Pakistan on its 69th Birthday


Yet Pakistan needs 365 days more to complete its 70th birthday but nation achieved by Muhammad Ali Jinnah and his allies with robust vision of two nation theory and self-determination is lacking stenches of self-accountability, where are we standing in socio-economic and cultural race of world in time of anarchism and barbarism? An imagined fact is it that Pakistan proceeding towards culmination is the portrait being exhibited along with bolstering roots in the world of power politics, but it’s not true saga. Political or civilian-establishment’s incompetency after demise of Quaid was there, which paved way for dictatorial rule or failure of articulating proper manifestoes for uplift of Pakistan. Through totalitarian picture based on realism, Pakistan was orchestrated into division in 1971 by India. Surely, India because those-bodies never fancied separate muslim-state in shape of Pakistan just like Afghans, who never accepted Durand line and censured  it and sovereignty of Pakistan. Indian black sheep were not only bodies, dictatorial-rule of Pakistan and political-fiasco towards diplomacy with Bengalis provided them with grounds to enact.

Vicious history didn’t stand to this failure only, but allegory moved towards Gen. Zia-ul-Haq, who concocted sectarian-divide in Iqbal’s dreamed land and perhaps interlocutors in form of Mullahs owing to Zia’s beefing shaped the country into their desires. Such special-restrains of the then time are still agonizing common masses and compelling them to suffer from variant attacks, which are escalating death ratio of Pakistan to indomitable number planned  by Taliban. Directly not but through Afghan jihad emblem, this ferocious factory of Taliban was penetrated into specific areas, solution after end of Afghan jihad was with us but leadership unwillingness or incompetency might be pronounced behind action-based strategy for rehabilitating Jihadists.

Proving himself true-hegemon of muslims in the Sub-continent, Quaid had apprehended a separate-state for them, who were a nation due to specific culture, heritage, religion, language and every definition of a nation; where is that, one nation? Astonishingly, if one is abrogated about introduction by you, after inoculating his ten different lineages with respect to cast, creed, color and profession then answer may come, not sure that he is Pakistani. Not only sectarian divide but also we have classified ourselves into Punjabi, Sindhi, Balochi and Pakhtun etc.

Lets have a keen introspection or kindle Baloch nationalism, it’s being told that Indian-RAW is patronizing separatist-movement there. Righto, what Nawaz monarchy has done extraordinary for Balochis? Discrimination is there being made,  exemplary description through debate between two known-bodies of mine on inaugural ceremony of Rawalpindi metro project, which will surely imbue your hunger. One was Baloch belonging to Quetta serving at nobility in Islamabad and Second was resident of Islamabad, both were hearkening inaugural-speech of Nawaz Sharif, who was claiming metro as grotesque project having worth Rs 46 billion. At the then time, Baloch flabbergasted that you-people (Punjabis) often talked about no discrimination with Balochs then what was this? One city of a province was having 46 billion rupees project  and second was having only 26 billion rupees for budget. After listening to this claim by one of them later, it was confessed by me about discrimination with Baloch-nationals.

While following suit, Nawaz clique has also starched military to pressurize the balochis in lieu off digging-out diplomatic solution to problems as slaying is only viable solution, considered by ruling elites. If you are killing their leaders then how can you expect silent-answer from their side? It’s surmising fact that RAW has deep-rooted itself in Pakistan especially Balochistan, but  provided-ground is our property. In short, India’s pre-emption is to indulge us on variant fronts for achieving its black-deeds like Pundits succeeded in 1971.

Happy independence day to all Pakistanis including elites but what about Quetta- an easy prey for militant groups and reports   about recent Quetta-carnage? atrocity revenged through Quetta is outrageous aftermath of glinting Pak-China ties and a group of orchestrators are there behind this scenario as well. Again fiasco amid both establishments is lying there. Amid twenty points agenda of NAP (National Action Plan), mainstreaming and revival of normalcy were clauses to be reminisced after operation in effected area, where are implications of those clauses in North, South Waziristan, Khyber Agency and Fata? Areas described have been cleared through combing operation but second phase yet not has been initiated then in such status quo, those militant organizations will revive and such attacks like Quetta will occur and public will repent, short saga with harsh linguistic.

In a bit minutia, Quaid’s Pakistan has been demurred of its ethical values that’s why enthusiasm is not overwhelming masses on 69th birthday of Pakistan. What to speak of political leadership, three political parties were having congregations  before arrival of 14th August, but hardly possible that any leader in speech flabbergasted about Quaid’s struggle  and achievements with his allies but darting each other corrupt was surely hearkened.

To conclude: without writing goals on carte blanche, it’s not possible for establishment and ruling-elites to eradicate this mythical situation, what to write is mastery required for bamboozling social issues. In short, self-accountability with determination is highly craved for Pakistani hegemons and when such contingency is pursued by them, God knows better, prosperity will become destiny of Pakistan.