Lack of prudence



Politics is a democratic game and betraying altruists is a part of this game with favouritism at one corner and barricades have been put by mandarins for opportunists, so that no cliche stories could be liped off  to put them away from nestling. As far as politics in Chakwal is concerned, Sardar Group has mitigated the powers of officialdoms of PML(N) at district level and compelled them to suffer from ”acrophobia”, this happened owing to their ineptitude in politics. Being the patient of alogia, mandarins of PML(N) have to face the great triumph of Ghulam Abbas Khan in shape of LG polls.
Terminal insomnia was diagnosed for politicians of Chakwal, when High Command of PML(N) decided to patch up with Sardar Group in Chakwal. All the PML(N) portfolios fused and placarded Sardar to keep himself away after vindication of high dignitaries of party. As far as my opinions are concerned, Sardar has put himself in a street now which is stagnant, it is impossible for Sardar Group to culminate now because vexed and rife conditions are ahead. To get indulged in PML(N) was last spat for Ghulam Abbas; his entity has been revoked by chairman of PTI ”Imran Khan”due to his scatty and recalcitrant decisions.
As, Ghulam Abbas Khan was man of austerity and optimism, his tenure has not got commendation and tangibleness. All the doors have been slammed for the influentials of Sardar Group and they have no lodge for themselves. Although a lot of developmental projects were laid in the era of Abbas Khan but people will not let sustain his regime further more because he has no single roof for himself in any party. His alliance is facing tumultuous conditions which are aftermaths of his recalcitrant decisions. To me, his impromptu speech will bring no fruits in coming elections, as no propagators are allocating him for his multitude. Abbas has retrospective memories in his mind but same situation will not prevail and all incorporators will maroon and join any other party and dereliction will become his fate. So,he should entrench his group from descent and find space for himself in any party. As his incentives and some of his tomfoolery decisions have brought him to this well.
If we peep into the past, same situations were prevailing with the Jews when Hitlar had put a coalition plan to shoot the Jews where found; and on other hand, the Jews found no spats for themselves. They derelicted and rifed in whole over the World. On second side, PML(N) has gathered all the dignitaries under one roof and roosted all disputes amid the party for jostling with personnels of sardar group. I think,such aphoristic thoughts and gesticulations are enough for conjuring-up dogmatists and syndicalists and defeating Abbas Khan in impending elections because nobody is cordoning-off him especially no party.