No Claim of Partner-Gender is Acceptable


Horrified  strangulating of Pakistan media star “Qandeel Baloch” by her brother has halted the strides of various cliques, either linked with women rights organizations or holders of liberty for the women. Pakistani patriarchal society is yet to be mildewed by any leftist. To parents interviewed by BBC, Qandeel was posted to nobility of son by his father and was a ray of hope for other young-girls of conservative-minded families. Gender discrimination is not only wainscoted in Pakistani society  but also, other peninsulas of the world are pre-empting to emit-out of such black mud. Eluding woman from variant oppressors like foreigners, uncles, brothers or other members of society, parents are being beleaguered here; who are considered unique-lovers of their children. Mostly families in this era of modernization are visualized with wish for lad not for daughter; who is guarantor of happiness and escalation in resources for acute family. Such preference is sifted to depiction of gender discrimination, where is society standing? What can be expected from other members of society, when closely-related parents are not even paying regards to their daughters?

Perhaps hand-outs of Dr. Rubina  Siagol piled-up for a German foundation with frontispiece, women and movement in Pakistan have shaken many hearts or factions. Nothing can be hoped from the society, where feminists do not savvy themselves and their action-based plans. If call is received by them about flood, bomb-blast or any other mishap, such workers will try to their best for rehabilitation of those victims. Honor killing or rape victims demand more care as compared to victims of other issues, who are being helped by almost whole  the  nation. While earlier-victims sacrificing themselves compelled society to peep into confronted-social issues especially women. In actual, honor killing or rape don’t mean to NGOs because result-oriented works are preferred by them. Perhaps Qias and Diyat of Gen. Zia deter their ways regarding quest for right and that’s why no nurturing step is taken by organizations.

WAF, one of the robust NGOs regarding social work along with bolstering economy introspect all fields except women rights. Can’t it work? Again justified answer, society provides ground to snatchers of women rights, eithers those are genetically males or wearing veils of second gender. Honor killing has exhibited with both types of snatchers, helping each other like slaughtering of girl in Sahiwal by brother-mother liaison. Directly saying; one female carves to drink blood of second one.

Gender discrimination in rural areas  is demurring the  status-quo very badly owing to feudal-system. Mostly families with lineage of feudalism will be scouted having a female-servant of under-age from a poor family of village. If acute girl wishes ever to get education, ambience of feudalism will buffet and soon wedlock will enthrall her. Definitely, her off-springs will be in clutches of same feudal-bondage. Not only are feudal-lords enacting such ferocious role but also educated-urban society has fancied their strides chased by such female-servant. Are we believer of Islamic notions? Unfortunately, elaborated NGOs or feminists can’t apprehend such tortured-victims, passed daring lady was also a paradigm of such fabricated society.

Emergence of Maryam Nawaz over women legislation is pricking prognostication of rightists, she has tracked bill after 2014 once again to parliament for voting. Being optimistic, near future will pave or apprehend bills of rape or honor killing. Ultimately, sanctions 305 and 311 will be implemented to get rid of actual recidivists in shape of common guardians. In short, lit of late-Qandeel has affected the ruling-elites especially Maryam Nawaz. Gender discrimination has deep-rooted itself in western countries as well, 3000 women were lynched during last-five years in United Kingdom. Theresa May also is trying to toil against this oppression after hearkening about gender discrimination with example of Qandeel’s Strangulation.

Attitude of patriarchal society and especially its residents doesn’t exhort for any leverage because this society is reminisced with talented-ladies, but rightists wedge such women. Perhaps, acute society has begotten Fatima Jinnah, Daughter of East ( Benazir Bhutto) or Dr. Arifa Kareem, who raised the entity of this nation in the world having commendable qualities. Can’t these ladies of patriarchal society  be compared with Angela Merkel (Germany), Theresa May (England) and contester of White House from democrats ( Hillary Clinton), who are reigning world? Especially, Benazir Bhutto proved herself, becoming first muslim-lady premier of the world.

To conclude: can this society be steered without second-half? If not then time is urging for paved rostrum of equality not for matriarchal system. NGOs especially should kindle their mastery for voices of depressed-women, utilizing newly-framed legislation. One has initiated such proxy-way, but her demise shouldn’t be an end.