Majeed Malik – An Invincible Character

Majeed malik3
The indomitable person of Chakwal, who compelled politics and politicians to environ his personality for three decades was begotten in far off area of Lunde-patti ”JAND AWAN” named Majeed Malik in 1919( died at age of 97 on 4th june 2016). From the shelter of High school Hasolah, he got his matriculation. His elder brother Ghulam Asghar was having a rostrum in Pakistan Army, who later on retired as subedar major ( which is instigated as real general of troops). So, upon the darting of his elder brother, he bent on doing for Army as soldier in clerical department.
Majeed Malik being competent man sieged high rank generals for his promotion time to time. At the time of independence, he was governing troops, being captain and had special honor of being part of Quaid-e-Azam’s security band. Kashmir war and wars of 1965 and 1971 were fought by him from various nobilities. His bravery and leading qualities were beyond the shadow of doubt. When leepa valley was captured by Indian forces in 1965 war, Majeed Malik being colonel at the then time, reassured the valley under Pakistan Army control by  flanking green flag there with his troops. His stenches of bravery and competence can be visualized in other military adventures as well.
With the passage of time, Majeed Malik was stipulated for the rank of Lt.General in march 1976 and after retirement of Gen.Tikka Khan, it was confirmed persuasion that impending chief of Army staff would be Majeed Malik due to his glinting career and special diplomatic nature. Everyone was hearkening about the news of Majeed Malik as Commander in Chief  from military men and civilian  diplomats. But destiny was expecting from this rowdy man something else.
Was Gen. Zia-ul-Haq’s promotion a misfortune of Majeed Malik or decorum mastery?
Through the autobiography of late.Gen. Majeed Malik which has recently been published ” We were also present there”, this confronted query can be searched out. According  to late.Gen Majeed Malik’s autobiography, Ghulam Mustafa Khar became his bosom friend, when Khar was governor of punjab and he was having post as Co-commander of Lahore. Mustafa Khar and Majeed Malik  exhorted each other due to official issues but later on official relation starched and turned into friendship. Time took a carve, which resulted into an anguish between ZA. Bhutto and Mustafa Khar over certain issues. Bhutto was leader with hovering qualities but above all, he had annexation with feudalism so being feudal lord, he couldn’t visualize his rivals thronging his fellows or party members.
At the marriage ceremony of former president Fazl Elahi’s son, all big shots were invited to function at Gujrat. Majeed Malik after striding into hall, owing to be saturated with rural conventions, met Ghulam Mustafa Khar while all other PPP leaders were blowing off  Khar because ZA. Bhutto didn’t fancy his members standing with rivals being aristocrat. At that acute ceremony, arrival of Prime Minister was expected. When both Majeed Malik and Mustafa Khar were blowing different issues, Bhutto beseeched the hall with his security men. Visualizing Majeed with Khar, he ignored them and moved forward to his seat, where Khar whispered Majeed that he should forget dream of becoming future Army chief because Bhutto known by him would never put to side such contingency.
With movement of conditions, time proved the tongue of Khar about future Army Chief. Bhutto being Prime Minister, toppled eleven high portfolio generals and apprehended Gen. Zia-ul-Haq  as Army chief, which was aftermath of grudges, Bhutto was having at then time for Majeed Malik and other nine serving generals. Moving with traditions and ethos of Army( seniors feel shame and aggravate obeying juniors) Majeed Malik got his retirement as General from Pakistan Army. As, he was man with special cynosure and qualities, Bhutto nominated him as Pakistani Ambassador for Spain but after conge of Bhutto government, he left acute job after two years and returned to native country.
On one forum, he served Pakistani nation in this way but his indulgence into political field also proved him necessary element of Pakistan political system. Sardar Khizar Hayat Khan and Malik Majeed were residing in same locality of Islamabad having no distance between residences. In non-party election of 1985 arranged by Gen.Zia-ul-Haq, former cleared the obstacles for Majeed Malik’s entrance into politics. Neither Sardar Khizar was having  regards for Majeed Malik nor craved his glory but to cope with local political circumstances, Majeed Malik was introduced by Sardar Khizar into politics.
At that very appointed time, Malik Habib Khan and his fellows were blasting off their furore amid general public against Sardars of chakwal. Sardar Khizar began to see light in form of loosing his grip upon the general masses that’s why Majeed Malik was inoculated here. Majeed Malik being retired Army official  bolstered his group by putting to division Awami group headed by Malik Habib Khan. All the panorama of Chakwal politics changed at peak time with Majeed Malik. After this contingency, three names for national assembly seat were there; Sardar Ashraf under supervision of Sardar Khizar, Malik Habib from Awami group and Majeed Malik. Sardar Khizar was beefing-up his candidate’s victory behind the scenes but Majeed Malik with emblem of ”Axe” hoodwinked both his rivals in shape of Sardar Ashraf and Malik Habib.
How such curious personality could be bound to national assembly only, original candidate was found for chairmanship of public account committee in the government of Muhammad Khan Junejo by nominating Majeed Malik. Under the tenure of same government, he remained federal minister for food and agriculture. In Nawaz government, important nobilities were exhibited to Majeed Malik like minister of Kashmir affairs and minister of local bodies and rural development etc.
Majeed’s juncture with Nawaz Sharif was beyond the usual annexation and Majeed Malik as seasonal politician was consulted by Nawaz Sharif over vexed issues. That’s why he was short-listed in Nawaz dome for president after resignation of Farooq Laughari. For a while, it was looking like that special honor was going to be ushered to Chakwal. Unfortunately, fruit was ripe and couldn’t be plucked because before announcement of Majeed Malik’s name for future president, Mian Sharif (father of Nawaz sharif) summoned Nawaz in Raiwind palace for nominating former justice Rafeeq Tarar as future president who was personal advisor to Sharif  family. Before decreed of father, Nawaz Sharif couldn’t convert his clandestine will into reality. In this way, Majeed Malik was missed by seat of president.
As, Nawaz Sharif lingered his father in business and other such rife clauses. Similarly, Majeed Malik was raged by Nawaz Sharif in political situations and at then, he was robust pillar of PML(N).
How much Majeed Malik was saluted by Nawaz Sharif?
In Kargil war 1999, when Pakistan Armed Forces bamboozled Indian Army from most of Indian terrains, president Clinton called Pakistani premier for negotiation in Camp David on the plea of Indian premier. In  Pakistani delegation headed by Nawaz Sharif, Majeed Malik was having decisive position, which approached David Camp. Nawaz Sharif introduced Majeed Malik in such a way ” he is one of our elder politicians and I follow his guidelines  over various political issues.”
After General Musharraf coup-de-tat, Majeed Malik left Nawaz in distress and made head way of gen. Musharraf. Don’t know why and what was that macabre, which compelled him to leave PML(N)?  But this verdict by Majeed Malik was foundation of his downfall, from where his political career started cowering steep. The man who extricated his political career with slogan of anti-sardar, was formulating his coalition with sardars at local level. As, all his voters had fused under his shelter just because of his anti-sardar movement, they began bailing out.
Under the spat of Chaudries of Gujrat and union with Sardars, he put victory into the hands of his nephew ”Major Tahir Iqbal”( who is sitting MNA) in 2002 general election. With corroboration of Majeed Malik, Sardar Ghulam Abbas Khan oozed as District Nazim of Chakwal in local bodies election of 2001. Nodoubt, Majeed Malik grasped seat for nephew but his fame was moving down day by day.  When he introspected that all funds and bounties were being unleashed to District Nazim, he ticketed himself in next local bodies election  for future district nazim and faced fiasco. At the same time,  Hafiz Ammar Yasir who was baddie of Parvez Elahi’son, starched relations of Sardars with Chaudries of Gujrat and marooned no corner for Majeed Malik.
After fraught situations from all sides, once again he shook hand with PML(N) but his importance was gone to abyss. In 2008 general election, he vindicated renowned columnist Ayaz Ameer as candidate of MNA by PML(N) and handy writer cleaned sweep sardar once again. As, Ayaz Ameer is rummy natured man and don’t  undergo into instructions by anyone else so he refuted and revolted against PML(N).  In General election of 2013, PML(N) was having no better choice other than Majeed’s nephew from Chakwal.
As, Majeed Malik failed to grasp commanding of Army by exhibiting soft corner for Mustafa Khar. Similarly, his back turn from Nawaz faction and coalition with Sardars at local level proved fatal decisions of his life. Sometimes, scatty and recalcitrant decisions  derail us from right path and similar situations overwhelmed Majeed Malik at two points elaborated above.
The departed soul  due to his national fame didn’t only lock one bright face of Chakwal politics but also put politicians of chakwal into blind alley especially political career of his family. Late.Saleem Asghar (nephew of late.Majeed Malik and brother of Major Tahir) could prove himself as alternative here because of his honesty, unique style having direct linkage with lingerers and authoritative control over local bodies. Unfortunately, such charismatic personality met almighty Allah in life time of Gen.Majeed Malik. 
Would that! Saleem Asghar were alive.                                     
With  demise of Gen. Majeed Malik, no national famed politician is there, left in Chakwal. Who can represent Chakwal at national level in such glorious way. Nodoubt, Ayaz Ameer is man with such competence and grip at national level but perhaps his journalistic career is having more meanings to him as compared to politics.
To me, if a political science student peeps in future into post-independence history of pakistan then he will surely transliterate the role of Majeed Malik whether political issues will be studied by him or military beauteous traditions. Because what he did, was really commendable. Especially, surging of 4th june morning will never be forgotten by chakwalites whether one is linked with PML(N) or not.