UK-EU Divorce


Democracy of England is passing through critical situations after Brexit of 23rd  June, if there was Richter scale for gauging political earthquakes then the shockwaves would be measured up to 10. But, we are lacking with such scale. $2.5 trillion tumbled in the international market as far as pound was concerned. Tumultuous conditions have overwhelmed the English economy with no way out. 10-Downing street faced very moment of resignation of its inhabitant on the spur of result moment. No doubt, this stride by David Cameron defined the democratic norms of England contradictory to Pakistan, where Mr.PM is alleged for having off- shore companies in Panama but still flabbergasting no statement.

Scotland in whole was corroborator of EU- membership and voted for it but faced defeat accompanying northern Ireland and London as well. Nicola first minister from Scotland has kindled English leaders about next tabled-referendum of England, whether Scotland will patronize United Kingdom or not? That means, EU is going to have Scotland as its member, if referendum occurs in very sanctuary but Northern Ireland will also definitely follow suit. As far as London is concerned, emergence of London as city-state is hardly     possible, raking behind the notions of Greeks.

Turning to EU, recently summoned meeting of EU- six members has declared for soon conge of UK from  EU coalition.  While Cameron till to his stay in PM house,  is not pre-empting for intimate talks with EU about separation of United Kingdom. To him, successor of conservatives in premiership will  do so. Boris Johnson being former mayor of London and robust campaigner of Brexit is add-alternate but  confronting a slew of issues like immigration, health, promised conditions, border control and many mores along with his members. While, who voted for Brexit have been  enjoying victory since very gala-day, pondering over  incumbent situations.

Flaws faced by  David Cameron during his  campaign were; No pre-requisite effort by Jeremy Cobryn because he never did intimate his vindicators for being crippled under oasis of ‘remains’. This query was further elaborated  by those supporters  who  voted for leave, in lieu of staying in EU. Boris Johnson, Micheal Gove, Farage and other campaigners of leave, no doubt faced victory but having no decorum mastery to eradicate all the confronted progenies.

UK-EU divorce has betrayed the whole world because benchmark of UK has gone to blind alley with abyss while international market is suffering badly. For the first time in last three decades, the value of pound has clutched steep. Now, Victorians  of leave campaign are having no plans for controlling borders, which they were instigating a  peace pre-emption .Through polls and aftermaths ,all  the analysts are standing at a meridian that mostly old-people, un-educated and rightists casted their votes for Brexit exhibiting centrist approach of securing their descendants’ future. While the youngsters, educated and leftists were introspecting the bric-a-brac importance of EU for UK but all went to vain. As far  as EU-UK negotiation is concerned ,  it is seeming hardly possible because UK didn’t  emaciate   trinity  upon EU and eventually, Brexit oozed. Owing to Brexit ,  other fiscal partners of EU  are also exhorting for referendums in their states. During such state of affairs, when EU is being sabotaged by the English and chances of new referendums are emerging in different states of EU. How can optimists even fore-see for re-union of UK-EU?

 United Kingdom  is going to face fiasco in shape of partition of its jurisdiction due to attitudes like mildewing of British rule from sub-continent. Referendum being demanded with applauses of 2.5 million people online, is not for being part of  EU that is having query , whether such states will remain with England are not. For the first time, England faced such macabre but a refined form of democracy  has been visualized during referendum.

What an outre beauty!

David Cameron after hearkening results of referendum, has neither put allegations upon anyone nor announced  such polls blurred but resigned. Stating the pith, queen have to stride for impending juncture of English Empire because no one except her, is having powers to grasp UK out of this mud at this eleventh hour.