No exemption even for Masjid-e- Nabvi


Barbaric contingency carried-out in Saudi-Arabia on the very night, when telescopes were directed towards sky and worship in the great mosque was there, can you ever imagine such sort of blasts on the holy terrain like Saudi-Arabia? Hitherto, those around the globe who are instigating Taliban as muslim, can’t be further satisfied about virginity of muslims after such mishap. Reasons lie behind above ushered queries; can a muslim pre-empt or even orchestrate for blasting the house of Allah or masjid Nabvi? Obviously, answer stands as ‘’No’’ then who these people are, if they are not muslims?

Last a few decades are exhibiting such carnages in various spats of muslims, where mosques were attacked but this time, safe haven has been intervened. Disruption and militancy have grasped the globe into its fold  but the muslim states are suffering from ferocious form of terrorism by paying benchmark price, which is guarantor of self-immolation on the part of muslim states for extremism. Huge number of slaying, Pakistan faced in militant activities whether innocent citizens are concerned or Army soldiers. No doubt, Pakistani Armed forces under operation “ZARB-e-AZB”  are hoodwinking  talibans from the sanctuary but mothers, who sacrificed their beloved for such crisscrossing can’t be enumerated.

Likewise, price being paid by Syrians and Shamites coaxes one to tears, really barbaric situations are being extricated by different militant groups, having unknown motto of islamization. Syrians are confronted with such shocks in the month of Ramadan even then how one can pronounce those terrorists as muslims. Similarly, Iraq of Sadam has become jurisdiction of disruptionists from IS, mostly activities in very canopy are vindicated by  CIA. In lieu off being praised for sacrifice in terror war, police officers and others are cordoning-of muslims as militants.

Last week, terroristic activity orchestrated at Kamal Attaturk Airport Turkey, shaped new form of extremism in the muslim states, which derailed the nurturing dream of Turkey to be part of EU after comprehending membership of NATO. Similarly, Friday night  for Bengalians was vexed dream imbued with wrong-turns, twenty people including foreigners were put to death and muddied the emerging soft image of Bangladesh. Discussion point is thronging all notions over here; still denial on the part of Awami-league leaders have been introspected for the roots of IS in Bangladesh.

At this peak time, opposition leaders of Jammat-i-islami are being uplifted to rostrum for this mishap with cliché that agony, those are having against State due to hanging of their leader. Carnage is being referred to huddling of opposition leaders under one oasis instead of crippling the facts for attack. That means, militants to Awami league are there, in Jammat-i-islami without any probe for actual recidivists, cross-firing between both factions through media is being shot.

Muslim leaders of the world are bounded by prevailing time to accede to the facts that all missiles by talibans are aimed to muslim cots, who can enact any severe action, if not disarrayed. Turning towards juncture of the world, mostly muslims are being pronounced as militants while 99.5% are prostrating before their God unlike the cliché of talibans.  Owing to remaining 0.5%,who have derailed themselves, all innocent muslims have title of Taliban around their neck.

Whom to be accused or convicted?

Whole the scenario with blurred lights are confronted by the muslims after masjid-e-Nabvi attack because muslims were flabbergasted as militants but this case has compelled whole world to introspect for original culprits as muslim can’t do such activity at such place. Those powers roosting world image can peep to gross-root level in such malice activities but why only muslim states are facing such brutality or special wedges are there before terrorists in those states? Actually, dearth of leadership, powerful mandates and cynosures amid leaders are patronizing such barbarism with no way out. Mostly muslim states are being reigned under monarchial rule and dynasts enjoying very podiums are having no ‘’erotomanicdelusion’’ for masses and how can they be kindled for trinity or security of states?

Need of hour is coaxing for leaders like Sultan Salah-Ud-Ayubi  or Umar-bin-Abdul Aziz as a flag-bearers and for crowding all the muslims under one entity without any breach of differences but to our misfortune, time is not exhibiting such furore leaders for muslims in near future. That means, till to arrival of such charismatic leaders, we have to accede such carnage and depression.

To conclude; people of one wing are utilizing  ’’vote power’’ for defining their socio-economic and political situations as happening in UK  while second wing of Islamic states like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Bangladesh and a slew of others are under clouds of sectarianism and extremism. No  muslim state on the map of world is there, reminisced with true democratic norms, which can be compared by the muslims with developed states of the world.

Don’t you ponder that it’s matter of shame for the muslim and their leaders? Attack on sacroscant place of Last Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is spot for muslims not for civilized states and their leaders.