Qandeel Baloch’s Murder


Fetters of gender discrimination have enthralled Pakistani society for bad-remarks around the globe especially cortege of Qandeel Baloch proved acute black bruise of our society. Qandeel was not first, but honor took almost 3000 lives between 2008-14 according to HRCP in Pakistan. Most of the corners are instigating very murder as end to charm of social media along with tears of her fans. Instead of  charm, saying should be that how will clandestine-movers be grasped like Maulvi Qavi? Actually, ours is a patriarchal society and second gender has no say here that’s why, constitution was violated and Qandeel didn’t clutch any right; either it was right to live or right to liberty. Why our attitudes are mildewed in a female’ case?

A few month ago, a female teacher was slaughtered and tortured for having second gender. Recidivists instead of  being treated with iron-hand are enjoying their lives. In short, no embargo has yet been derived through legislation for cordoning off such people(Murree case). Likewise, a young-girl for determining her future especially about marriage was ablaze by her brother-mother liaison(Sahiwal case). Such women-carnage can be listed to large number, but nothing will happen to our attitude. As far as Qandeel’s case is concerned, instead of bringing her brother to dock, everything is being framed to get him out of mud while international media is badly cursing Pakistani society.

No one yet has been brought to dock regarding honor killing, especially ordinance of Qias and Diyat fabricated by ex-military gen. Zia-ul-Haq are visualized as wedges protecting such people and such protection once again is patronage for acute killer. Another option left regarding protection of killer is signs by common guardian on concordat will put an end to case. Feminists are in parleys about punishment in such case by implicating sanctions 305 and 311 to get rid of ordinance. Will it happen? Yeah, but harsh steps in parliament before Zia’s ordinance are needed along with determinations of courts.

Qandeel Baloch’s strides through media exposed a few black-sheep like mullah Qavi out of millions as most of the men are involved in such lighted-world, but veils being worn by them hide their bad-deeds. Such people are in front-rows cursing slipped women instead of sweeping before their own doors, why are women not being spotlighted regarding human rights? Media played to their best in such cases like Mukhtar Mai as her behooving was in the courtrooms owing to prowess on part of Media personnel. The enactment of such group in Qandeel’s case was not soothing as all anchors focused her actions for PRP, no one peeped into extremism faced in acute case.

Female is hitherto being instigated as property as Swara- having background of Arabic dictionary means; exchange of woman for reconciliation. Mostly Arabian countries, Afghanistan and KP of Pakistan are having very system. Thanks to legislators for their a few articles which compelled KP feudal-lords to give-up with swara. What to the shame was utilization of woman for settling disputes, instead of punishing male for his deed, innocent women were extricated. Had they not right to live with liberty? Not Swara, but women are being considered by patriarchal society as property in other forms as well. Such stenches of equality and justice were not taught by our last prophet Muhammad(PBUH).

Another contradiction  of our society is really brutal force that may guide transgressors to right path; everyone feels no shame having contacts with female but when it comes to his home, aggressive attitude topples everything. Beyond fancying her actions, Qandeel was having emblem for women to be part of virtual world and exhibited double-standard attitude of our society. Qandeel may be dead but not defeated regarding the concerns of women.

Politicians and legislators are in softy-beds with deep-sleep, no doubt a few strides will be enacted by them for conjuring-up patronage in Qandeel’s case as acute is not first victim of honor killing.  Legislation is yet to be fabricated and implemented for charge-sheeting criminals of honor killing. Aspect sketched through last scandal of Actress was Jinnah cap belonging to Maulvi Qavi upon the head of Qandeel, which shows Maulvi’s willingness for selfie. Then, why guns are being directed towards Qandeel only not Mullah?  Again gender discrimination as mullah is having say. Really mullah lobby needs to think over their attitudes after selfie scandal.

Unfortunately, Pakistani society especially is in severe clutches of gender discrimination as mostly  parents are found differencing between daughter and son. Every couple wishes for advent of son not for daughter, while daughter brings happiness with her to family. Isn’t it so? All the parleys are going towards blind alley as clergy of our society censured great humanitarian and refused for offering his funeral because adopting orphans and playing with them on cradles were grudges of clerics in the person of the richest poor. How such society can read between the concerns of women?