Nargis-You deserve even more


nargis gul with teacherRecently, social and mass media having a gypsy girl of rural area, who secured 1004 marks out of 1100 in matriculation, is escalating its PRP, but the news is stunning for Pakistan as soil of martyrs has begotten Nargis and she concocted her talent and efforts for education field and starched recent research of hovering literacy rate of Chakwal. Often hearkened about position-holders of Chakwal, studying  in variant institutes, but perhaps internal satisfaction and enthusiasm were eluding themselves for Nargis; a girl without proper home and affections of father, but having mother as all of her universe.  If a child from opulent family having admissions in remarkable institutes secures such marks, that’s not his strenuous efforts as he was having all facilities and commendable teachers in academies for consultation; contradictory to this saga, Nargis residing in hut had nothing and attained benchmark, which must be praised if you are not egoist.

Nargis Gul with motherHitherto, all the parleys were about women rights in patriarchal society of Pakistan and especially about empowerment of women, verdict now should be finalized after fresh-buffeting of cool breeze in form of Nargis’s achievement as she has proved that woman can enact her role in  circumstances, whatever available. Being a part of nomadic society, she set a paradigm for other girls confronting such issues. Unfortunately, so  far as women empowerment is concerned, hardly possible is such vision in society where woman is against woman, even mother differentiates between her son and daughter, guns are aimed at men for exploitation of women.

Exemplary note about our behavior is; every family especially in rural areas invests resources for male-child, not for female as earlier body is meridian of hopes and investment returns, but in case of daughter, she is considered as property of other house and soon bounded in fetters of wedlock. In such ferocious society, Nargis through her marks compelled everyone to flabbergast that woman can also do anything for uplift of family status, either she is in parents home or next. Also here, she has stamped as true, the words of worldly-famed businessman.

Bill Gates: “If you born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake.”

Nowadays, our patriarchal society is passing through dilemma of honor killing and mostly carnage is annexed with women as contingencies happened in Murree, Sahiwal, Multan and most recently in Jhelum. No even single article of world constitution  abrogates for lynching of women as right to live and liberty stands for everyone then what does killing mean? Perhaps, to linger on patriarchy or feminist view: “ Men make war because war makes them men.”

Qandeel Baloch, who was strangled, belonged to similar background like Nargis, but to reminisce her dreams, she chose negative way unlike to Nargis for popularity and earning money. As, to our cultural society, such role was not accepted but one thing she did outstanding, which is myth of her allegory; taking leverage of patriarchal society, double-standard men are there, she exhibited one of such ghosts to the public in shape of Mullah Qavi. Simply, women should be empowered, but without sabotaging culture and norms otherwise we will lead talented girls to lurch unlike Nargis just oozed.

Everyone is pre-empting to meet Nargis these days, either one is annexed with journalism or politics, but what Shahbaz Sharif did by calling her to CM house Lahore was satisfactory not commendable as she deserves even more and is pedantic-hope of Pakistan. Not only Nargis perhaps several such talented-girls are waiting for vindication in our society, who can perform even more better as compared to Nargis. It’s sure that she has uplifted her whole lineage but if other such girls are vindicated, society and Pakistan image will be transformed. Don’t you ponder that Nargis did  more grotesque than  Malala Yousafzai, who did nothing but grasped fame through media and agencies? If not Nargis then was  Ahitasas Ahsan, a hangoo School boy who sacrificed his life for saving lives of other fellows during a bomb blast, also not commendable?  In short, such fake-talent like Malala should not be focused but purely, just found in form of Nargis.

Introspecting into history, Fatima Jinnah and Benazir Bhutto are such names, whom shook the world during their times as earlier huddled all her gesticulations for independent state of muslims with her brother and latter, when stood against totalitarianism of Gen. Zia-ul-Haq, whole the world scouted her prowess. Not only these ladies, Arfa Kareem is also proud of Pakistan. It’s reality that men and women are equal as women can do all those works which men can’t. Again all prays are there for Nargis to be a dominant-part  of patriarchal society, what her professional-field may be.

To conclude: securing more than a chiliad marks, Nargis has exhibited  to intelligentsia that still Pakistani streets are having talented children, but not emerging due to dearth of  educational system. Along with education, Nargis has indirectly grasped the emblem of women rights, whom should be empowered not only for private but also economic sector. In short, such glinting-girl deserves even more than being offered, at last she is Nargis, who perhaps is a ray of hope for many.