Next Resident of White House


After the adventure of America by Columbus, it was unknown to the human beings in the universe that inhabitants of acute terrain would dictate the whole world one day and all the power would be vested to this nucleus. After downsizing the fetters of slavery from the British colonialism, presidential form of government based on western style of adult franchise was inoculated in United State but the negroes and women were not allowed to cast their votes at that time. First constitution was implicated on 4th March, 1789 after applauses by thirteen states. Geroge Washington due to enacting the role of commander during eradication of  colonial system from America, was nominated first president who shoved the way for beefing-up country. Very jurisdiction culminated through various steps taken by Americans regarding their long-term policies.

At present  time, fifty independent states are there, which are cordoned of by one marque building, White House especially by its legislation and policies. Scrutinized groups of think tanks constitute long term policies keeping in view the national interest of the federation of America. No policy formulated by American hierarchies will be visualized by you having minimum duration of implication. If president has a few grudges regarding any mastery, he can’t stride by ignoring very policy so he will exhibit his remarks about very issue to congress. After all, if very issue is not attested according to his desire by legislators then he will  have no option other than restricting himself away. Because the mandarins never intervene in any issue against the national interest of the country. That’s why those people are instigated at podium of glory especially their office-bearers for ushering priorities to the nation more than their personal interests.

Let me illustrate through a few explanatory notes about their long term policies for providing rostrum to my up-coming point of discussion. Like, have you ever visualized sea change in attitude of America as far as their policies about African muslim and Gulf states are concerned? Almost four decades earlier, Americans had portrayed decorum plan to abolish the monopoly of these states over oil reservoirs and they succeeded. That’s why now America is not indulging herself in merchandise of crude oil with these muslim states. Similarly, raking behind their policies, America compelled Kuwait monarchial system to surrender and Israel  is being patronized by Americans according to contradictory policy of special leverage.

Almost Americans have apprehended victory where ever they craved in all over the globe but still Iran of Khomeini is not being beleaguered by them. They put all possible pressure upon Iranians; politically, economically and socially but still clerics of Iran are out of American’s reach. Don’t know how far mullahs will stick to their verdict of standing against America? Iranians are catapulting such strictness against America just because of national unity, they are having at gross-root level.

Nowadays owing to impending presidential election, Donald Trump being nominee for very election by republican party is being fabricated delivering outlandish speeches at various metropolitan cities of America having no solid point of discussion. After huddling required number of delegates(1237 out of 2472), Trump is out-bursting about different sensitive issues for exhorting and escalating his corroborators. Trump being a billionaire is congregating every possible opportunity in his pocket by making head way of his dollars and flabbergasting about alteration of policies during his stay at White House in future.

Muslim community will be banned along with no soft corner for nurturing of negroes in America, American Army will be bolstered in Trump’s style and Russia will be strictly handled and put to hard ground etc; all these above with a slew of more are the sensitive clauses, upon which Trump is ringing-out that he will mildew American policies.

Do you ponder that such alteration will occur there, in canopy of country like America?

Obviously answer by everyone will be no, such mildewing for which Trump is pre-empting will be hardly possible. Because on one side, what Trump is ringing-out, all that is a publicity stunt for urging media attention and vindicators none other than this desire. While on contrary, in country like America where institutions are so much deep-rooted and have power that no one even mr.president  can change any policy carrying vital importance without kindling various constitutional forums. President there, doesn’t intervene into congress affair blatantly and congress also follows suit. A bit change often occurs in American policies but what Trump is stipulating that’s impossible. Because their policies are always depicted foreseeing upcoming two-three decades.

If we put a glimpse into American presidential history,  republicans several time have taken over democrates and likewise democrates clutched down republicans in rat race of presidency. Like, Jimmy Carter( 1977-1981) was a democratic president then Ronald Reagan( 1981-1989) had linkage with republican party. Similarly, Geroge H.W.Bush (1989-1993) was republican president and then democratic Bill Clinton(1993-2001) took over. No sea change had been observed at the then time regarding alteration at such level as Trump is promising for.

So far as issue emerged by Donald Trump about muslims and negroes is concerned, that is also having no importance. America was discovered, it was not terrain having its own natives. People from all over the globe roosted in very shelter, no one in America can out-spoke acute territory as his native homeland. Even antecedent of Donald Trump in past had beseeched America and settled there. Such bursting of Trump about muslims and negroes has no  meanings. Likewise, if some political leader in Pakistan or India puts migrants to question of marooning Pakistan or India, those who have been residing here and there in India for more than six decades then it will not be possible. Similarly, Trump’s cynosure has no reality just like above elaborated example.

Moving towards Donald Trump’s rival named Hillary Clinton who has 2316 delegates in her vindication as compared to 1549 of her rival named Bernie Sanders in Democratic party out of 4765 delegates from fifty states of America. While 2382 delegates should be there on one side for nomination and Hillary needs patronage of 67 delegates more and surely, she will grasp very benchmark set by democratic party.

With such majority, Hillary Clinton is sure-shot candidate for presidential election from democratic plateform. But final declaration will be extricated in next month party’s convention at Philadelphia. Hillary as compared to Trump is not billionaire having 4.5 million dollars according to assets submitted but she has other commendable edges over Trump. Like, she is former first lady of America and resided in White House for eight years, remained senator of United States , representing New York( 2001-2009), she was 67th United States secretary during Obama’s first tenure. That means, Hillary Clinton is well-aware of American policies and issues concerned with White House. While Trump is man of rummy nature using bad language over different issues with money.

So far as American inhabitants are concerned, those are serious, educated, well-disciplined and gauging voters contradictory of voters in sanctuary like Pakistan, where people are bounded in fetters of traditions and conventions. Here, people are watched repenting and chasing their rights after casting votes. While those people after peeping to their national interest shove way for future leadership whether from democratic or republican to lead the destiny of the country. So, under such circumstances where Trump is conjuring-up the gesticulations of one group by fanning the fire over sensitive issues and on other side, his popularity is going towards steep fast. Analyzing all clauses, it looks hardly possible that Donald Trump will wear the crown of victory on November,8th.

While Hillary being a renowned lady has very soft corner for the Israelites and various other such partners, which are starching her victory. Various experts and analysts have predicted Hillary Clinton as next resident of White House. Especially Moody’s, one of far-famed financial institutions which correctly predicted every presidential election of America since 1980 is also thronging all its will on the side of Hillary’s win.

Tempo with which everything is moving regarding presidential election of United State, persuasion is being exhibited by historians, analysts and chroniclers along with general masses that everyone will find once again on November,8th a few fantastic pieces  for transliteration in history.  America will hold for first time she-president and  title of president after Bill Clinton will also be clutched by his wife Hillary Clinton.

To conclude;  Donald Trump’s fame graph is going down and down day by day owing to his special methodology even it is being hearkened from different sources that republican party has not showed up to mark contender as compared to Hillary Clinton. And Americans also have great liking for Hillary as right choice so White House is going to welcome Hillary Clinton once again for impending four years.