Off the track educational system



Nelson Mendala: “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.” Pakistan educational system moving with aid by donor agencies and special group of teachers, not enacting their roles to the best. Confronted with stumbling blocks in education sector, still 2.1% GDP is being allocated for uplift of children, who were already in the clutches of educational medium. Urdu is our national language but except Urdu, mostly subjects are being taught in English. That means, a student from Punjab or other provinces enriched with his mother tongue will have to learn Urdu and then English. How can a nurturing dome cope with more than two languages in the presence of inefficient teachers, having no concerns for spread of education?

Clerics are also frolicking bad-role for demurring education through canopy of co-education. As, boys and girls attaining education under one spat is the most appetizing issue of discussion for clerics; why such stipulation is there on parts of mullahs if both genders have to work under one oasis in practical lives? Of course, 2.9 million children are out of school in Punjab owing to reasons including extreme poverty and cynosure by the government is lacking. On the contrary, private schools are also being run on profit-loss business in lieu off spreading education. So, fee by students with poor family backgrounds to such institutions can’t be afforded. Policies hitherto have not been visualized in action and confined to the papers only. If we peep into the constitution; for eradication of illiteracy, state shall provide students with free and compulsory secondary education. Is it so? No doubt, more than 150,000 public educational institutions, serving 21 million students and private sector to 12 million are not apprehending criteria set by worldly-famed names due to dearth of action-based policies.

According to Millenium Development goals (MDGs) set by United Nations summit of 2000, MDG2 has not yet been achieved by Pakistan like other goals; MDG2 was to attain special target of literacy rate(88pc). Education has become spat for political pundits to escalate their number of vindicators by exhibiting them or their relatives to education centers. While such teachers instead of wangling fascinating pays from government, have nothing to do or pre-empt not for guiding students for glinting future of country. In short, like other sectors of Pakistan, corruption has grasped education sector as well. No one else will come to straiten this coulee as arrival of Hazrat Jibrael(A.S) to earth was deterred after demise of last prophet Muhammad(SAW).

It is known fact that our educational sector is moving with old syllabi not revised at once and reforms of Sir Syed are being memorized by our youth in this modernized era. No doubt, Sir Syed was towering personality and his work was up-to mark, but time is now exhorting for new discoveries in field of science and technology. Almost every youngster is well-aware of our leaders but un-aware of experiments being carried-out on cloning human gene or else. Planning on the part of government with assistance of teachers is lacking fact over here.

One ridiculous picture is imprinted every year during this season in shape of entry test for universities. Benchmark has been settled, which can’t be reached without preparation in various academies like Kips, Stars, Torica, etc. and owners of these institutions for bagging a plethora of money are teaching skills for entry test. Can you imagine the entry of poor-guy to such institute for preparation? Obviously no then it means, very poor-guy is going to be ruined in coulee with 950+ marks. What ridiculous in the whole allegory is element of trust upon educational system, which government is not unleashing and arraying for another refinery.

Kindling Punjab regarding educational strides first, where United Kingdom has been trying to improve education from last a few years by aiding Punjab government. World bank since 2003 under title of ‘’cutting reforms’’ worked but to no achieve. Everything  concerned with acute sector is stagnant to 70 percent while to DFID data collected by Nielson, 6 percent improvement has been searched. As compared to other provinces, Punjab is a bit better regarding literacy rate but yet to achieve MDG2 (88pc).

Cowering KP, where Imran’s fans are instigating everything  moving towards culmination. 0.4 million children are not going to school and other lacking with facilities. Only fb or twitter status can’t revolutionize KP, but work is to be needed. As far as canopy under the hegemony of 85-year Oldman is concerned, ghost teachers have grasped institutions with 40,000 number and 5200 schools are there in Sindh till January,2015. Acute province is having another interlinked story as their leaders are governing from Dubai. Similarly, teachers are also enjoying cool-breeze of beach at Dubai and here, their ghosts are teaching. No doubt, mobile team for sudden inspection has been formulated, but a time in near-future will come when mobile team will be guardian- protector of teachers’ interests, true for Sindh?

Nothing more is demanded except concentrations for inoculation of purpose-based education in public-private institutes and to get scot free institutions from politics along with revised-syllabi, which can imbue modern and scientific demands. Requisite-salary packages for teachers in private-public institutions along with affordable  fee-structure in private institutes should be there. Political will and authority is required for implementation of these recommendations, but unfortunately it is not residing in the persons of the ruling-elites.