Sad demise of my smiling Uncle


Passing through its 70th year, Pakistan is breathing and replying to its rivals, but not at its potential that was expected by Quaid-e-Azam and also having stumbling blocks on its way towards culmination. Amidst biggest road blocks is its policies, articulated by ruling elites, which are exhorting for correction.  PML(N) government having public mandate is paying all attentions towards infrastructure development, which is no doubt important, but not at the costs of deaths. State is coaxing for restructuring as it has not delivered well up to its potential, but health and education departments are perhaps more in worst situation. Instead of becoming safe havens for depressed people, these departments are drinking the blood of public. Socio-economic development is guarantor of prosperity, but what will be clutched through such prosperity if public don’t enjoy good ambience.

Exemplifying through stance about health department, my uncle was taken to emergency ward in  DHQ hospital Chakwal by Rescue 1122 after facing serious injury on Tuesday. With passage of time, we have been informed about fractured arm and leg by doctor with advice of shifting patient to Rawalpindi. Unfortunately, DHQ Chakwal was not having single surgeon after resigning of Hafiz Tayyab; Are there no such emergencies happening daily in Chakwal? PML(N) had apprehended mandate from Chakwal in 2013 election and it did nothing, politicians are abyss in ransacking resources and manipulating the poor people.  Furthermore, when patient was shifted to DHQ hospital Rawalpindi, he got early treatments and bindings, not through manual procedure, but with reference of a relative, who was posted as doctor at DHQ, Rawalpindi.

Meanwhile, doctors had informed us about operation after one day and the patient was shifted from emergency ward to normal-AC-ward as special immunity awarded by acute doctor. On the day of operation, doctors refused to operate by saying that they were missing with oxygen cylinders in operation theatre and it was unknown to them, when oxygen would come as Eid holidays were approaching.  Such internal conditions of DHQ hospital( Rawalpindi), where patients come from almost four districts are bruises of administrative collapse. During such status quo, government is orchestrating for road networks in presence of failed health and education system.

A bit further, as my uncle was a worker with daily wages, family decided for operation in private hospital as phobia of infection was also concerning family members badly  so he was shifted to reliance hospital in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi at 10pm. In the early morning, doctor operated successfully, but after half an hour, my uncle passed away due to cardiac arrest. Governmental as well private  health institutes are ushering such exemplified cases daily; will orphans and wife of Abid Hussain (my uncle) fancy the projects like Metro bus and link roads when sole- earner of their family left them alone owing to poor-health facilities? If District headquarter hospital, Rawalpindi is missing with basic facilities like oxygen then how can we urge for other rights? Metro bus, orange train and other road networks like CPEC are obviously crucial for uplifting economy of country, but in absence of good health, these projects can’t facilitate public. Only promotion of education can result in prolific aftermaths as it’s a podium, which can revolutionize Pakistan.

My uncle was not only well wisher of his family but also was a social worker that’s why mostly public of village have sensed his demise. He-man was buried with loud hue and cry as he was a healer of public wounds. Really, his smiling face is pining yet many people including me, but his wounds were not as deep, which could lead to grave. Governmental influential are culprits of his death because those were having mandate and it was their duty to provide facilities in the hospitals.  Unfortunately, political leadership is not introspecting into public beneficial politics but profit-loss politics has become their motto. Whom to be docked for death of Abid Hussain (42 year old), which is right of public in democratic country?

Pedantic policies are visualized missing as government has deep focus over infrastructure development leaving variant institutions in lurch.  On the other hand, every year Pakistan confronts flood which sabotages road links and agriculture along with human lives, but government is not articulating for serious strides like construction of Dams. What to speak of political pundits, they often speak of increasing electricity production, but steps are not visualized that how will electricity be increased? Basic needs of a human body are rotti, Kapra and Makaan ,and government is unable to provide poor families with these basic needs. If such needs are not being provided then what poor will do with roads, CPEC and economy etc.?

Not only my uncle has suffered from such conditions but also many like him suffered and a few still are lying on the beds of death, whom to be declared culprit as whole the system is lacking competency in every field. Articulation of state has become need of hour  as Pakistan can’t progress with old package except a new one. Governmental approach is being demanded to be sifted towards basic problems like health and education. So far as leaders are concerned, then anyone who wishes to enact for best interest of country will have to convert himself into statesman for the hovering outcomes. The question is; will Nawaz Sharif do such commendable job?