Stunting the Cybercrimes


Cybercrime: Any illegal activity carried-out, making head way of computer or tele-communication networks. Variant crimes whether annexed with militancy or other breakages in prosperity of Pakistan are having internet as a key source, but for first time, Pakistani-mandarins have held a decision to eradicate these confronted-issues of cyber-criminality. Hatred speeches, demurring the ethos of cultural-society and brain-washing of people at internet along with many more are encircled in cybercrimes. In the era of post-modernization, when political stability and protection of general masses are at stake, National Assembly has come with bill against cybercrime, soothing but yet  has not been articulated about dimensions  to be focused regarding implementation of bill.

Lamenting on the demises, America pointed all guns towards militants  in the world as through robust collaboration, terrorists had jeopardized America and in return one-point agenda was ordained by Americans. Will political leadership of Pakistan rake behind America by darting militants only or other objectives will also be achieved unlike to White House? Pornography is escalating its fan-following especially children are restrained into clutches. Here, youth-ratio is enumerated parallel to top-five jurisdictions of world, only pointing youth towards right-path can surge Pakistan at hovering level, will it occur or contingents of bill-holders will bulldoze militancy only? It’s highly shameful that a 10 years old child can visit any website, which should be banned.

 Another depiction is here as well, foul-talking about girls can also be curtailed in cyber-criminality like a boy handcuffed in India for bad-remarks about Mohdi’s daughter three days ago, such steps can be taken here as well, but not for Minister’s daughter only as every girl is a daughter of nation. Many boys are visualized harassing girls on social media as no wedges are there, in form of legislation. Social restrictions are not being exhorted like 23 states of world are having facebook usage as illegal, but a few constrains must be there to stop such harassing activities. Hacking, one of the ample crime and banks lost with a plethora of resources, only non-discriminatory  and straiten methodology with utilization of cybercrime law can draw out of vexed and fraught world.

Furthermore, Altaf Bhai, who concocted seeds of hate in Karachi and rural-Sindh and used to pressurize traders or any one concerned with nobility has been placarded by Government about speeches and congregations. Media empowerment has also been ceased in this saga. Well, perhaps best has been done, but what about good Taliban, Mullah Sami-ul-Haq, who owns factory of militants and even is patronized by Imran Khan?  Goals should be defined as defiance of action at one-corner compels ones to be a defiant for second-corner. In short, if Imran Khan’s regards for Mullah are protected here then obviously, in regime of Nawaz Monarchy, Rana Sanullah will emphasize the enforcement-agents of bill to unleash his followers (banned organizations of militants working under new-frontispieces in southern and central Punjab). Like mainstreaming failure, cybercrime bill will remain a piece of writing on carte blanche.

One doesn’t need a crystal ball to see, how cybercrime law will be misused pondering a few circumstances.  These militant-cliques like Jamatud-Dawa and Difa-i-Pakistan council can’t be well-wishers of state. Implication of cybercrime law should be bric-a-brac task before holders of emblem without discrimination. Come what may, law must be implicated and protected to cope with status quo as between state and non-state actors, civil society exists.