Sole-Spokesman of Chakwal


A few days earlier, buffet has been offered by management of lucky cement for elected nominees, journalists, members of chamber of commerce and elite-class of Chakwal in order to wangle public opinion once again and perhaps air-conditioned hall with variant dishes bearing delicious tastes were  enough for such nominees to sell their self-esteems. Either these members were having no prowess to condemn such projects or vindicators of business-tycoons for sustaining their tenures. Amid such clique, Ayaz Amir is only man, who raised and is raising voice for up-coming miseries  of people through scion-like-pen.  That is realization found, about his loyal-attitude for native-area.

Again similar betrothing with public for lucky cement factory like past contingencies, when local district Nazim paved way for such factories and promised immunities in shape of jobs and fiscal benefits. What has happened regarding leverages of public in result of earlier factories? Once again, public is being betrayed by mandarins, who enjoyed great meal along with lucrative deals and steering beauty of salt range to lurch. As far as imagination of earlier promised-jobs for poor are concerned, can anyone of dealers between two cliques exhibit lucrative-aftermaths of cement factories set by tycoons earlier? In this world of modernization, when every field has been revolutionized by mechanization, how can it be expected that job-opportunities will be emerged? Except loading or unloading with a few  transporters, no white-collar job is being watched.

Would that! So-called competent leadership of Chakwal were having emotional attachment with its residents and lush-green hilly area and could  gauge the miseries of public residing in very area. There was a time, when temperature of Murree and salt range area  was felt with no difference especially people of central Punjab during journey to Islamabad felt 10-15 degree down temperature in salt range. Perhaps birds and animals, which were adding charm  to beauty of lush-green trees  and had coaxed Emperor Babur are found nowhere in salt range. The great Mughal emperor Babur while passing by this place stayed here and fancied the beauty of jurisdiction in 1519 AD. Bagh-e-Safa had been built at this place upon his decreed. Stone throne was also made on which emperor used to stand and issued instructions to his warriors.  During meditation, a lot of time was spent by Babur at this spot and was inspired by the beauty of place.

What an outlandish depiction: elected members of parliament, journalists and elites, who could raise the voice for miseries of people, are abyss in visualization of beneficial deals sitting in air-conditioned offices while such gestures have compelled public to confront problems like before installation of factories, they slept calmly on the roof of houses but now, such deep-sleep changes their face expressions as two to three folds of white-powder lie on their faces in the morning. Such diseases and powder were promised-benefits or jobs and now once again betrayal for public is there.

If governmental authorities crave to earn benefits through this hilly-salty area then other ways are also there, which can pile-up bundles of rupees. Can Lush-green hilly area of salt range not be compared with mountains of Switzerland, Sweden, Maldep, or any other hilly-region in the world? Definitely, it can be but renaissance at hierarchy level is needed. Perhaps, by beautifying this lake-area, Government can gather more taxes than sabotaging its beauty as 250,000 visitors are exhorted by salt range every year. Resultantly, charming place will remain charming and revenue will also be collected by government. Once in 1998, Mr. Nawaz Sharif being inspired of beauty had called cabinet-meeting in Kallar Kahar  and promised to promote area as a picnic-spot by initiating certain  developmental projects. Are these factories guaranteeing promised-development by Nawaz Government?

Last time, Investors for wangling public opinion annexed themselves with the district local bodies leadership by unleashing sweet dreams to them. In return, it was visualized that district local bodies leadership of very time tried to congregate public under one oasis by flabbergasting about jobs for them and  welfare of this terrain through very projects by taxation upon production of these factories. After coping with the issue of expected public uproar, investors started working for attaining ‘’NOCs’’ from the government. which was no issue to those businessmen and they grasped their ‘’NOCs’’ through different means; fair or unfair, unknown to me. Similarly, this time provincial minister’s father is driving for tycoons and public opinion is being crushed once again for benefits like soothing ambience.

It might be hearkened by everyone in recent past, when supreme  court took Suo-moto action upon the application submitted by public of Islamabad about bad-nurturing environment due to crushing of rocks at Margala Hills, in-spite of best output court issued the verdict in favor of public and crushing was put to end. Is there any difference between public of Chakwal and Islamabad or Chakwalians don’t have right as compared to people of Islamabad? Perhaps health conditions of acute region don’t matter for elite-class. Whom to be trusted or who will lead public to supreme court? Elected members or journalists, who are standing in the rows of tycoons, can’t be pondered.  Not for the first time, Ayaz Amir did such glinting-job through his columns for renaissance of public  about miseries of Chakwal, but he has ever proved himself loyal to mud. Dual-standard of politicians compelled him to say good-bye to politics in-spite of being parliamentarian for single tenure. What he did, was being expected by the public.

To conclude: enactment or pre-emption demanded for deterrence of such projects on the part of elected nominees, member of chamber-commerce, journalists and elite-class  is missing. Perhaps, either are they not loyal to mud or having no competence to lead public in order to protect hilly region along with precious-wild life. Only left is lion-hearted man, Ayaz Amir who has ever proved his blood-relation to area by kindling public about up-coming worries through Lucky cement factory.

Would that Ayaz Amir were a full-time politician.