State with Ailing Premier


National affairs are being introspected by prime minister by summoning top bureaucrats and hierarchies to Hydo park residence for further mastery after recuperation from recent cardiac surgery but still he is waiting for doctor’s advice. No doubt, his illness was a blessing in disguise for Nawaz sharif at critical point of panama leaks but high seat being occupied by him always exhorts for alternative to steer the ship of state in case of absentee.

Such contingencies have already happened in the tenure of Nawaz Government, when state was governed by premier residing outside the state, that means, proxy control of national affairs after taking precedence of foreign. Once again, similar story is being renounced in case of PM’s illness. Maryam Nawaz’s tweets are enacting as source of kindling public about the health issues of Mr.PM, who was strolling almost a week earlier in Hydo Park with first lady. No officialdom or minister of Nawaz cabinet made head way of media for conjuring-up the gesticulations of general masses about state chief-executive.

Perhaps, Nawaz Sharif being ousted by military generals in past may not emaciate trinity upon anyone else in his party except closely associated and family members. Constitutional restrains may be wedges for nomination of Vice-prime minister during his stay in foreign. Actually, these restrains are not clauses but element of trust, which he is not unleashing upon anyone. That’s why PM house is being governed by his daughter and party is also under pedantic supervision of her. Critical issues are also being darted to be discussed with Maryam Nawaz. Who is Maryam Nawaz? Daughter of prime minister none other than this, no any other nobility is being apprehended by her.

This dynastical control has toppled democratic norms owing to such consequences lingered by Nawaz family. Void is being imbued by military in form of constituting foreign policies. GHQ, Rawalpindi was already nucleus of foreign policies and other such international clauses but recent depiction doused by military sources to media,  congregating  of finance minister Ishaq Dar, personal advisor to prime minister on foreign affairs Sartaj Aziz, who were sitting across the table of generals compelled analysts and masses to squabble  with no justification.

No doubt, government craves to liquefy the trust with military but proxy-control is being steered from GHQ instead of PM House. In third year of Nawaz tenure during panama leaks, his illness has provided podium but not clutched him out of mud. Hallmark grasped by Nawaz in form of prolonging his third tenure for three years, he will be pondering for another benchmark. Panama papers is above all other black bruises, he faced earlier because he and his family has foreign off-shore companies with no clarification yet.

On the contradictory, after coping with military for attaining second benchmark, cobbles are being  catapulted by united opposition over the issue of panama. Nawaz’s party ministers are exhibiting glinting teeth because to them, long-talks over issue have mildewed its importance and agitation amid the public. In actual, leaks have not yet been tackled.

In united opposition, PPP is pre-empting for democratic norms and their values. Perhaps, PPP is heading opposition from back-corner for not to be called into question five-year tenure of Mr.Zardaari  while PTI found abuzz working over cliché for conge of Nawaz government. Aftermaths of this dismissal will coax election commission for new polls fulfilling second desire of PTI. News being broadcasted upon media about declaration of another Dharna (lock-jam) by Imran Khan after Eid over panama leaks and arrival of Tahir-ul-Qaderi are  shaking Mr.PM ‘s plan for completing five-year tenure. This time, it will become hardly possible for sharif family to emit-out of this collapse unlike 2014.

Two robust reasons are vindicating this Dharna more dangerous as compared to 2014. First, both Imran and Qaderi have cynosures to urge special groups of people for long time agitation. Especially followers of Tahir-ul-Qaderi are rummy-natured people, who ever visualized ready with packed luggage. Second, Tahir-ul-Qaderi with his people is there for agitation over Model town issue and definitely, Imran will follow suit. That means, special notion will be required to Nawaz Family for bamboozling these leaders. Otherwise, Raiwind palace this time will have no way out.

Need of hour is urging Nawaz Sharif and his family to dock before impartial investigation bench formulated on panama leaks, if Nawaz sharif craves to break  his own old record. Nawaz may be coming to his seat back after doctor’s decreed but his strides will decide his family future; either will alter previous consistency or maintain it.

Kidnapping of chief-justice Sindh’s son and slaying of renowned voice Amjad ali Sabari have demurred the vista of Karachi once again. These recently emerged issues have concocted new questions about provincial authorities failures but these mishaps are also pointing towards federation because ranger under federal control is there, in Karachi for operation. In such state of affairs, no declared-invigilator is present in the country for absentee premier, which is being instigated as lack of cohesiveness not only in provincial but also  federal democratic setup.

The absence of authoritative-nominee by Nawaz Government during all these mishaps for elaborating the mastery have compelled general public to consider the narrative of opposition. In such state of affairs, It’s looking hardly possible for Nawaz sharif to cower his dreamed benchmark.