Woman as a Brand Ambassador

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When Almighty Allah structured the body of Hazrat Adam, no clothes was there flanking on his body but what was visualized after sometime  when Hazrat Adam flabbergasted of his loneliness before Allah. Then one day, in sleepy conditions he lurched caparisoned Hazrat Eva sitting besides him. That means, even God being Creator of this Universe didn’t crave  to scout woman bare-clothes. Howmuch has she saluted reverence by God Almighty as far as her chastity is concerned.
In early times, a breach of contradiction was there between traditions of the western and the eastern societies. One couldn’t apprehend the view of woman wearing miniskirt in Islamic and eastern societies that was against their ethics and ethos. The western national and multi-national companies cowered women for their use in advertisement purposes but caparisoned women grew shorter and shorter by their clothes day by day when muslim and eastern countries were stick to their norms and conventions. With the flow of time, frontispiece of those western companies altered the approach of company holders over here in the east. Here, without peeping into traditions, holders imprinted women in identical style as was prevailing in the west.
In beginning of this stride, the Western countries cleared the air with methodology of using women in such style as their brand ambassadors with no decorum clothing. Women were utilized as cynosure for launching of new products. Now, that technique of the West has been stipulated into the oasis of Pakistan as well from last two decades. Working of women as brand ambassadors is not issue but their so-called clothing with no veil during jobs  have become the clauses of shame and paroxysm for the parents.          
What is a bizarre contradiction that when the western countries being fed up of this culture and style are unleashing it and moving back towards nature but on the contrary, we being the muslims are bestowed towards it, ignoring the conventions of our society. I think that with the passage of time, restoration will occur like contingency happening now in the West. But then we will not be in such position to put barriers against acute black bruise.
While the present depiction of women in electronic and print media is imprinting the culture of the west. In launching ceremony of any product whether linked with electronics, automobiles or annexed with designs, outlandish models wearing minimum clothes are visualized featuring new product and their outlook has semblance with models of west featuring identical product in their canopy. To the holders of company, those models are coaxing masses towards that very product but this cliché is beyond satisfaction because very product should urge consumers towards itself in lieu of those short dressed-models and consumers are ringing-out acute product and its features that can be kindled by fully dressed woman instead of those models. Allegory of macabre is being caused on the part of company holders.
If we introspect into the aftermaths of such kinds  of brand ambassadors, no family member even with broad mindedness can’t watch such obscene exhibition with his family as various advertisements and T.V. serials compel him to aggravate amphitheatre of his home. This smear has become fiasco of our society. If father can’t accompany his family in hours of enjoyment then it means, seriously our system is beseeching steep.
Neither clerics are  being corroborated by me nor their cliché but a deluge of sober males from our society are denouncing against such type of advertisements in which ladies instead of spot lighting their impending goods are acting as attention sucker for the viewers. Pre-emption of women in jobs or attaining glory is not point of coulee but such type of fabrication like models should be crisscrossed. If you visualize various ladies sauntering on the ramp regarding launching of dresses by designers, it will be kindled in your minds that there is shortage of cloth in the country because every walk will lacerate your inner esteem. Opposite to this vision, those models are being viewed by thousands of viewers with censuring eyes.
Have our antecedents stipulated these conventions for us?
Inhabitants of the West are beyond this elaboration because to their ideas, religion and norms, no such notions of proper clothing like Islam are there and chastity of soul has no meanings to them. While we are confronting this black bruise from last two decades. Women of Pakistan were working side by side men in every field of life before this instigation and they proved themselves. Like, Fatima Jinnah  forlicked a key role in the perpetual efforts of attaining Pakistan and Benazir Bhutto in starching the democratic norms in the country.
                            Likewise, women are not sieged for working in offices wearing short dress  but they can delve the prosperity of state keeping them cordoned off in limits. Conventions of Islamic and eastern societies should not be mildewed by them because escalation in their reverence will be emitted when a female will structure herself in the shape of mother, daughter, wife and sister. At very spot, she will be token of pride for her family. Howmuch priority has been attributed to lady that Almighty God chose female in the form of Hazrat Eva as a companion of his Prophet for imbuing his loneliness.
Now, daughter of same Eva has become puppet in the hands of modern civilization catapulting cobbles upon her importance in this universe and chastity. Doll is being scout dancing on various floors before a plethora of people. Put T.V. advertisements and serials to aside, even news channels have gone sea change as woman reporter flabbergasting news  is emblem of derailing ones mind instead of reporting news. News channels have gone so far that male member of family can’t hearken news with his family.
Why such style is being portrayed?
Simply, Angelina Johli, Ashwaria Rai, Lady Diana have captured the domes of our women. Their styles are being copied leaving no space of consonance with Islam. our society has clutched this steep and now decorum mastery with time is required to get rid of this blind alley. Howmuch it is matter of shame that our youth have free time to ponder on the news of Ayaan Ali, Life stories of Angelina Johli and Kareena Kapoor while they have no couple of minutes to read minutia of opulent lady of Mecca Hazrat Khadija(R.A.), Hazrat Ayesha(R.A.) and daughters of Hazrat Ali(R.A.) named Hazrat Zainab(R.A.) and Hazrat Ume-Kalsoom(R.A.).  Hazrat Khadija (R.A.) liquefied benchmark in merchandise before annexation with Hazrat Muhammad(SAW). Don,t you think that women of present age can rake behind these hovering ladies regarding all fields of life.