? Goodbye EU


Various strictures  amid the European countries are there, whose preemptions are starching the interests of such states like European union- often known as EU is an economic and political partnership between twenty eight countries of Europe, fabricated by West-Germany, France, Holland, Italy and Luxembourg after second World War in 1950. With the passage of time, EU merged into a single market with its own currency ‘’Euro’’ and now it is  being instigated as 2nd best market for merchandise in the world having $19 trillion GDP per year.

Almost a decade after oozing of European Union having six members, United Kingdom for becoming part of very concordat applied for its membership but France through Veto power neglected the demand of England. Later in 1970, when other sanctuaries from around the Europe were heading towards the juncture of EU, United Kingdom grasped first referendum having query; whether England should enter EU or not? A plethora of the British weighed  pendulum to one side by casting their desires for cowering European Union. 1975 was the year, when this stipulation happened in the history of Europe.

Lingering behind rules and regulations of European Union, economy of England bolstered and culminated to 6th largest economy of the world. While a few leaders of England were having reservations against this coalition that’s why before general election of 2015, it was promised by Mr. PM David Cameron that new referendum would be extricated in England for better concerns of the British. After a few amendments by David Cameron in the cliché of EU, referendum put to podium and 23rd June will decide the destiny of England; whether it will remain in EU or leave it. According to Mr. PM, ‘’ it is time for the British people to have their say, it is time to settle European question in the British politics.’’

For very referendum, campaigns are being carried out by all the leaders; some with emblem of staying in EU while others are corroborating the logo of leave. UK Independence party, a few  leaders and MPs of labor and conservative parties respectively are patronizing campaign led by Micheal Gove and Boris Johnson( former Mayor of London). What outlandish type of people are they? For stake of country, they are moving contradictory to their party while in Pakistan, factions are sustained, whether policies may be right or wrong. You can put a glimpse into Panama Leaks, where Sharif Family is clutching offshore companies but no one amid PML(N) is willing to accept.

To Micheal Gove and Boris Johnson led campaign, England will be deep-rooted through Brexit because fee they are handing over to European Union per week will be clutched for better future of the country. What EU unleashing for England in return of  euro 350m per week is negligible. Jurisdiction and bulwarks of England will be under their own direct control without implication of laws by anyone. Owing to coalition with EU, immigrants need no visa to be stamped for beseeching 28 shelters of EU while separation from this juncture will bound immigrants to apprehend visa for England. All above are the clauses of one group, who is opposing this union. In short, cliché of ever closer union is being mildewed by holders of leave campaign.

While opposite side is having David Cameron, sixteen members of his cabinet along with Jeremy Corbyn, Ed Miliband with a few other labor leaders. All these leaders are thronging their notions for stake of great England because Jeremy and Miliband are vindicating narrative that unemployment will mitigate through stay in EU, trade and investment will increase.  Acute group is pondering that we are stronger as a part of 28-nation club than being alone, England is having special benchmark in EU after scrutinized alteration enforced by David Cameron.

If we introspect into recent survey about very referendum 23rd June in England; 44% people are bolstering the campaign headed by former Marks and spencer chairman Lord Rose while other 40% are having grudges against EU. 16% people are still gauging between both the factions. As far as views of other European leaders are concerned, Angela Merkel being the chancellor of Germany and France premier are ushering their pedantic views for England to stay in European Union. Barack Obama( president of cousin-state of England) is also one of the robust corroborator of British permanent membership in EU.

Nowadays, this fever or nostalgia for EU is touching apex in the United Kingdom, everyone is preempting for dousing his vision about referendum and campaigning by both the groups is worth-seeing. A few days earlier, labor party MP named Jo Cox was slaughtered by her rival during campaign for remaining in EU. Fifty two year Oldman later was apprehended in Bristall. This carnage exhibits that how much those peace-loving people have become sensitive about this referendum and willing not to accept the opinion of second one.

Those who are crowded under the oasis of staying in EU are having a few other prerequisite bruises as well. Like, most of the research and scientific work being carried-out in England is patronized by EU because all the scientists are beseeching England from across the Europe then how will it be possible to carry-on these projects. Podium in form of resources is also being provided by European Union to United Kingdom for various other fields.

Professor Stephan Hawking, one of the renowned scientists of England is voting for this plebiscite on the side of former Marks and spencer Lord Rose. Leaving EU has been declared as disaster for England by Hawking and remaining part of 28-nation club will be rostrum for trade and indomitable economy for the English. Gone were the days, when one could grasp and move according to his desires and even could hoodwink his rivals but in modern age, this sifting has become hardly possible. Proper patronage is highly exhorted which is there for the English in form of European Union. That’s why 74% scientists are backing England to be part of EU.

England will not be first state leaving EU as Greenland, one of the Denmark overseas terrains has said goodbye to EU by holding referendum in 1982 after developing robust self-government  in the jurisdiction. Brexit has been named after Grexit, if we peep into Grexit, those are still in the clutches of macabre then how Brexit can produce panorama for the English.

If Micheal Gove and Boris Johnson are reached meridian point in shape of victory on 23rd June then next day of victory will not be last day of England in European Union. After two years of supposed victory, England will be able to crisscross all the legislations and regulations enforced by EU. During very two years time, no legislation in EU will coax for the opinion of England. Eventually, it means that leaving EU is not as easy as being visualized for England. England is a country raking behind its traditions and conventions and interest of country matters for the English then in such conditions;

Can you ponder that England will leave European Union?

Market and other affairs of Kingdom is so much annexed with European countries that it’s impossible for England to maroon very coalition. In this age of modernization, England can’t grow strong without union and fiscal deals with its friends.

In Pakistan, two major issues prevailed in last two months like Panama Leaks and Afghanistan Border issue but no one amid influential took stride to aware the public of crucial issues because both bruises were linked with establishment  but public has never been informed hitherto properly by any mandarin. While in England, leadership has put the question of plebiscite into the hands of inhabitants, how much priority is congregated for the general public in England?

In the nutshell, visualizing all the clauses and surveys, either England leaves EU or stay in it, verdict of those people will be for welfare and interest of state. It looks as if staying with European Union will be final decision of the English because interest and welfare of England may be visualized in European union. Even obscurantists are very much clear that future of England is dependent upon the results of 23rd June 2016.