Priorities of Ruling Mandarins


Inequality and choas are haunting the terrain of our country; being part of a democratic nation everyone including altruists have right to placard against tumultuous exploitation. Antipathy has compelled me to censure the so-called political pandits of this country as their clandestine movement with fleeced partners is a bruise of their fiascos. Centrist antagonists are facing rife and vexed situation owing to PML(N)’s trompe-lo’eil ideas. Priorities of proprietor politicians can be well imagined; A  90 kilometres road from Mandara to Chakwal has become emblem of death. This coule’e is engulfing many bully and enthusiastic boys who are the sole-bread earner of their families. Almost 95 people have given up the ghost and met God Almighty and people are enough of this routine cortege. General Hospital has become lodge for people of Chakwal. Enthusiastic people use to visit hospital for crisscrossing their worries.
As,this stagnant project was laid in the era of Pakistan People Party(PPP) bestowing a deluge of amount but owing to shillyshallying, amount required has touched apex and project is still under construction with tormet. While on other hand,motorway had been constructed and now repaired with no fluctuations in time. No doubt, motorway was an outstanding project which was depiction of Paris but motorway coaxs me towards its outlandish look; Range Rovers are running straight with cattle grazing alongside of motorway. What an outre’ contrast!
Sameway,metroprojects  have been portrayed for culmination in metropolitan cities of Pakistan solely with no redundant time. All these proprietor politicians affiliated with PML(N) including Shareef brothers are depicting projects in metropolis to earn money and sustaining their tenure. To them, such trompe-l’oeil projects are enough for conjuring-up the gesticulations of altruists and dogmatists but this negativism of establishment from public clemency will not prevail because mandarins are minting money under spats of these projects. This later clause will fan the fire. High dignitaries are preferring the metropolitan cities for lucrative deals and bagging money which they will maroon as legacy for their children while buffeting the syndicalists. There is no one amid the officialdoms who menace them from such fluctuation and slewing the monopaly of common people. It looks that no one is dichotomizing against such prerogators, all the blatants, mandarins and recidivists are under one roof for jiggling of people. While melancholy has become fate of altruists.
                    Now, peep into metroproject with dreadful consequences, exploitation of transporter’s alliance has reached apex; worsen and fragile conditions are prevailing with such syndicalists owing to marginalised lucrative deals of officialdoms. Intervention of high dignitaries in this project have catapulted rocks upon downtrodden people and compelled them to suffer from”tactile-hallucination”. Owing to tomfoolery planing of mandarins; they have no accusatory buisness from which transporters will feed their children. Prerogators have harried their feeding ground of earning; this stress cannot be releived by a tranquilizer. Nurturing bad conditions  of Mandra-Chakwal road are coaxing for denouement but officials are busy in ransacking fiscal resources. This breach is due to volatile in priorities of High Command because exacerbation of this road construction can’t forge towards culmination while a corpse is not more than a scion for politicians but that deadbody is everything for his antecedants. Moneyed deals laced with encroachments are preferred by House people. They slam all the doors for manics and pused towards descend. Those projects which are full of lucrative views, are completed within no time while others become depiction of graveyard.
National logistic cell (NLC) is one of benchmark organizations which has despicable projects like Islamabad Expressway in its credit and proved itself as a stopover in competition with unified organizations but as far as construction of Mandra-Chakwal road is concerned; level of NLC has been mitigated and ineptitude has become bruise for NLC. I think, recidivism has controlled this rowdy organization. This canopy of NLC has appointed meanders with no character-certificate and extricated the true surgeons to beef-up itself. To me,syndicalists will lash with legitimate finesse of Shareef brothers as they don’t have ”erotomanicdelusion” with anyone in public. It looks that allegory of PML(N) is going to face callous situations. Now, people will maroon their houses because  of PML(N)’s mala-fide attitude and flouting laws and barricades, protest against them as denunciation has reached apex in downtrodden people and they will compel high dignitaries to suffer from ”arsonphobia”. Aftermaths of radicalisation of officialdoms have conjured-up the gesticulations of public.
Now, people crave to commend totaltarianism in lieu of democracy because to them, in the era of dictatorship, no influential revokes legislation and everyone has autonomy and commodities are procured to them without any priority. And perpetrators are brought to dock for carnage or atrocity with no retribution. As far as Mandra-Chakwal road is concerned, I am endorsing that people of Chakwal are very lucky as they have a man of austerity and one of crucial portfolios of PML(N). if we put a glimpse on territories of Pakistan, every territory has one commendable man who craves to indulge himself in entrenching city from fraught situation. Sardar Abbas being entrepreneur in politics had protested against viable situation of Mandra-Chakwal road a year ago at terrain of Dhudial  but to me, his sit-in was not more than to attain vindication of public which he wanted to sustain his group. On other hand, many influentials are there in our terrain of Chakwal who are interested in exacerbation of this project but we have derelicted from them. One of those precious officialdom is Gen.Abdul Qayyum who can beseech to Prime Minister with his jargon  about valiums of people. The need of hour is that we should vindicate him regarding this nurturing situation. If we crave to put an end to further cortege.
Being syndicalists, we can hope for height of glory as our hands are coughed and mitigation is our fate. We can’t contend with intervention of officialdoms in any developmental project except protesting.