Cameron’s Departure


(A conscience awakening message)

Lincoln: “Democracy is the rule of people, by the people and for the people.” The day passed when David Cameron said good-bye to 10-Downing street with his wife and children, flanking his hand to public there. Very moments were worth-seeing; how calmly everything moved, exhibiting the regards of United Kingdom for true-democratic norms. What Cameron showed through his departure was true and exact form of democracy. As, such conge from 10-Downing street was there as the result of referendum, recently held; where Cameron’s point of staying in EU was not bolstered. Debates could be arrayed over issues like why  did oldees vote for leaving EU?, Ireland, northern areas, Scotland, and other issues, but Cameron resignation before time has not occurred as result of his agony; democracy of the people as most of the public craved new adventures. Can such soothing form of democracy be expected in our country, where dharna politics is being carried-out?

Furthermore, till to prevailing life narrative regarding the English was based on books and stories by elders, but Cameron’s departure mildewed the whole existing vision after being watched through own cornea: The English were very ferocious people and they dictated the world with rod. Such can’t be pondered visualizing Cameron’s good-bye to PM residence. Rule of United Kingdom to the world might be based on rules and regulations, followed by them because not only the present generation of UK is having such norms, but what they are extricating to the world, inherited by their elders.

On the contrary, Pakistan also moving with democracy is confronting serious issues over various fields including totalitarianism. Not to speak of democratic norms like England, here politicians can’t even walk or work for democracy. Actually, under veil of democracy and its boasting, monarchial system is being governed, guaranteed by mourning day of great humanitarian. One phase imbued with grieved people, busy in final farewell to ascetic man’s cortege while second phase was pictured at airport; where, royal air-bus took-off to bring democratic-PM of state under expenditure of 30.5 million rupees. Callous was at apex when the richest poor was welcomed by grave without eyes and other, ever ushering himself as healer of people’s pain, Mr.PM was being brought through luxurious jet.

A bit further, Nawaz Sharif through such royal-ride arrival decided to reside in his banglow  at Raiwind not Islamabad; why? Is the public having no issue to interpret before Mr.PM or he-man don’t crave to hearken behooving of public over social issues? Royal-PM provided podium to the world when he chose London hospital for his heart surgery, a bruise  of dis-satisfaction upon hospitals especially cardiology department of the country. For a moment, put every public or private hospitals to aside; was sharif medical city not having marked-facilities for surgery, which is sharif family’s personal property? Again Edhi was Edhi, who after bundle of offers got himself treated in the hospital of Pakistan run by DR.Abidul. perhaps, paradigms have better explained about democracy of Pakistan contrary to United Kingdom.

Farewell speech of Cameron to the English MPs with the discussion of Larry-the cat, cast a spell over the listeners as David expressed his love for very cat along exhibition of picture with cat to parliament with saying; he wouldn’t carry very cat as staff-men love her as well and she’s 10-downing property. Remarks indomitable!

While here, all the big-guns are bagging assets of country and sifting to foreign as legacy. Panama leaks yet to be investigated, but nothing will happen in this case as well because both parties will fix their demands leaving public in lurch. No sword-man will approach for eradication of such progenies, but public will have to agitate against such wangling. Other talks often are hearkened that the English and their cousins are demurring the vicinity of world and slaying inhabitants. Can we sacrifice our national interest for sake of India or her barbarity? No then how those states can enact so and war on terror or lynching of militants around the world is part of their national interest after 9/11. If we can’t then how can they?

Democracy is for the people and their well-beings proved by David Cameron, he was not first pre-empting so, but it used to happen in western states and has become their tradition. Really commendable, a man who was robust and zippy ruler of world a moment ago was nothing after passage of that moment. Pakistan offers contradictory examples here as well. As far as UK, US or western countries invasion to Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq or indirectly to Pakistan is concerned, democracy is there in India but strong, that is why they are not invading very jurisdiction and here soft corners are showed to them. How can we flabbergast with begging hands?

Public’s love for democracy can be visualized through recent poster issues. Nodoubt, Gen.Raheel did his best regarding the security of state, but having such strides of Armed forces, public has agony for posters with welcome to totalitarianism. Exhorting renaissance of politicians from deep sleep has become need of hour for betterment of state.

To conclude: one couple with three children emptied 10-downing residence for next couple to be residents. How much easily transformation of rule to Theresa May occurred; a conscience message by out-going Cameron to the world about democratic norms. Cravers of true democracy may rake behind such leaders; to whom opinion of public matters.