Will Akif’s Talent be spoiled


Recently, August 28,2016 the day which blurred the future or dreams of many volunteers as MCAT, special test for admission into governmental medical colleges of Punjab was held by UHS (University of Health Sciences). Mostly students were forced to seek other fields of their interests; why? Are the students with biology not have much competence to carry medical education or system doesn’t fancy their faces? Emphatic pressure is not being catapulted in the sense that all students appearing in the MCAT should go for medical education, but what about the poor students, who don’t have resources in their pockets to prepare themselves for MCAT?

Firstly, the test especially arranged for admission into medical colleges exhibits the element of mistrust upon the educational system, it means; authorities consider variant boards  of HSSC incompatible to emit purified result and are arranging for entrance test. Secondly, the benchmark has been set at the level which demands for four-years consecutive study without failure. Is not it a discrimination; 100 marks in matriculation and  30 marks in FSC are equal to 5 marks in entry test; MCAT?  Indulgence of students with poor families into medical colleges have become impossible as variant institutes like KIPS, TORICA, STARS etc. are preparatory institutes for MCAT, demanding a plethora of money. A student with poor family can’t afford such expenses and in spite of having good grades in matriculation and intermediate, one can’t imbue one’s dream to become a doctor. Will dream of gypsy girl- Nargis, who has secured 1004 marks in matriculation be fulfilled in such vexed education system as she is dreaming to become a doctor?  Such is also exploitation of rights and obviously, deprived boy will not work for best interest of his nation as he was inclined to profession, not desired by him.

Hopefully, your dome will question education system after reading given paradigm; a boy named “Akif” who had 1022 marks in matriculation and 498 marks in intermediate (part 1) and appeared in recently held MCAT, was visualized weeping as he made preparation at KIPS  and couldn’t get through test achieving 610 marks in admission test out of 1100, why and where are the mistakes, which led to failure? Or was the student not intelligent and gained marks through bribe in matriculation and intermediate?  Whom to be blamed for deprivation of his dream as every nook and corner was focused by him during preparation? Definitely, he will beat his one year more to clutch dream or if he goes for other profession then how far he will be best in his doing, is unknown.

Actually, Policy makers are not promoting education, but they are escalating the literacy rate that’s why country like Pakistan is having no even single university amid top 300 universities of the world. Reason stands at the basic root level , where introspection is not being made, examination system is not pure, teachers are not well trained. In spite of having all problems, government is not articulating even single mastery to get rid of progenies in education system. Everyone knows that education is one of the strongest pillars for culmination of states that’s why world is focusing to promote education. So far as Pakistan is concerned, Punjab government is lifting literacy rate to pave way for aid, which is being granted by United Kingdom to Punjab for education, but unfortunately,  nothing better has been done to attain millennium developmental goals except laptop schemes to starch youth inclination.

Teachers are posted, who have good relations with district-political ruling leadership as they vindicate politicians in election and exhort money from government without delivering something to students. Is it not a form of corruption? These absurdities at higher level take part in the failure of system and students. The world has moved towards information technology and our system is teaching Sir Syed and Mirza Ghalib’ s life stories. In the era of 21st century, our educational system believes in cramming business instead of practical work. That’s why demands of Pakistani students are clutching steep day by day in foreign countries. China, an emerging world top economy and its educational system is not point being discussed by me, but what about India, who ever is considered rival by us; Are they not doing better in educational field as compared to Pakistan? Delhi University of India is included in top 100 universities of the world and it has vast opportunities with respect to fields for students, while Pakistan is having not.

That was about public institutes, but private sector is also not performing to its best as every street is having 3 to 4 private institutes and one university; what’s that? Does education quality not matter in Pakistan? Giving education to children has become business as both factions are obtaining benefits; government is cowering money by issuing NOCs and institute owners propaganda may be well known to you.  Whole the educational system has become failure in Pakistan  and is coaxing for correction at root as well as upper levels.

In the nutshell, government should stride at sudden level to promote education in lieu of literacy rate,  which only can happen through restructuring  of educational system and revision of courses. In short, these steps require a few well wishers of educational system as well as prosperity of Pakistan, someone having authority in his hands can perform this role, but steadfastness to ambition is to be focused. Still, Pakistani streets are having talented children, who can hoodwink the whole world.