The Richest Poor


‘’People have become educated, but have yet to become human.’’ If one ever reads between these lines then surely, one great-soul will be found missing by him. Above transliterated cliché is not by any philosopher, doctor, engineer or socialist but by a hovering-humanitarian, Abdul Sattar Edhi. If it is gauged that 8th july,2016 was a mourn-day for Pakistan then no one will deter you for ushering such words because very day, referred father Teresa of Pakistan passed away, leaving the whole nation to lurch. It is often said that centuries are required for begetting of such soul or great leader like Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Sattar Edhi, the social activist, who initiated his work for well-being of humans through 8-by-8 room and sifted to such towering level by his diligence and strenuous efforts for uplift of human society. His work for surge of human value can’t be bundled in a few pages but infants, whom his organization rescued can be numbered as 20,000 along with rehabilitation of 50,000 orphans. Through Edhi trust, 40,000 nurses were trained belonging to poor families. At the prevailing time, almost 330 welfare centers having orphanages and hospitals are there, left by Edhi as legacy.

‘’ The man, who constructed this empire out of nothing.’’

All these stenches with a few more, are ambushing all those elites having a plethora of assets for the fire of doomsday, is it not so?

Not only chastisement bringing disgrace in the world hereafter but also, such people are living with melancholy in this world. No one can be spared having hovering resources from refinery of justice including feudal lords, politicians and businessmen etc. Can such opulent people not utilize their resources for welfare of human beings? Can they not grasp the stage of angels of mercy for orphans like departed soul? Definitely, they can but are abyss in wangling more and more through unfair means for legacy. Difference is there between legacy of Edhi and such people as legacy of former-man will witness his perpetual efforts for creature of Allah Almighty while legacies of opulent people will shove them to flames. Hitherto, no even a single soul in whole world has been visualized, with bagged money of lifetime during cortege or in grave then why such elites are clutching flames of hell for them?

To Huffington post, Abdul Sattar Edhi was  the world’s greatest living humanitarian. Two personalities of sub-continent, mother Teresa and father Teresa  will never be forgotten by the world, not only by their countries due to their works for the human beings. Actually philanthropist, ascetic man cashed in his chip on the land of Pakistan has shaken-up the whole mankind, even severe rival of Pakistan paid salutations to the late-man. First time, history has entailed Pakistan that every family was found behooving over demise of Edhi as member of their families has passed away.

‘’ No Religion is higher than humanity.’’

Line proved by Abdul Sattar Edhi as he was an un-disputed hero of Pakistan and shoved way to many transgressors. In this era of modernization, muslims are muddied with sectarianism and mullahs are found fanning acute issue but Edhi’s death mourned everyone. Why was it so? No religion of the world is having narrative to tease, menace or trouble human beings but leads to serve the humanity, what Edhi did.

Abdul Sattar Edhi was not from the lists of those, saluted after the death but he-man was praised all around the globe during his lifetime. Like, in 1986, Ramon Magsaysay, Lenin peace and Balzon awards were elaborating the benchmark of his work. In 2010,2014, Edhi was awarded with honorary doctorate by University of Bedfordshire, 2013 person of year by Express Tribune respectively. Above all, Pakistan government handed-over to sixth-man ‘’Nishan-e-Imtiaz’’ and he was Edhi.

Would that! Elites with bagged resources were to grasp such lessons of serving humanity.

Third dictator of Pakistan, Zia-ul-Haq who insinuated meetings with Edhi to be part of his majlis-e-shoora for bolstering his tenure morally and attained his plan but Edhi’s self esteem didn’t allow him to welcome high-officials of other states, standing on the red-carpet and he restrained himself. During jointure of Zia’s majlis-e-shoora, Edhi bemused with attitude of his officials, decided to behold his mission in lieu off politics.  Surely, many souls are satisfied with given narrative; Angels are not special creatures with wings for flying but this world is having angels living amid us, serving humanity like land with green-flag lost one of his angels on Friday in shape of Sattar Edhi. Nodoubt, salutations from all the blocks were up-to mark with 19-gun-salute by Pakistan Army. State-funeral offered to great-humanitarian, trend initiated by the English but both souls deserved such honor( Quaid-e-Azam and Edhi ). All such things are immortal like Edhi’s name owing to his deeds, not by resources being grasped by elites. The man, who buried 8000 souls by himself having no relatives, was welcomed by 20-years ago delved-grave in Edhi village.

Mostly such saddest and tearing moments have been exhibited before Pakistanis earlier along with fall of green-flag from public buildings and lock-jams of markets but for the first time in the history of Pakistan, it has been visualized that at peak time of Eid-ul-Fitr, when most of the public was in clutches of ‘’Sultan’’ by Salman Khan, a block buster movie, demise of the richest poor shook the country and its inhabitants, cinemas were shut-down with flanking clothes upon pasted posters outside cinemas. What an outlandish tribute!

He-man deserved more than this.

Stating the pith, nodoubt, Heaven has got its resident but Pakistan has become poorer with conge of great-soul. No word is patronizing my pen that how to put an end before great humanitarian, perhaps father of orphans, beholder of homeless and care-taker of helpless girls has met his Almighty Allah.

‘’ Laashain Geranay Wallo Ab Tw Bs Kr Do

Hamari Laashain Uthanay Wala Chal Basa’’