Pakistan is yet not, out of woods


Contradictory portrait is there in the world in form of militancy or violence like recently Europe along with hegemon of the world (America) confronted variant carnages, but perspective allegory of Pakistan is emitting-out of violence-sieging by terrorists, either Pakistan military is enacting extraordinary here or suppressed people of those terrains are calming down their aggressions through such planned attacks as neither such brutality  happened earlier in Europe nor any militant organization owned such attacks. Last two years are guarantors of emerging-peace in the sacrosanct sanctuary of Pakistan, ambushing question is; whether Pakistan had no power vested to military for fighting back or not willing to reply terrorists, who used to bamboozle precious lives of general public. In short, salutations go in form of garland to COAS Raheel Sharif, but orchestrators of APS attack were perhaps people, who provided rostrum to political cliques and military to plan for hoodwinking non-state actors.

Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan are also facing militancy and trying their best to snow such terrorist organizations, but strides like Pakistan can’t be taken by them owing to dearth of bolstered and armed-Army, which could handle militancy with tough-hands. Another clause for conflicts in these territories may be European and American’s desire to control meditarian sea. 2007-10 was the era, when Pakistan was depicted as sole-ground for breeding of militants that’s why no single during acute era, Pakistan and its residents watched locality as safe haven.  Corteges   had become routine of days and even House of God was not safe, how security of other gathering-places could be expected?

Surprisingly, hearkened by elders that behind developed nations, lists of sacrifices lie, which are just like stones or bricks used for constructing a building but can’t be visualized. Realization found in case of Pakistan as well, either it was red letter day or combating terrorism because enumerated number of mothers, wives and sisters have immolated  their sons, husbands and brothers respectively  for pavement of fresh-ambience, free from terrorism to next generation. Hopefully, much more has been clutched, but yet fight is on the way and Pakistan is near, not out of woods. Still confronted issues like rehabilitation of refugees and peace-making are there to be settled.

Armed forces are examining every moment very keenly not only about ZARB-e-AZB in Waziristan but also internal peace of country is on their fore-fronts. Mission clean-sweep by COAS Raheel Sharif has been initiated and non-state actors are finding no corner  to live like ranger operation in Karachi and other variant operations in Punjab. Through combing in collaboration with CTD (counter terrorism department), Armed forces are culminating day by day as far as eradication of banned-organizations and Taliban are concerned. Again, perils are not over, yet harsh steps are needed.

Above all, time is speedily progressing towards November, but not being gauged by us as man with bludgeon, who is an highly committed-leader is near for saying good-bye. Who will replace him? Are Pakistanis having any best choice to move with or who will issue hard-verdict like Raheel Sharif?  Ever vexed situation is going to overwhelm us, replacing such a leader, who nipped many evil-wills in the bud and deterred them from flanking their flags. The world is imbued with such paradigms, which show that such conditions of any state urge for new man with same competence, otherwise fiasco becomes destiny of acute nations.

Stating the pith; time is exhorting for introspection with same pedantic cornea otherwise failure can alter fabrication anytime. Blurred depiction of Pakistan is getting clear but all the guns are now being pointed towards Mr. Nawaz Sharif as he-man is in decisive position about next chief and conditions.