Our Collective Irrational Behavior

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Sanctuary of Pakistan had bully dynasts like Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, Dr.Allama Iqbal and founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam, who craved  to captivate the nurturing state with their rummy ideas but before birth of Pakistan, Sir Syed and Allama Iqbal gave up the ghost. And  Quaid enchanted indomitable depiction upon other countries by roosting  refugees and annexing despicable corporation like PIA and State Bank institute etc.  These corporations had hovered in the sky and set a  grotesque level  all over the World. But from last decade, these World beating corporations instead of cowering intangible victory have been clutching steep owing to absurdity of ruling elites. And these rowdy corporations have been orchestrated as emblem of fetid notions.
If we instigate PIA corporation for discussion, prerogators  are gnawing and demurring the marque of PIA by their vicious aims of bagging money. As, every influential after bolstering their benchmark amid ruling party have roosted blood relatives in such corporations and harried the bruise of untarnish organizations through their slanderous attitude. And even their valets didn’t billow for those despicable posts due to lack of education. PIA has been fabricated as a shamble by those myopic influentials and compelled Government for denationalization of such grotesque corporation.
                             Convertion of Orient Airways into Pakistan International Airline corporation on 11thMarch,1955 was outlandish idea of Quaid-e-Azam, which was put to work after his death. Though preemption of insinuating Orient Airways was eerie idea of Quaid under guise of Ahmad Ispahani and Haji Dawood’s money. And we have thwarted Quaid’s deed of culmination through best corporations. Hullaballoo these days against privatization by ruffians has no semblance of clomp. A few days earlier, two  PIA officials were lynched during logjam contingency and  they were yelling against Government.
My salutations are not with those rioters who faced death as they were concealing themselves under one canopy against sacrosanct corporation and also were blood  decendents of High Command. Same PIA has grasped a plethora of bounties like best airline of Asia with same commodities and staff but now commotion is prevailing owing to irrational behavior of influentials. As, these bodies of PIA had sabotaged the level in the eyes of people in such tumultuous way within very short period that Government had to capitulate and unleashed subsidies for this corporation. Because 19000 employees had placarded their demands for beholding of this corporations with perpetual efforts. But question is;
Whom to be aggravated?
A number of mandarins have also same cliché of minting money for patronaging the fiscal resources of their family and deemed with such notions. Now, Government is longing for privatizing this PIA corporation for lucrative deals with fleeced partners. This means, they craved to pocket a deluge of money through this scam like prerogators of PPP during their tenure of 2008-13 had minted  a slew of money through Rental power plants and by betrothing of better future with common people. Same allegory is going to to be flabbergasted by dynasts in privatization of PIA. Nodoubt, privatization improves efficiency and profits and history is full of brandish privatization as Germany, France, England and America did in past for flourishing their economy but those craved to starch states in lieu off fiscal resources of their families. While in Pakistan, so-called political pundits replete their own pockets without perils of being impeached.
As, those states had privatized their corporations for decorum focusing on other clauses like protection of their masses, healthcare, foreign affairs and economies etc. While Pakistan Government should privatize such corporations so that they may visualize the valiums of masses solely and bolster their economy and investors may grasp these corporation without fluctuation.
                                But same bankruptcy is sombered with Railway corporation. After instigation of the British under cot of Sub-continent, they strode for betterment and ushered figurine way of traveling by trains for dumping their longings and military forces place to place in 1886. During supervision of Quaid-e-Azam, a plethora of amendments in its structure had been concocted while from last decade High portfolios have been snucking towards 7,791km tracks for crippling robust iron. In financial year of 2013-14, Pakistan railway has earned around Rs.25 billion along with great reputation and efficiency but officialdom under consolidation plan are huddling towards rifling iron of tracks.
If we peep into metro-train system launched by the British Government in England then atrocity of our Government will fuse us under one oasis. As, cynosure of their metro-train system coaxes noobs for journey without stopover because that one is such an outré system that people prefer metro than personal transport for travelling while our system has become defunct owing to mastery of politicians and urging for denouement.
Steel mills are emblem of culmination for any state as Russia and America being advanced countries are putting wedges around state-owned steel mills for beholding entity of their economies. While High Command of Pakistan is keeping its pedantic eyes upon precious astate of steel mill as residential terrains are cordoning off steel mill in Karachi. And dynasts are trying their utmost to grasp that particular jurisdiction of steel mill. Pakistan steel mill is more complicated and established in 1973 to supply a nascent manufacturing sector but company had stopped operating in June after gas supplies were downsized  due to mounting debts.
Pakistan steel mills, Pakistan Airline and Faisalabad electric supply company (Fesco) are considered benchmark for attaining glory height. And masses consider privatization of Pakistan steel mill as bad nightmare owing to fluctuating attitude of mandarins. As, we are facing ominous fiascos due to sabotage of these stakes by officialdom because money has more meanings to them than patriotism.
Whom to be praised?
Similarly, almost all the Government Departments like Civil Aviation, Wapda, Sui Northren Gas, port Qasim, Custom, Tourism etc are cowering anosnymity cliché and lapeling  by controllers can be well imagined through their gestures but still certain organizations like Wah Ordinance factory, Kamra Aeronautical complex which are being governed by Armed Forces are beseeching apex in leverage of Pakistan.
Stating the pith, Altruists can’t do anything in front of their trompe-l’oeil gesticulations except agitating. To me, these state-owned corporations and institutions can touch-on intangible fiscal victory by ousting other corporations but need of hour is that, all official should fuse under one spat for extricating commotions from these corporations and institutions so that without anarchy and speculations these firms could transcend other firms of the World.