Our Informal Ambassadors

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Being world sixth populated country behind Brazil and ahead of Nigeria with 191.71 million population according to 2015 census, Pakistan is located upon the vicinity from where all the terrains of world are in easy approach that’s why conge of manpower to foreign countries from Pakistan has touched 8 million leaving no maiden country. As a result, major portion of our export bill is met through foreign remittance sent by overseas Pakistanis  from all over the globe.
If we introspect into past, sagacious steps were taken by Mr. Zulifqar Ali Bhutto before 1972-73. He-man visited Gulf States for nestling of Pakistani manpower. Having charismatic personality and qualities of conjuring-up table talks, he got Shah Faisal, Sheikh Zaid, Qaddafi with other muslim leaders into concordat of accepting Pakistani manpower. At the then time, those States had just explored oil reserves and were in need of labor.  Z.A. Bhutto returning to Pakistan crisscrossed all the cobbles in form of restrictions for process of passport formation. And that was time, when grasping passport was instigated equal to confirmation of world visa in Pakistan for common man. After eradication of noxious restrictions, general masses started apprehending passports and moving to Gulf States for earning money and reminiscing the need of Gulf States.
During time of pre-independence, Pakistan was ruled by the British being spat of subcontinent that’s why the British had leverages for those who had lived in their colonial system and their colonies were spread all over the globe. To the immunities, those people were allowed without approval of visa everywhere in the colonies of the British. So, Pakistani in this way fluttered to England and other European countries but who went there at the then time  were mostly uneducated and visualized doing jobs of waiters and dust-cleaners because England needed no technical man as they were done with infrastructure in early part of nineteenth century.  These jobs were just vacant because the English were not willing to do.  So,  to cope with this clause visas were granted to foreigners for such jobs.
Moving towards the present conditions, Pakistanis, Bengalis, Indians and Nigerians etc are trampled by the dynasts of Gulf States considering them from third world countries. Pakistanis here as well are instigated as slaves with no glee of human rights while technical men from European countries are put to podium and respected along with special protocol. Don’t know why their attitude changes when they come across people of European countries.  So far as Pakistanis are concerned, their number is clutching steep in lieu of escalation owing to interregnums in their economies. While on the opposite, entry of Pakistanis into Europe has become impossible. If not impossible then it has surely become difficult.
What has happened to plutocracies?
Pakistanis have two kinds of depictions, one who work with full devotion without fraudulent stride while second group has frontispiece of guile nature. There are a few worldly famed names from Pakistan who had entered in jurisdiction of Europe as workers but glorified the name of country through their deeds.  Ex. Governor of Punjab ( Ch. Sarwar) who had lineage with small family of Pakistan and remained   member of London parliament. Similarly,  Sir Anwar Pervez ( Chairman of Bestway cement) beseeched Europe as a worker having link with a family of Gujar khan coaxed the title of businessman with ”SIR” by the British  Government due to his hard work.
Likewise, the recent elected mayor of London is Pakistani named Sadiq khan son of a Pakistani bus driver. Is it not a matter of honor for us that one Pakistani is the mayor of worldly famous city. Raking in this row, Ch. Sarwar’s son named Anas Sarwar has faced victory and won a seat in Scottish parliament.  All these Pakistanis with a slew of more have earned fame for the country as Dr. Abdul Salam did in America for Pakistan.
Second group has acted as black sheep because those were the Pakistanis who roosted small companies in that cot with fake names. After wangling money, they ran to other oasis with no annexation with very Government. Likewise, some have insured their shops and other such things. For bagging money from insurance companies, they orchestrated plan of setting those installations on fire after removal of bric-a-brac goods. Nodoubt, those insurance companies were bound to pay but don’t you think that they will not be aware of this mastery. Such kinds of contingencies  have happened to plutocracies  which altered their minds.
Have you ever imagine that immigration officer is stamping passports without obscurantism at airport but when he scouts green passport, ominous situation overwhelms him after full contentment, he ushers righto remarks. In past,  Paki passport was not facing such anguish conditions. All the credentials were signed by the embassies without demanding elaboration and clarification. One clause has already been exhibited by me earlier in form of Pakistanis activities in Europe.
Secondly, a few time ago, Pakistanis had started kindling fake documents for applauses of visa and they got. because  the European countries believed that nothing fake could be done but with passage of time all the facts were realized by them. Now, methodology adopted by them requires even real documents to be signed by foreign office and foreign ministry with other harsh requirements. Owing to such behavior of Pakistanis, word ” Paki” has become abuse in the world. In the Gulf States, we were already being treated as slaves but now with our jiggling, European countries have showed strictness.
Another black bruise which has further starched their anger is marriage bindings being carried out by Pakistanis with European girls for acquittal of visas. As, to our societal system we are engaged within family then very Pakistani who has married in Europe will have to marry over here in Pakistan. That European girl is left by Pakistanis after getting nationality and he returns home.  But now, his ego and status doesn’t permit him to set free his daughters from European wife nurturing in that culture. With guile tricks, he brings his daughters to Pakistan while mother is always mother whether belongs to eastern culture or  western culture. She comes Pakistan chasing her daughters but to no vail. In some cases, such mother gets her daughters through courts and her embassay over here but some cases portray her efforts as futile.
Are we same nation whose leader was man like Jinnah, poet like Iqbal, politician like Zulifqar Ali Bhutto and a nation which has scientist like Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. Our soil has begotten intellectual like Benazir Bhutto, one of the world best intellectuals and software engineer like Arfa Kareem who cowered degree at age of 8 years.  Our heroes are not less competent than any other country and streets are filled with talent but just a stench of thinking is missing with renaissance.  Nodoubt, our fabrication has fallen in the eyes of other countries just because of a few Pakistanis. Those who make head way of proxy climbing culmination. However, they up to extent achieve their glory but such strides demur the fame of the whole nation. Question is;
How can we improve our depiction?
Pakistan is a country saturated with natural resources when we will reckon those resources. Then, our manpower has no need to stipulate foreign countries and with exploration of resources, economy will apprehend track for take-off. On the contrary, terrorism which has sabotaged the name of our country in foreign states  due to which Pakistanis were being considered as disruptionists has been controlled by the Armed Forces.  This Depiction will definitely flourish when overseas Pakistanis will ponder for the prestige of country instead of personal interests and they should be aware of mark that whole nation is being nominated by them through their actions. Now, it’s up to them that what kind of simulacrum will they extricate as ambassadors of Pakistan before foreigners.
When our own resources will be trotted by us without adulation of IMF and foreign countries for loan, our manpower will ultimately be adjusted in Pakistan.  All the countries will resultantly change their behaviors towards Pakistan.  As far as the governmental role in this issue is concerned, informal ambassadors are puissant force of Pakistan so they should be corroborated in various queries.
Suitable milieu should be provided to them with diminution of vagabonds for investing their money because in mostly cases, overseas Pakistanis are ransacked by various groups. Secondly, these Pakistanis are part of this nation and they don’t have voting right neither here nor there. Some Pakistani-European nationals have their right of voting there but others who are peeping for their right in sanctuary of Pakistan should be given right of voting with special legislation.