Are We Still A Nation?

Acquittal of Pakistan was concocted under the guise of two nation theory as Hazrat Shah Wali Ullah, Hazrat Mujadad Alfsani, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam were balmy corroborators of the very theory and kindled the Muslims as a separate nation from the cunning Hindus just owing to their fetid behavior. Sir Syed being vindicator of two nation theory rang out in his speech that the Muslims and the Hindus were like two parallel canals which could never intermingle with each other through out end of the day. Then, Allama Iqbal outlined a vision of an independent state for the Muslims and oozed as a  first politician to articulate this vision during his Allahabad address on 29thDecember,1930.
                               14thAugust,1947 with strenuous efforts of Quaid, Pakistan appeared as  a new oasis for the muslims of sub-continent on earth. Quaid began to steer nurturing state towards apex without being dichotomized by people. At the then time, Muslims were the emblem of refugees’entity without any breach and Quaid beefed-up the entity of the muslims but unfortunately the Crème-de-la-crème cashed up in his chip and met God Almighty.
Soon, some drool leaders started impending and dousing their aphoristic narratives owing to lack of pedantic trinity, almost three to five dynasts ousted within five years as no portfolio was there who could fuse all the muslims under one oasis. After the death of Quaid, prevailing regime was in very sorry condition. Extrication of ruling mandarins coaxed other antipathetic people to flabbergast against fraught situation of Pakistan.
Many apprantices surged for sake of fame and perturbed the muslims from single entity into divisions. While a few adventurous dictators added fuel to fire by their vicious and rife ideas that’s why East Pakistanis started holding grudges against West Pakistanis and some paid influentials grasped this opportunity as ominous clause of division. Due to such mala-fide behavior of dynasts, In 1971, Bangladesh oozed as a new spot on earth. As, India was patronizing this proxywar in leverage of East Pakistan. And then, Nehru  announced a statement that they had unleashed Pakistan in such outré situation that state would never culminate.
After division, dichotomy by a few namesakes and retinues huddled people under vary canopies. Religious scholars and dogmatists shoved towards sectarianism instead of lacing the muslims under one identity. The muslims after division, ambushed and sabotaged each others’ cultures lingering the jargon of scholars and extremists and also exploited the moral values. Ehl-e-Sunnat started yelling at Shaitis and vice versa, such contingency fabricated the ethos of the muslims and even they chanted non-muslim slogans against each other. Gen.Zia-ul-Haq fanned the fire by laying foundation of Talibanization and ethnicity.
Our balmy heroes Sir Syed, Allama Iqbal and Quaid sauntered after implicating eminent idea of ‘’Two Nation Theory’’ being its corroborators and instigated the muslims under one cot. But to me, we were down in the mouth, when Nehru denounced to our President in absurdity ‘’ Are you still a nation? Mr. President.’’ We faced these aftermaths just because of our muddied attitude towards aphoristic talks of great leaders.
Gen.Zia-ul-Haq withered all religious scholars and dogmatists for sustaining his regime by malaeious planning. For contending with furore of Bhutto, he concocted ethnic group like MQM in Karachi and that particular  group depicted inferno situation upon jurisdiction of metropolitan city. Recidivists and  crooks belonging to deprived class affiliated with MQM imperialed common masses for poising their group amid top parties and provoked them against Government. We still are paying price for such mastery decisions, public are apprehending abduction and beheading owing to lawlessness, which has been exhilarated by ethnic group as now masses elude from marooning home and usher fear about barbaric situation.
While Altaf bhai facing severe psychological and corporal diseases incites public for logjam, violence and negativism against Government appanages by menacing them, living in exile. Similarly, if put a glimpse upon territory of Balochistan, feudal lords with muskets are all in all there and downtrodden people put them to podium and bow before them after God Almighty. Those prerogators bag a plethora of money which is compensation for public welfare and derail all figurine educational as well as social welfare institutes from terrain without peeping into national interest.
As, we stipulate and propogate our ethos like Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi, Pakhtun and inept preemption of subtle division. We consider matter of pride to be called as Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi or Pakhtun in lieu off Pakistani. And one more to be known as Al-e-Tashee, Al-e-Sunnat, Al-e-Hadees is also rostrum of height glory for us. Even we are captivating chafed situation for each other. But question is;
Whom to be Trusted?
No one amid officialdom is there who can instigate all the masses without any clomp under one spat like Quaid-e-Azam. As, vicious and fraught conditions of barbarism have cordoned-off our territory, sacrosanct places are not secured while after any rife attack, mandarins  begin to put allegations upon Khad from Afghanistan or Raw from India instead of lurching for disruptionists. And common masses are parrying from elites due to their gestures.
On other hand, Religious scholars are quivering syndicalists and inciting them for raking and corroborating. Their jiggling demur those people that a man doesn’t hesitate from self-immolation of their beloved. While the nation has no meanings to them and their notions of fiscal resources are quipped. In such cockeyed conditions, I think, you will not sustain this bizarre idea that we are a nation because our prevailing macabre is far off from sorry conditions.
The preposterous by muckraking people is a macabre for us, if we don’t crave to dwindle once again but gnawing eyes of immigration officers on Pakistani passport at any Airport of the World is none other than shamble for High Command. You know about valiums of Pakistanis living abroad that those restrain themselves from place where identity is highly required because they feel ashamed of by proving  themselves as Pakistanis. Even they have become patients of Xenophobia.
The idea of separate insignia for the muslims was laced with prolific terrains by primo while after harrying identity, marginalized division became our destiny. Fragile situations of our bodies are pollable.
One identity can be kept secured as Germans did for their prolonged tenure. Though Austria was state of nationalities but for centuries Germans protected the Reich against incursions from the East, and finally carried on an exhausting guerrilla warfare to maintain the German language frontier, at a time when the Reich was highly interested in colonies, but not in its own flesh and blood at its very doorstep. Germans   considered that they would have to face tumultuous exploitation of their language and culture.
In the nutshell, we should take keen interest for promoting our culture and language without visualizing ourselves under different cots. As, our descendents  have sacrificed their lives for attaining separate homeland then it’s our national obligation to protect this land from vicious designs of our enemies and promulgate the idealogy of Pakistan.
If demons like cast, creed, ethnicity and sectarianism are not tackled rationally then we will have no need to siege any wicked agent like Kul Bhushan Yadav as a lot of Kul Bhushan Yadavs amongst common masses of Pakistan will ascribe minutia to enemies. These disputes are the slanders which have derogated us from single entity.