Kidnapping: An Emerging Issue


Amidst acrimony of social-confrontation, nonchalant issue is oozing itself day by day and deterrence in form of bringing culprits to dock or barricades is yet to be implemented. Unfortunately, kidnapping of children has blurred-portrait as earlier, it was instigated that child had been kidnapped for ransom and parents instead of maligning issue before police, pre-empted to get rid of situation by paying demanded-money as neither child nor parents were having avarice. Scenario of kidnapping was trending itself towards achievements as parents were agonized and moved to tear at single phone-call till APS carnage. Kidnapping-saga mildewed its depiction after launching of operation (ZARB-E-AZB) by government against militancy. Eventually, kidnappers annexed with militant organizations have initiated their activities with new-styles, which are melancholic for touchy-parents.

Furthermore, fever of parents was gauged at apex with kidnapping of Ali Haider Gilani, Shahbaz Tahseer and chief-justice Sindh’s son as these were kidnapped in presence of security-convoys. How security of waifs could be expected? Nodoubt, Armed forces grasped three kidnapped-men back after specific period, but temperature of masses yet is not coming down. Almost a week ago, news was broadcasted about a couple, who were residents of Talagang and beaten in Multan as public considered them as kidnappers. Later, Police investigation revealed that couple had been here, in Multan for searching their missed-child. Veneer of kidnapping has apprehended society so much deeply that every xenophobic looks kidnapper to them in helter skelter militancy.

Another paradigm of a mother and child, who celebrated red-letter day amid specific group of people, wearing colorful dresses and painted mouths, were beaten by same group of people after two days as mother was considered kidnapper by societal-men. To acute group, both mother and son were having differences in facial expression and skin color, which made them doubted. In short, what has happened with contingents as city of volunteers ( Lahore) is ushering  such ferocious examples with different types of parleys?

Fact may be admitted that stipulation of education and increased literacy rate in the world of panic along with guiding by variant organizations like welfare NGOs have started keeping people aware about nurturing their offspring in soothing ambience in lieu off scouting them as waifs or splinters. Perhaps mooted-factor has enacted its best, but initiators of awareness amid public are lying elsewhere. Another stance can be impeded for patronizing scenario; people watching fiasco of governmental security agencies in kidnapping of opulent men have stenches of grudges and mistrust upon provincial as well as federal government. Can Kasur children abuse be attached here? Obviously, mandated-men were involved in very uncivilized activity and children kidnapping have deep-rooted itself in parents after Kasur contingency and it’s second benefits being clutched by offenders through kidnapping.

Glimpsing into depth of proxsym amid parents, who are conscious about their school-going children, ambushing question is; who will protect hyperactive youngsters; Those, who having grudges with family, share apartments with friends without contacting any family member? Actually, organizations orchestrating  such activities are gauged more pedantic towards youngsters, not for small-children. It’s blessing in disguise for those offenders that school and colleges are opening and no predicament will be faced by them. In fact, parental behavior towards introspection of xenophobic is healthy and good-sign for society as it’s said; “self help is best help.”

What about hegemons, who cowered mandate through our voting, guaranteeing of protection, prosperity and basic needs? Perhaps, those-bodies are entertaining themselves with deep-sleep at royal palaces without any uproar of public. Mass media should enact here its role making head way of independency because bridge can be constructed by anchors and journalists between public and dynasts so that latter could work for miseries of public after renaissance. It may be considered  our bad-luck  that God almighty had early meetings with a few zappy personalities of the world like Quaid Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal and Zulifqar Ali Bhutto etc., who were need of public especially Pakistanis.