Miseries of Chakwalites


Located in south-east of federal capital Islamabad, Chakwal named after Chaudary Chaku Khan( chief of Mair Minhas Tribe hailed from Jammu) who established it  during era of Mughal emperor Zaheer-ud-din Baber in 1525 and later was upgraded to district in 1985, is a non-irrigated, semi-hilly and  martial race area with literacy rate more than that of Lahore. Most people of Chakwal are the part of Armed forces clutching the posts from sepoy to general and it’s matter of pride for residents of district Chakwal that every village of it, is having at least one grave of martyr with green flag, which are guarantors of prowess, self-immolation and trinity of people of this territory. Various other posts of nobilities have been occupied by chakwalites in  public and private institutions of the country as well. After such untiring efforts for the stake of the country, inhabitants of very sanctuary are confronting a slew of vexed issues, defining the unjust attitude of government with such self-sacrificing people.

Progenies being faced by people of Chakwal can’t be transliterated into papers but general issues are here below; first, almost 65 km road leaving Gt road at the point of mandra and creeping towards Karachi via Rahimyarkhan by covering a lot of cities of Punjab including Chakwal, has become emblem of public exploitation. Former PM( Raja Pervaiz Ashraf) having lineage with Gujar khan for facilitating people of his oasis, cut the rope for re-constructing a carpet road( Mandra to Chakwal and Sohawa to Chakwal).  Chakwal was blessed in disguise due to locational position of this terrain and plan was put to action without pondering deeply upon the requirements under roughly estimate of 3billion rupees.

At that time, it was unknown to Chakwalites that they are being thrown into coulee which would become inferno for them and their children. After kindling Judiciary about issue, Nawaz government laid the foundation of very project once again pledging 9 billion rupees in 2014. No doubt, plan was sketched in proper way this time but project has not yet been completed. Heavy traffic from cement factories and Karachi moving transport have made whole project, a misery for Chakwalites. Should it be consider bad luck  of people or sacrifice for panorama?

Earlier, 65km distance was covered within 50 mints but now, one needs at least  2hours for reaching Mandra from Chakwal. This stench is not only bemusing public but also the accidents in which many families have lost their children, who were at peak of their youth and sole-bread earners of their families. Accidents have become routine parts of day while nominees of general masses are tasting deep sleep. If one craves to visualize the performance of ruling-elites of Chakwal then road recently constructed between Harar Chowk and Jhand Awan will advocate the ferocious behavior of influential towards development because very black spot has pushed ruling-elites to blind alley with no justification.

Similar allegory is annexed with Chakwal-Mandra project, where being hearkened by such pundits that  in December 2016, project will be finalized. Sensible man will not even utter a word regarding its completion because 70% work is still remaining with need of at least one and half year more.

Second, district headquarter hospital is spat for tackling serious accidents and mishaps but very hospital of Chakwal is corroborating a new narrative in this row. Instead of being rostrum for patients, it has become mansion of doctors and para-medical staff. Unfortunately, no one is there in district from whom strides of betterment in this hospital could be expected.

At night, one MBBS is there, enjoying deep sleep after 10pm with no decorum first aid treatment in populated district like Chakwal. Incumbent situations can’t be dealt here owing to lack of staff and instruments. Almost a month earlier, this critical and slurring condition grasped one of my relative to pass through it, when he was taken to district hospital due to snake-stinging. To my bemusement, first doctors approached such critical patient a bit later and then referred to Rawalpindi without any injection as first aid because they were having no injection for such poison. If patient in such critical condition is not being treated by doctors at general headquarter hospital due to unavailability of medicines and equipment then how one can ponder over post-glory?

Thirdly being notified another lynching issue, water supply problem like other  a few cities is exhorting chakwalites to curse government. Those residents of Chakwal living in colonies located at a bit distance from nucleus are having even no pipelines for supply of water but those houses fitted with pipelines compelled citizens to wait for drop of water. Especially through water supply system, water which is being provided from Kajula( Choasedanshah) and kot raja dam can’t be drunk due to purification problem. This clause is darting towards callous and fiasco of local district government. Like other cities, Mr.CM through district developmental authorities should formulate plan for delving tube-wells with filtration plants in every ward of district for clean-drinking water. Similarly, sewerage issue which is backing the depiction of so-called rivers amid the city due to choking of gutters and bad-insanitary conditions should be tackled for providing clean-atmosphere to citizens in lieu of fowl-smelly ambience.

Fourth, if government somewhere in city is preempting for development, all those bounties are being toppled by unannounced load-shedding. No doubt, it’s countrywide issue but people of this area  especially from low classes are suffering from this breakdown. While elite class families are making head way of generators facilities, which are beyond the pockets of the poor.

Would that! There were only one issue to be elaborated and tackled.

 Fifth, Chapar bazaar being rushed and main bazaar of Chakwal is emitting another allegory. If you visit bazaar for shopping then you will not be back without bad-mouthing with anyone due to certain consequences. Encroachers have left no space for pedestrian inspite of wide road.

Can you allow your family for shopping in such situation of bazaar?

Surely not, afghans having those encroachments are just there to chase and tease women of respected families. In minutia, when concerned authorities are asked for eradication of such encroachments, they are found helpless owing to backing of this business by political pundits of city. Second phase of this patronage is visualized during preservation of old historic building of Railway colonies—the benchmark which Chakwal is owning being part of great history of people with heathenism before separation of sub-continent. Those historic buildings in Chakwal are residences of afghan migrants due to corroboration of railway police and authorities. Such afghan can patronage any terroristic activity by habilitating any militant or extremist.

Sixth, another simulacrum is being pointed towards land-record revenue system. In recent past, government has computerized whole the land-record for ushering benefits to farmers but land-record sifted was having mistakes and still no correction made. Farmers are confronted with newly emerged issues; if they have to grasp any fard( documentary proof of ownership), computer-operators and staff compel them to environ very office for weeks. Masses are urging for old patwaar system because to farmers, fard was apprehended by them within no time through old system. No doubt, patwaari bagged green and blue notes in his pocket but his speed of transliterating very document was doubled  as compared to computerized transliteration.

Seventh, education is a key to culmination and glory of nation. Raja Sarfraz Khan, the man who for youth  donated unlimited terrain in center of city before independence to construct government school, later on stipulated to college. Once there was a time, when this college was factory of concocting doctors, engineers, lawyers, civil servants and many more but that has become history of bygone days. Not to speak of rich but standard families are hesitating to admit their children in very college.

To our bad luck, certain consequences are demurring frontispiece of this institute like almost more than 100 of professors are pocketing  money from government without supervision of students`.  That juncture between students and professors is podium of escalation in business and gup shup corner for latter. Betrayal by professors in college bound students to apprehend their academies for study.

How literacy rate of Chakwal  is escalating and hoodwinking city of colleges, means Lahore?

Private sector and academies run by those professors are frolicking role, where they burn mid night oil for glory of academy’s name but such education can again be afforded by rich people not by second class.

Eight, illustrated earlier about historic background of Chakwal, railway line was furnished by the English during their hegemony in sub-continent between Mandra to Bhoun for transportation of different material and facility of people. The English do not constitute any policy without peeping into its interest then what were those robust clauses, which compelled railway officialdom and contractors for auctioning railway track of very territory.

Ninth, initiative taken by Mr.CM in form of Ramadan bazar for facilitating people has jammed whole administrative system because all administrative departments are abuzz in arrangement of such bazars. No doubt, Mr.CM will be hearkening righto remarks but in actual, it has become structured-way of bagging money for administration. Owing to no interregnum with general market in prices, white collar people don’t beseech Ramadan bazar. Administrative officers are visualized there enjoying gossips and protocol and clashes between stall-holders and customers have become routine of the day.

Utility stores could be utilized as alternatives of Ramadan bazars because all the money in the shape of subsidy could be invested there and all people could buy cooking material on subsidized rates. Beyond justification is the pre-emption of Ramadan bazar. All above clauses are linked with basic rights, if those are not handled in proper way then what can be expected from government. Every chakwalite is cursing government due to miseries they are facing.

Still don’t you ponder that public of Chakwal, who sacrificed for this country a lot, are passing through such worsened situations?

It’s natural truth that guests guess the taste of hosts through their lifestyles and houses. Likewise, Chakwal is house of its citizens so taste of chakwalites should not be gauged through infrastructure and ambience of Chakwal because perhaps, one may not give reverence to people of very canopy due to fiascoes and mismanagement of nominees, they nominated.

Would that! Someone competent representative were there to flabbergast the miseries of chakwalites before Mr.PM.