Little Chances of Another Coup


Being rummy persona with inbuilt-qualities especially nature of piling-up good points to erode status quo and sifting liberalism-paradigm to apex, Quaid handed-over Pakistan  to the muslims, which was having no regards or craving for dictatorial regimes. While two nation theory before and after objective resolution clutching of Pakistan were not scouted, even at single portrait exhibiting the rule; “Might is right”. It means, a few cravers for empowerment and strength paved the way like Ghulam Muhammad and Sikandar Mirza.  Bad-destiny clutched territory to its fold and Gen. Ayub Khan blacked Pakistan’s image for a decade but again in 1969, instead of shifting control to civilians, Gen Yahya Khan was uplifted. During his reign, separation of Bengal further blurred Army’s image and then Gen.Zia-ul-Haq and Musharraf put a breach between public and Armed forces. In short, Talibans, MQM, Afghans and many futile-organizations are ferocious outputs of Zia’s rule.

The whole saga might be in your dome but not with depiction as being elaborated here, general masses before posting of COAS Raheel Sharif and his strides for hoodwinking all non-state actors, were done-up with Armed forces but dying patriotism has been provided with breeding ground once again and masses have started trusting Armed forces. Credit goes to Raheel Sharif, but querry here is; will he work for another coup at time when his fame-graph all around the globe is at apex?

Hardly possible as gen.Raheel Sharif belongs to family of martyrs and also he-man owing to sweep-up mission has attained a special benchmark so lineage is coaxing him  to become clean part of history. Along with family background, public attitude and behavior for dictators also be there in his mind as Pakistani don’t crave to call them ideals that’s why such black bruise of dictatorship will not be his craving for family of ideals. Another contradictory portrait is available here as well; Gen. Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Zia and Musharraf from initiatives of coup were ushering their regards for power and special wings were formulated by them to guard their tenures,  but here rule of no discrimination is being raked and lawful justice in lieu off jedwood justice unlike earlier did.

Recently allegory of failed military coup in Turkey also be there in rows of military-men before any verdict about coup as both states ( Turkey and Pakistan) are not only Islamic but also having same dictatorial experiences. Especially, to variant gauges about two million people from different factions gathered at one point to bolster pillars of democracy and these images may ooze here as well. Lastly starching is Raheel’s short period left and it is admitted fact that last two months before retirement, any officer loses his grip upon institution and everyone peeps for new-instructor, so little chances has been left back for another coup.

So far as civilians-rule is concerned, that’s not emitting itself as commendable refinery to enact competent role, either Imran Khan’s mastery for beloved-homeland or Nawaz is concerned. Perhaps it’s truth that Raheel’s performance is being praised amid public and here Nawaz government has paved fined-path between civil-military relations for satisfying masses as both parties are on the same page.  COAS Raheel Sharif is near to apprehend farewell, but who will behold his courageous role in tussle time, is verdict  to be decided by Nawaz Sharif. Next man will have to follow-suit as the goals set by Raheel will exhort strenuous and untiring efforts to be imbued, otherwise agitation factor has been inculcated amid masses by Imran Khan and found by them as prolific.

So far as Monday  carnage in Quetta is concerned, acute barbarity will affect not this picture, but what happened there is really agonizing for Pakistanis as two-robust pillars of democracy (Lawyers and Journalists) have been aimed. Instigating this massacring as a flaw on the part of agencies, military or civilian government will not be right; if north-pole has confronted such attacks in presence of world-best technology and agencies then how can a state like Pakistan beleaguered by rivals like India and Afghanistan, cope with such contingencies of terrorism?

To end; coup-de-tat can’t be introspected during COAS Raheel’s tenure but an increase of one depiction in the series of Pakistani-heroes will be piled-up definitely and perhaps, he in military-uniform with jargon will be missed with after retirement.