Indecent Leaks

Nowadays, question which is ambushing in the rows of intellectuals, journalists and masses is derailing of eleven high portfolio officials by Gen.Raheel Sharif for erasure of black bruises from the Armed forces owing to instigation of officials in corruption cases at the time when Panama leaks have concocted perils for the politicians.
Will political pundits admonish their virginity like Armed forces?
Hearkened by parents and congregated through the books that a man transcends the limits and piles-up more than his satisfaction due to greedy nature and resultantly, these extra resources create impending problems for him. The chroniclers have inoculated their minutia that in Pakistan, this wanthriven system of wangling money through unfair means has begun from tenure of Gen.Ayub Khan. Jurats and fellows of Gen.Ayub were benefited through such methodology of bagging money and leisure. Moving onward, this system of corruption was further bolstered in the era of Gen.Zia-ul-Haq as allegory of Pakistan is picture of starching as far as this phenomena of wangling money is concerned up to the regime of Gen. pervaiz Musharraf.
Army invigilators were visualized pondering and discussing with fellows about their plots offered by Army at some populated area in lieu off glorifying any mastery for war as used to happen before the coup-de’-tat of Gen.Ayub Khan. Owing to such hegemonial practices, Army was being imprinted as white elephant from last 3 to 4 decades.
On the contrary, indecent leaks in form of Panama leaks a few days before have diverted the World attention and some big names like King of Saudia, Prime Minister of Ukarine, Sharif family and resident of 10-down street etc. ICIJ (international consortium of investigative journalists) has depicted Mariam Safdar as beneficial owner of British virgin islands-based firms i.e. Nielsen Enterprises limited with address provided of Saroor palace Jeddah, Saudia and Nescoll limited incorporated in 1994 and 1993.
Similarly, Hussain and Mariam signed a document of loan ($13.8 million) for these offshore companies with London properties as collateral. Hasan Nawaz has been exhibited as sole director of Hangon property Holdings limited. All these allegations have been portrayed upon the ruling family of Pakistan through Panama leaks. As, life of a politician should be an open book to general masses without any clandestine matter. But offshore companies in Panama on the part of Sharif family have coaxed new small talks.
Nodoubt, ownership of offshore companies in Panama is not instigated as bad fabrication in constitution of Panama according to Dulcidio de la Guardia ( Panama Finance Minister) but in all over the globe, existence of offshore companies having annexation with worldly-famed names douse that there is something wrong in the bottom. Panama leaks have sieged Iceland Prime Minister (Sigmundar Gunnlaugsson) and Jose Manuel Soria ( Spanish acting industrial Minister) till their resignations and resident of 10-down street is also under conjectural and moral pressure even after clarifying the offshore companies shown by leaks on his side as legacy by his parents. Acute resident is still upon the mercy and will of the public  and he may have to face macabre in near future during elections.
Likewise, Mr. Nawaz Sharif without disavowing or owning very property can’t steer his ship to pedantic path because hullaballoo by the opposition is at apex with demand of scrutinized commission under hegemony of Chief justice. Two days earlier, credentials of assets of elite class exhibited by election commission of Pakistan have obscured the public furthermore as Mr.Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif with a few more were having the assets of more than two billions. Mr. Imran has no insignia of businessman except a few welfare corporations like Shaukat Khanum etc. Nodoubt, Imran being former cricketor cowered money but to him, all those assets were utilized in jutting out Bani Gala as residence. And one more, at then time when Imran was player, bounties were not awarded like present era and those players who played with Imran are not having such a plethora of assets like Imran Khan. Question is;
From where his money is beseeching?
Here, I am not patronizing Nawaz Family but being leader of political party, Imran should also expose the notions of thronging such bizarre assets. As far as opposition party PPP is concerned, Zardari with Faryal Talpoor and a few more has whitewashed the fame and furore of PPP through corruption. Am saying in sorry conditions, no methodology has been billowed-up by PPP for clarification of assets on part of Zardari. As, before Zardari factor, bitter enemy of Bhutto like Zia-ul-Haq couldn’t demur Al-Murtaza and 70-clifton in the cases of corruption.
Same is the situation of chaudries of Gujrat as they have left no stone unturned of bagging money and Asfand yarwalli from spat of ANP has been visualized with a slew of assets with no clarification.  Again beseeching towards Sharif family who is clutched in political as well as moral pressure by indecent-panama leaks with a ball thrown by Gen. Raheel Sharif in Government court in form of exposing muckrakers, Zarb-e-Azb and Zarb-e-Aahan against chotu gang in Rajanpur. Armed forces have scrutinized their prints in the eyes of public and apprehended immunities.
Now, Mr. Nawaz sharif for hovering future should avert and move to aside by handing over the control of country to dead honest man of party with constitution of a judicial commission for investigation. In such muddied conditions, he can’t stipulate general masses and opposition for vista because aloofness has been ushered between Government and the public over the issue. Up to  some outcome of investigation made by so-constituted judicial commission, Nawaz should keep himself away from scene. if leaks emerge mendacious, he may make head way of  PM office otherwise in case of miscarrying to admonish virginity, he should resign.
Hitherto, clouds of melancholy are thundering upon the commission liquefied by ruling party.` pressure is starching over Nawaz Government day by day, how will he ooze with his jurats from this macabre, is belonging to his wisdom.
So far as general masses are concerned, resurrection of old bastion of Pakistan in the commandment of primo are portrayed by them. Because foundation of gallantry struggle has been laid by Gen.Raheel Sharif and Nawaz Sharif will have to pooch-out either for resignation or for constitution of result oriented authoritative judicial commission. Which will ultimately  ushere better image of Pakistan in impending time.