Will Zoning occur in MQM


Dichotomizing influential of ruling-cliques at all levels, a few robust men, well known, paved the way for MQM as a political party of migrants residing in metropolitan for coping with fame of then PPP. Amidst these circumstances, much more happened, but most recently, Altaf Bhai flabbergasted outlandish remarks against state and forced his party-men towards melancholy as Rangers handcuffed them and sealed Nine-Zero ( MQM head-office in Karachi). Main discussion point: can it be imagined that verdicts will be articulated at local-level, not by London-based leadership? Hardly possible before dismissal of Altaf Bhai as migrants of Karachi consider him as their savior and that’s not PTI, PML(N) or Awami League, whose feudal-lords will decide by themselves. Here, in case of MQM, no doubt final authority is there in the hands of Altaf Bhai, but opinion of every worker is respected. One thing more, Dr. Farooq Sattar through press conference has issued a statement that they have left Altaf Bhai, is it possible? If history is peeped then every query will have its answer. In last decade of past-century, same man, Dr. Farooq Sattar was arrested and dragged on the roads, even law-enforcers carried him in truck, how much insult that was for an educated person? At the then time of anarchy, he remained with Altaf Bhai. How is it possible this time when Dr. Farooq was respectfully taken by Rangers?

Zoning issue will be roosted in your dome, but further clarification yet is here to be discussed; a few factors uplift MQM as different from other political parties, and it will not be wrong that establishments and hegemons of politics have provided MQM with this ground. Factors; MQM is only political party for middle-class people that’s why it has deep-roots in public. Often, it is said that fear factor compels public to vote for MQM, how long can a man live with phobia? Phobic people can’t resist against government for long time as MQM agitates almost daily gathering its workers and voters.  If Imran khan and Tahir-ul-Qadri remained for more than 100 days in Islamabad-Dharna with their followers, then nobody can say that people were agitating behind them, due to fear. Every party has a few committed workers, who mobilize other members of society. Owing to above descriptive reason,  protest-grounds of MQM are visualized, filled with people.

Why people in great number are annexed with MQM? Being middle-class party, it delivers to its workers while no party enacts at such level. Even common-voter can come to Nine-zero at any time and can complain for having any issue without hindrances. Who is Mustafa Kamal and what was he? Similarly, former-deputy mayor of Karachi had been uplifted from low-level as he worked for the party. Such paradigms can’t be scouted except Jammat-i-Islami and MQM because Aleem Khan, Jhangir Tareen, Sarwar Khan of PTI and Rana Sanaullah, Ch. Nisar, Ishaq Dar of PML(N) don’t belong to families with poor legacy.

Furthermore, MQM is a secular party as well after PPP and ANP while PTI and PML(N) failed badly to maintain their parties as secular. How MQM is secular? Altaf Hussain belongs to shia community while Dr. Farooq Sattar has beliefs of sunni-community and both have been campaigning together for last two decades. Similarly, Izhar-ul-Hassan has surged from shiatis while Waseem Akhtar( elected mayor of Karachi)from sunni-community  and both are main-stream leaders of MQM. Likewise, Dr. Imran Farooq( Late) was sunni by belief, but he had orchestrated manifesto of MQM. Are such examples there in PML(N) or PTI? Fear is not a factor, has been proved in 2015 election; PTI, JI and PPP, all on collaboration couldn’t defeat MQM as elections were held under supervision of  Ranger and Army.

In a bit minutia, ground was paved by influential for MQM; Identity crisis of migrants in desired areas bolstered MQM at gross-root level. Migrants have become larger community of metropolitan, even 34% Punjabis are following them there. What happened with 23-trains of migrants, arrived at Lahore after independence? Even 2% of those migrants are not residing in Lahore because they were diverted towards southern Punjab. Similarly, those entered through Sindh, landlords of Sindh directed them to Karachi. Actually, migrants were never accepted and remained under same title, at this time Altaf Bhai voiced for them and they congregated around him, considering him sole-vindicator. In short, we ourselves  have beefed this union. Moving towards 2nd side of this portrait, major issues of Karachi nowadays are;  China cutting, killing ( political, sectarian, terrorism), Money laundering, fisheries and RAW factor, all these are directly or indirectly attached with MQM. JIT ( Joint Investigation Team) report of 2011,2015 has revealed involvement of RAW factor in Karachi with collaboration of MQM. Scotland yard police, Rangers and variant agencies have also ushered same remarks. Are followers unaware of acute scenario  or involved in killing contingencies?

Every individual of MQM can’t be blamed for carnages, but a few mandarins are involved. So far as awareness of masses is concerned, when you get best advantages in shape of jobs and other facilities then you will never visualize, what’s happening next to you, isn’t it so? Followers know about killing, but for personal interests, they don’t condemn. If any party has such type of bonds at local level then how zoning will occur? As far as Armed Forces especially Gen. Raheel Sharif is concerned, division of MQM into zones is not his motto, but peace for which he is pre-empting and will succeed. For general like Raheel Sharif, political leadership doesn’t matter, whether it’s PPP or MQM in Karachi. What Altaf Bhai spoke against state and General Bilal Akbar was not soothing at all, And he is culprit of the whole nation. Perhaps, exile, deaths in families and ill-health are the factors of his uncontrollable gesticulations because patriot exhorts a long time to become a traitor.

Recently, Rangers issued report that 658 men of MQM directly or indirectly attached with killing have been arrested. Ambushing Question: Can 658 men force more than 1 billion people for casting votes or congregating at particular place? Obviously, reply will be huge “NO”  then all speaker-holders blaming Karachi for fear-politics should change their doctrines as MQM, owing to serving people have deep-roots at local level. What happened in the mayoral election of Karachi on Wednesday? In such status quo, nominee of MQM ( Waseem Akhtar) was jailed and he won the seat. It means, it’s not phobia, but something else. Zoning of MQM is totally impossible, Altaf Bhai and Dr. Farooq will remain on one page, either directly or indirectly.