field of bolstering economy, another ‘’Six’’ by Nawaz Government has been visualized in form of an agreement between Qatar and Pakistan on 10thFeburary,2016. According to agreement, trinity will be beheld in field of health, radio, television, education and research. But indeminity in shape of gas pipeline by Qatar is more prolific than others as most of the industrial units had deterred working owing to downsizing of gas supply and industrialists were sifting their industrial units to the states with frontispiece of friendly policies.
Annual contract quantity signed with Qatar for 2016 has been agreed at prorate of 2.25mt, for 2017 Q1, prorate of 2.25mt and for 2017 Q2 to 2031 of 3.75 mtpa. Protagonist of Pakistan has mildewed the fate of jurisdiction towards height of glory in this clause as price for LNG under SPA is $5 per mmbtu which is dwindling than Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline rate $5.70 per mmbtu and TAPI(Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India) border rate $5.90 per mmbtu. Through this deal, we will cower gas at very cheap rates as compared to other countries. As, a slew of industries of Pakistan have been collapsed owing to lack of fiscal and energy resources and in such predicament, Nawaz Government is clutching such a bizarre project. 2000MW of electricity will also be produced through this gas being extracted from Qatar.
Opponents of Nawaz Government should welcome this grotesque deal instead of sabotaging all the shoving ways of this deal and they should peep into the rates upon which Qatar has signed the deal with Pakistan. In $16 billion, Qatar Government is bound to supply 35 million tonnes of LNG to Pakistan from 2016 till 2031. This is a lucrative deal signed by Pakistan to get rid of energy crisis. As, 600 million will be secured for glinting future of the country which were being spent in diesel cost for power generators only.  Meanwhile, this project will implicate hovering effects upon the volatiling economy of Pakistan. But negativism by the rightist and opponent will throw this project into coulee and then fraught situations will steer the destiny of state. So, all such officials or common elites should conceal their grudges and captivation of their politics through such oozing projects for sake of national interest.
If we deeply concentrate upon Pakistan-Iran gas pipeline project,cynosure of which is still coaxing for denouement. As, project was crisscrossing macabre of state signed in March,2010 but America, SaudiArabia and a few rightists of our cot have catapulted cobbles in the way. Because America and Saudia were holding grudges against Iran that’s why business of any terrain with Iran didn’t befit their mental satisfaction. And contract of gas pipeline between Pakistan and Iran became fabrication of exploitation by these states, which is stench of callous hitherto.
Now, we can’t afford such type of predicament in this project. Need of hour is that ruling elites as well as opposition factions should consolidate and exhibit soft corner in leverage of Pak-Qatar agreement before Nawaz Government because this agreement will grasp  a deluge of bounties and will be beneficial for public like motorway and economic corridor.
Furthermore, I am not bric-a-brac that all masses including rightists should bow before all enchantment of Nawaz Sharif as a plethora of his preemptions stipulate blotchy results which are far beyond discussion. But in this particular notion, he should be patronized by all people belonging to this territory because this project is thronged with subtle benefits and betrothing for better future of Pakistan.
In such vicious conditions of debt, malting terror, shortage of electricity and gas, if Qatar is pooching-out for this energy deal then Government should pile-up credentials along with conjuring-up masses because nictating from the vista of this deal will bump the destiny of Pakistan into blind alley and there will be no way out.
Stating the pith, this agreement on the part of Nawaz Government is really commendable having no semblance and aftermaths of this project will portray fabulous results. Government  should handle the masses with strict hands who wish to put wedges in the way of this fiscal deal. Because if such measures are not  taken for this nurturing project then except repenting, we will have nothing.
Still don’t you think that it’s a lucrative deal?