Whom to be Crowned


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Designated people is bestowed towards eminent aim of life, which is pantheon for them. Sameway, cynosure of any hero coaxes everybody towards himself but as we all know that feudals are shoving their pavement under the guise of    bewildering people. However, antipathy amid common people has touched apex but gesticulations of syndicalists have no meanings to them. In Pakistan, fraught situation is matling as far as cliché of bona-fide heroes is concerned. Many sarcastic people are fighting proxywar in this issue.
Allegory of Pakistan is concealing a lot of heroes, who have become marque now, but still vaults of some graves have become emblem of melancholy. Here, I would like to pay my salutations to Aitzaz Hassan who is one of martyrs and cashed in his chip in eradication of granite views of disruptionists. He has gone to abyss with no return. As Pakistan was  facing ominous situation in nearpast; mosques and schools had never been safe havens from deadly attacks of militant groups. To cope up with this situation, mentors used to put two or three boys daily for duties regarding security issues in schools.
In Hangoo, Aitzaz Hassan was one of those rowdy boys who faced an attack. His fellows fled away and he bestowed his life for nation, deterring terrorists at the gate and saved 600 students and became victim of a bomb blast. Nobody amid officialdoms exhibited  benevolence to parents of such brisking boy.
While on other hand, Malala Yousaf has conformed herself among top ten heroes of the World, grasping a deluge of bounties day by day. She had written a poem for escalation of women education on her terrain. As, her father was a man of outre nature, he admitted her to school to beef-up his family fiscal conditions. But media portrayed and exhilirated her views under pedantic directions of foreign agencies which was none other than diverting the attentions of public from the then consecutive abductions and beheadings. And now she is apprehending a slew of leverages and has canopy in foreign states. At that time, there were number of girls who craved to replenish themselves with denouement of education and conformed themselves among high dignitaries but their nurturing aims became depiction of scatty decisions of their elders. However many of those girls belonged from family of martyrs and had passion of getting education. They craved warm reception regarding education by virtue of their aims and family history but even auxiliaries made no prophecy of culmination, watching their  situation. And they had docile attitude like Malala about education.
Being optimist, I am not averting myself from docile of Malala but soul of that energetic boy has depicted hewn orbit around me who relapsed after giving up the ghost. No doubt, Malala has poised herself amid top ten heroes of the World and roosted benchmark of Pakistan in the World but ”acrophobia” was not running in the veins of Aitzaz, he could reach climax if vindicated. As, we are not paying reverence to his grave which we should douse for his gesticulations.
Such peskey situation is not ruffling us for the first time but portfolios have endorsed us earlier about this issue. After birth of Pakistan, tumultuous conditions have become our fate. Like in the era of totaltarianism, egocentrists preferred Gen.Zia-ul-Haq as hero but common people were in furore of culmination under spat of Bhutto. Same issue has prevailed a few time ago at the cortege of Governer Salman Tahseer. Many people are holding grudges regarding this issue while rightists consider Mumtaz Qadri as protagonist of this allegory. This means, some rightists in our society are steering the ship towards dichotomy and their negativism from solution of these vexed issues is touching-on the coule’e which will engulf monopaly and ideas of many people. Here, question is;
Why am I spot lighting  Aitzaz?
To me, life is most precious and if Aitzaz faced death for crisscrossing the ideas of extremists without suffering from ” necrophobia”. This means that he craved to nestle himself in the territory of his country where no one could menace common people and recidivism should be downsized. He vindicated his views by exhibiting ”unconditional positive regard” for his homeland and has compelled crooks to boohoo over their evilish aims. Nodoubt, Malala buffeted the stagnant views of people but her jiggles  about education were more poineer for herself than the nation. And now, she has become marque because of her perpetual efforts.
If we put a glimpse into historical background of Pakistan, a few rightists vindicated totaltarianism of Gen.Yahya Khan. While he and his incorporators were indulged hand to mouth in ”alcoholism”, harrying the ethos of impending Pakistan. He, with his chubby dome bowed the nation to inferno. Appearance of Bangladesh as a noob on earth was just aftermath of  jargon of a few extremists who fancied provocation.
In the nutshell, immunity should be beheld for people who served the nation for the height of glory in lieu of vulturing one’s prolific behavior. Everybody has a doctrine of life about heroes. Nodoubt, Aitzaz Hassan has become bruise of bravery and eptitude in the hearts of people. His martyrdom is despicable for Pakistanis.
Heroes like him never die. Do they?