Declining Social values


Social values, traditions and norms are not begotten with a child, but all these are inducted by society and agents of socialization. Hazrat Adam and Eva were sent to the earth, which was having no society and such norms as prevailing nowadays on the earth. In short, variant institutions of society are concocting places behind these values. Pakistan is tribal and cast based society, where mostly features are having resemblance with the Indian society because the Muslims and the Hindus lived together for years that’s why mostly norms are scouted, intermixed between two nations. First mechanization and modernization took western society in its clutches; when someone talked about women dominance in the western society till 1903, deviants were thronged in large number against the empowerment of woman, but with passage of time and revolutions, these behests were accepted. Hitherto, woman empowerment has touched apex in the West like Angela Merkel, Niclon Strugen, Theresa May, Hillary Clinton and Angela Eagle, etc. are reigning the whole world with their powers.

Glinting future or panorama is being fancied by everyone about Europe, but along with such commendable change; norms and values of their old culture are not there  in action. Perhaps, being tired of visualizing old homes and carelessness from the offspring, once again family-system is being preferred by the western countries. Peeping into patriarchal society of Pakistan, which was wedged into stipulation of endogamy; elderly parents enjoyed time passed with families in enthusiasm. Often hearkened through elders that self-immolation and love didn’t exhort for any return, people were well-wishers of each other, even unsuitable marriages were celebrated with pomp and show, and were sources of happiness between the families. Either folktales were part of culture  or adhered to taboos.  Unfortunately, decline has emitted in social values owing to mechanization and modernization, which mildewed  vista of the West in previous era. Extended family system yet being inherited by parents has no pavement for followers; either societal attitude has changed or leadership being raked is doing nothing for protection of social values. One side of portrait is ushering safe haven, being provided for nuclear families and woman empowerment, which have attained podium of dominance in the society. Am not deviant of woman role in society, but to carry with religion and norms, woman should be geared pioneer up to an extent. Where is parental culture standing, either on the verge of fiasco or culmination?

Patriarchy is not being protected, but visualizing the West, deterrence before further transformation is being wedged by concerned socialists of Pakistan. If  Western countries after passing through tumultuous situation of callous are trying to approach family system once again then Pakistan should not go beyond the line as it will become difficult for Pakistani society to regain its legacy. Are the ancestors living in Pakistan especially Urban areas, guaranteeing culture, traditions and values of their parents? It is admitted fact; change occurs in the society and can’t be stopped, but norms and values shouldn’t be altered by people as these are crucial things of legacy. Veiling society of Pakistan can’t be crisscrossed as such women have become strong, but still phobia is there because if urbanization had power to sift the attitudes of society then it can alter many more things. Owing to Urbanization, relationship between two persons have attained new shape, as relation between them will be visualized on basis of profit-loss.

Like the America; which is fully cast based society, tribal and cast systems of Pakistan are also bruising black, but benefits are at apex as well in such systems like, people will be closely related and caring for each other. Isn’t it so? As far as villages are concerned; contradictory to Urban areas where people are unaware about family living next to their house and are strangers for each other, villagers enjoy happy life style with norms and traditions. Time is clicking that our society is going  to follow West, but shouldn’t we make such mistakes as those are repenting upon such decisions and trying to clutch old life style.

To conclude: Mechanization and modernization are curious and highly urged by developing societies, but negative images in form of eroding social norms through urbanization are not to be coaxed. Declining social values in Pakistani society is exhibiting stipulations, made by western society a few decades ago. In short, we are going beyond liberalism, which will cause much more damage to our society. Barricades are required to control our parental values at this point as values and traditions are sliping through our fingers through processes of Mechanization and modernization. It is the best time to save parental culture otherwise destiny will decide; what you are, who you are and why you are?