The Road, which leads to Prosperity



Inequalities lie everywhere in the society, each periphery has its own discriminating saga, not only is Pakistani jurisdiction confronting such pre-emptive clauses, but also all those terrains, which wish to stand in the rows of culminated states and are there, in the developing pipelines. Illustration with paradigm confines one’s dome to pointed path of discussion, take Europe here as example, which is instigated as benchmark of prosperity and every nation tries to follow its suit. If such words of European history are uttered then nobody will pronounce these wrong as Europeans were even more worse in their dark age, before 14th century  than status quo of Pakistan. They were much more conservatives about religion as compared to us, even every verdict or approach darting towards religion was crisscrossed by them. Nothing else mattered for them except religion, but  European intelligentsia worked for lifting Europeans from dark age into golden age through variant steps of positivism. Days passed on and centrist-Europeans revolutionized  world through industrialization, then mechanization and information technology. Here at the stage after revolution, automatically centrists were secular in their approach.

Glimpsing into Pakistan, which has become safe haven for every social-problem of society, unequal distribution of wealth is no issue, but utilization of resources towards constructivism is problem with huge criticism. Scoping solution for surged problem, institutions should be developed for introspection of money flow from opulent tycoons to downtrodden families, how such piped flow will occur? Industrialization, which will raise job opportunities for skilled labor and in return, tycoons will pocket resources and labor will reminisce its hunger. Poverty, no doubt has rooted itself deeply in Pakistani society, but industrialization has only power to clutch it, out of mud because escalation in investment will bundle the value of rupee in stock exchange. Along with this depiction, revival of economic boom will aid Pakistan towards the roads of prosperity. Same initiatives were kindled by Europeans for economic boom.

Education- best weapon to rule the contemporary world, which is confronting stumbling blocks of inequalities in Pakistan as differential schoolings emerge standard of education into two zones. Children of poor families are morally forced to public sector and opulent children are directed towards higher-standard institutes. Eventually, opulent boys will apprehend good-jobs and blue collar jobs will remain for poor people. Hardly possible is it that two types of students with variant backgrounds will meet at one rostrum. Solution stands here; education standard in private and public sector institutes should be paralleled with talented teachers without any further discrimination.

Grasping development of infrastructure and facilities to every corner of Pakistan, institutes should be developed. Take taxation department; if it implements  similar restrictions for Nawaz Sharif as well as downtrodden then no installment will be urged by finance Minister or someone else from foreign-banks for development and coping with human rights. if  tycoons don’t pay taxes or get rid of it then  it means, a day laborer with 500 rupees will pay. What were European theories of progressiveness and mercantilism? Simply, those were about trades and piling of taxes for uplift of states. Devotedness of articulators in taxation department is demanded without discriminatory effect between Prime Minister and a day laborer.

Unfortunately, Pakistani terrain remained safe haven of militants for long and they orchestrated different carnages in mosques, schools and other institutes of country. Yet, Armed forces are eroding their roots and have forced them to conclusion. Claimants claim that such territory like Pakistan can never progress as it is imbued with social-issues. Replying them with single line; if japan progressed after visualizing world new portrait then why can’t Pakistan stand, best in the globe? Japan remained part of Germany-pool in both ferocious world wars and Japanese at local level had same type of claims. Simply, when they emerged themselves out of mud,  culmination became their destiny.  In short, Japanese visualized their interest, more commendable in development than wars but such realization occurred after facing vicious side. Likewise, Pakistani hegemons have also scouted tumultuous side of picture and military has held its emblem to hoodwink Taliban, wherever left.

Oh sectarianism; how will it be tackled? Europeans prostrated their god without any intervention of alien from outside, but they became liberals with escalation of industries and development. Keenly darting protestant and catholic issue of 16th century, that was totally similar to sectarian-divide here, what happened? With developments of states, their ideas about religion continued changing and at last, religion was kept to aside from state-matters for prosperity. Similarly, ideas of conservatives should be altered as Holy prophet (SAW) himself said in hadith; “Seeking knowledge is superior to salat, zakat, Haj and jihad near Allah”.  Education is only best weapon to eradicate social issues as brain development  of youth will change destiny of Pakistan.

Major issue of discrimination is happening in Balochistan, even residents are deprived of their basic rights. Everyone talks about separatist movements, but no one peeps into matter that why Baloch are coaxing for separation?  Separatist movements of Balochistan can be tackled through socio-economic development as China is enacting against separatist movements in jurisdiction of Xijang, Chinese are developing acute area socially, economically and morally. No doubt, Pakistan government is also following suit, either for personal interest or for sake of Baloch, that’s unknown. Actually, such steps should be taken at continual basis without barricades.