Here is no Tayyib Erdogan


When inhabitants of Greece talked about democracy as a new political system, every state wished to strict  with it without gauging how to adopt democratic values and norms. On Red letter day of Pakistan, Quaid also decided to steer democracy in country but unfortunately, a few mishaps in leadership mildewed the whole portrait. Later, ZA.Bhutto was holder of democratic emblem and still his party instigate itself one of the zippy corroborators of democracy. Armed forces reigned this country for more than three decades, but Gen.Raheel glorified military role in the domes of masses through his untiring efforts against militancy and non-state actors.

On the contrary, political leadership through their deeds has blurred its soft-image. Like, panama leaks, open heart surgery of Mr.Nawaz Sharif, model town slaying, 2014 wheel jam for 156 days by Mr. Imran Khan proved fiasco of politicians to carry with democracy. One side of portrait is exhibiting masses love for Armed force and second side grudges for political parties.  Especially, recoveries of Ali Gilani and Shahbaz Tahseer thronged importance for military. Astonishingly, news shook me that Gen.Raheel Sharif called chief justice Sindh to DHQ at 3AM and intimidated him about recovery of his child from AL-Qaeda at Tank( Bannu) military check-post. Call showed his sympathy for Pakistani public, isn’t it? Through such army act, judiciary is being visualized standing in the rows of army in lieu off civilian government.

Tayyib Erdogan’s government mildewed military-coup under backing of Erdogan’s hardliners, almost 190 people cashed their lives for democracy and more than 200 military-men brought to dock, treating them is another clause. In search for original accused, all roads were leading to Rome and American base was sealed. Why such behests were thronged in Turkish military-vindicators of secularism? Being receptor of two premier tenures, president Erdogan sifted state from secularism to Islamization. Along with such stipulations, recidivists from military having annexation with ex-military coups were bounded to serve jail. In short, military-civilian relation were perturbed, having 2.5 million refugees and attached border with Syria, chances for coup emerged.

Single skype call did such harsh mechanism in shape of deterring the military paved way, but Erdogan’s strenuous efforts of grasping Turkey out of economic crises and instigating Turkish economy in 20 world best economies along with escalation in foreign exchange reserve to $135billion without loan was towering. Really appraising was public attitude in the way, they back-footed military dream, laying before tanks.

Can such carnage for democracy be expected here, in Pakistan where Imran khan: ”Military coup will be warmly welcomed with sweats?” Nawaz government is toiling for friendly-opposition and a few treads for maintaining meridian of monarchy. Mr.PM residing in Raiwind is being introspected with serious clauses regarding his regime.  Such is politicians attitude while mostly masses are abyss in comparing Pakistan and turkey as far as democracy and military-background is concerned. Directly, such people should be renounced as residents of fool-paradise because Pakistan is having no Erdogan like Turkey.

National interest of Turkey to acute man matters that’s why his followers were out to vindicate him but to shame, politicians here for apprehending seat  can go beyond the limits. Like, Rana Sana-ullah pocketed votes for his party-candidate under consonance with militant group  in bi-eletion of Jhang during 2008-13 tenure. Time and again very man has been accused of backing a particular militant group in Punjab. How can such people be imagined working for country and democratic norms or national interest of state? While shahbaz sharif is holding covet meetings in DHQ without kindling public, what does it mean? In short, PML(N) is diluting trust upon Army, but public has no mean to them. Such state of affairs are not extricating podium for ruling-clique like Turkey.

As far as PPP is concerned, demises of Bhutto and his daughter proved ominous end or was decline of party. Zardaari factor stamped fiasco of democratic party. While Imran khan,  believer of solo-flight predicted about coup in Pakistan, either was a bluff flabbergasted with no consideration or actual reality. Will democracy be bolstered like Erdogan’s corroboration, all eyes  are urging for Turkey paradigms? If Imran’s prediction become true, ultimately failure will not only be garland for Nawaz but for all political cliques.

Political-tycoons have depicted Pakistan as Pandora box and people instead of making comparison should point-out differences. Pakistan Armed forces did well in last decade so, regards of public piled-up by General Raheel. No doubt, Pakistani society loves democratic values and will never be on same ground with Army. If people don’t support Army then contrary stage is having no Erdogan in politicians to be vindicated. So public here during such time will enjoy TV broadcasting along with their families. Whom to be trusted?  Ruling-elites are not even willing to hearken single decision about them, justice Baakar Naqvi ushered PML(N) provincial leadership as culprit in model town lynching, where is acute report? While PPP for guarding Zaardari corruption is not pre-empting to point government. Actually, meanings of democracy are yet to be understood by our dynasts which tell about well-being of people. Everyone talks about democracy, but no one works for it.

Stating the pith; political parties will have to alter their manifestoes from monarchial approach to democratic norms because the world has exhibited portrait of true-democracy to public, which has rooted itself in brains. That’s why public has started comparing democracies and searching for leaders.  In order to behold their reigns and keep Army at arm length of public, politicians will have to wear Erdogan’s mask and work for nation.