Economic Corridor

Stench economy plays a vital role in sifting state  from tumultuous situation to hovering level. Thronged notions about economy long grandeur of gesticulations of ruling elites but without robust views of officialdom, a state can’t transcend other jurisdiction as instigation of mandarins is like a podium for escalation of economy. As far as benchmark of Pakistan’s economy is concerned, grotesque jerk by High Command has been seen for flourishing the economy through stipulating  for economic  corridor with China. Li Keqiang and Nawaz Sharif were two primers who quivered and put to table this outlandish idea of economic corridor, shoving for culmination of China and Pakistan on 22nd May,2013.
                                According to this bizarre project, Exim Bank of China is unleashing $11 billion loan to Pakistan with interest rate of 1.6% and Gawadar Port is being annexed with Xinjiang of China along with expansion of Karakoram Highway, Railway lines and 10,400MW energy project.
To me, China is fabricating the bastion of Pakistan and patronizing the slogan of Pak-China friendship and chanted slogan is; ‘’Pak-China friendship is higher than the mountains, deeper than the oceans, sweeter than honey and stronger than steel.’’ While Pakistan is facing barbaric situations of electricity shortage, gas shortage and other such fetid issues from last three decades. Billowing of flood every year vanishes our cultivated land along with cortege of many downtrodden people.
This CPEC(China-Pak economic corridor) project is cordoning-off such brutal conditions which will be eradicated through adequate planning. Twenty more agreements have been signed under pledge of money($1.6 billion) between mandarins of two states. Gawadar port is being mildewed into hub and nucleus for various countries and will implicate lurid effects upon the economy of Pakistan.
Defiance of Rightists from this outré project will throw the destiny of Pakistan into coulee and fraught conditions will begin to shadow the marque of state which is impending and nestling amid progressed states. This negativism of extremists will also demur the youth of Pakistan. If we put a glimpse into past, same absurdity has gnawed us on cornuco idea of Kalabagh Dam. Gen.Musharaf being man of totalitarianism had restructured the idea of Kalabagh Dam on December,2004. If denouncers like Fedrel Minister for water and power Raja Parvez Ashraf or some of rightists had rung out in leverage of Dam then flood, electricity shortage and a plethora of other issues would not be menacing our territory as this project orchestrated had redundant capacity of oozing 3600MW electricity. And this project was to be laid upon the terrain of Mianwali where ballistic water of flood could be accomplished in the  Dam without destruction.
But to our bad luck, that balmy project has become depiction of insurrection owing to uncorroboration of a few extremists. Now, situation of Dam construction has no patronage and even leftists who were flanking at  the then time are slumbering with cold shoulder. Sameway, Gawadar port construction had been censured by a few tribes of Balochistan with vindication of rightists. In such predicament, the government under consolidation plan bolstered the economy of Pakistan through construction of Gawadar port instead of eschewing from viable finesse of those people.
Now, you may lurch the role of Gawadar in our economy and if ruling elitism had marooned the fiefdoms of Balochistan owing to commotion in plan then we would be facing macabre, and this fizzling project would also remain a slanderous plan like Kalabagh Dam.
                                    Intervention of dogmatists in contingency of different rummy projects has compelled me to feel fear as economic corridor in its figurine form is contriting China and Pakistan under one canopy and is clutching the entity of state in its scrutinized form. If dogmatists did anosnymity as  before then we will have no alternative in lieu of yawning. Because entrepreneurs after noting our gesticulations will derelict and started lurching other fleeced partnars.
As  after construction of this hub, every ship will snuck towards this port and all the stockade of kindled ship will be dumped to particular territory from this seaport through economic corridor. And our economy will apprehend prolific results. As far as beholding of this project is concerned, High Command including rightists should exhibit ‘’unconditional positive regard’’ for this corridor without any interruption or provocation. Because every influential craves that  economic corridor should be sombered with their residence but it is impossible as their such gestures can put CPEC into blind alley and then after sometime  jiggling will bring no fruits. 
A network of pipelines will also be laid according to CPEC project to transport liquefied natural gas and oil between Gawadar and Nawabshah to extract gas from Iran having $2.5 billion worth  for particular ambition. Other $30 billion has been kept to overcome Pakistan chronic energy demands. Now, you may well imagine howmuch this project befits our shortcomings.
The need of hour is that Government should crisscross all the denunciation of people and dichotomize the negativism of this project by rightists and huddle them to table talk for implication of this astute idea of development. And should admonish them about aftermaths of this decline. Those who sustain their autonomy and recalcitrant decision over CPEC  should be buffeted with strict hands instead of facing melancholy.
                                     If  special indemnity  will not be exhilarated then boohooing will become our destiny. Because this flowery project is none other than bounty for Pakistanis at this peak time.