Youth with Blurred Future


Being sixth populated country with 191.7 million population, Pakistan is having 21.5%  youth with age between 15-24 years amid total population according to 2015 census. Still in the world, Pakistan is the country with highest illiteracy rate of 59.9%. No pre-emption is there, visualized by general public on the part of ruling officials for escalation in literacy rate. That means, our youth is not being nurtured in scrutinized form regarding education and in reality, youth which is instigated as backbone of a nation and works for starching of country at root levels, here is confronting various clauses. Let me introspect those bruises in form of barricades before youth.
First, either public sector of Pakistan is facing certain issues or such black spots are being emitted by the mandarins’ recalcitrant decisions about future plans but Pakistani societal system is being hunted by such mastery. Grotesque institutions of public sector are being privatized in lieu off their protégé under government. Due to such privatization, day by day jobs opportunities are being crippled in public sector.
Second, being the inhabitants of modern world, all luxuries with new technologies are being enjoyed by us like two friends, one living in Pakistan and second in the jurisdiction of European countries are annexed with each other at every moment through internet. Everything is being done by computer and net within no time like deals are put to consonance online and then shipped.
On one side, we are hastening these technologies but some negative aftermaths of these facilities are also there, thundering over the heads like before the advent of modernization, dozens of worker were required for a single factory to run but now those  workers have been replaced by one due to inoculation of modern technologies. That one worker is piling-up everything sitting on the chair. So,  latest mechanization has shrunk the chances of jobs available  in the public sector of the country and compelled degree holders to peep advertisements for jobs somewhere else like private sector.  For such Pakistanis, after their fiascoes of cowering jobs in someone  field, words of Albert Einstein has become true.
“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”
So far as private sector is sieged, what policymakers were expecting about consumption of unemployed youth here, have not been achieved due to fluctuating causes like capital has been stipulated from Pakistan to Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai by investors where, environment of culminating through such business was suitable to them. Various factors in the shelter of Pakistan like political instability, law and order situation and energy crises etc have threatened and compelled the investors for shifting of their capital. These clauses don’t exhort any description because everyone is well aware of these issues confronting Pakistan. In such circumstances, youth is again empty-handed just with degrees. What did our great Quaid expect from youth?
“Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students, who are nation builders of tomorrow. They must fully equip themselves by discipline, education and training for the arduous task lying ahead of them.”
Up to what extent, government is working for these issues? Government is ushering no rostrum for the youth because hitherto no proper plan has been forwarded by ruling faction for youth.
Divisions just like other classes in society are also there in the youth, let me to say about youth division, we are having. Unskilled youth- youth neither having degrees nor any other skill but Pakistan is imbued with such youngsters, who after their birth start earning for themselves and for the  bellies of their family members due to adverse-economic situation and  their role in the prosperity of nation can’t be missed. After Bhutto’s concordat with Gulf states, such kind of youth was overwhelmed by those countries but now, Gulf states are also facing economic crises so chances of apprehending their visas have been downsized and unskilled youth has nothing to do here, in Pakistan.
Semi-skilled youth having limited skills are there in search of jobs but we are having no corner of leverage for second type of unemployed youth. These days, clerical job is hardly available in private sector not to speak of public sector. So, vexed conditions are fluctuating upon such youth.
Moving towards skilled youth having no emblem of jobs even after high portfolio, if they have, then opportunities are so much limited that they can never ponder to work for development of the country. while on the contrary, all the elites are abuzz in ransacking with no care for emerging social issues. When they are put to question regarding unemployment and limited opportunities for workers of country, General masses are bamboozled by them saying that population has increased and resources of the country are limited. America, England, Japan and China have double population as compared to Pakistan, put Scandinavian countries to aside where population is not so much. Question is;
Why America, England, Japan and China are there on culmination?
These countries are having long term policies for nurturing and roosting of their youth while Pakistan has no such policy because here, old policies are crisscrossed with arrival of new faction to power.  policies of developed countries are patronizing the words of former president of America;
“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.”
                                                                                                (Franklin D. Roosevelt)
                                                        (March 1933 to April 1945)
Last kind of youngsters are visualized standing at street corners, chasing college girls, misusing motor bikes, wandering and wasting time. Boys of this type have nothing in their pocket so far as skills and education are concerned but money is being wangled by them from parents with no limit. Guardians of such boys have been residing in the spat of foreign countries and unleashing money for their families. Children are watched spoiling money here with no congregation for rainy days. Neither they study nor focus themselves over any skill.
All above mentioned classes of youth are facing tumultuous situations due to lack of resources except the last one, which is not making head way of    resources in right way. Don’t know why? But such families are found living hand to mouth after return of sole-bread earner from abroad permanently. Eventually, such guys are addicted to drugs and ruined their lives.
Youth with dream of glory having linkage with poor families can prove themselves as allegory of world is full of such examples. Barack Obama’s father was a poor African who had shifted to America for grasping better future and then Obama from very poor family toiled and became president of America  exhibiting that everyone could apprehend podium with hard work and formula on which, he believed, was;
“If you are walking down the right path and you are willing to keep walking, eventually you will make progress”
Being seen through prevailing conditions of the country, soon this shortfall will be overcome because of various projects which are in pipeline like CPEC( China-Pak economic corridor) and energy power projects. Resultantly, jobs will ooze and mostly youth will be adjusted but jeopardy for youth is still there because if these developmental projects confront wedges then no one can prevent the tendency of increasing unemployment ratio. Now government should tackle emerging issues or cobbles in the ways of these projects because acute projects are not only guarantors of youth glory in Pakistan but also glinting future and soft image of Pakistan all over the globe.