Will Modi’s government Dare


After long and untiring efforts of Muslim leaders, Pakistan was achieved as a separate homeland for the Muslims, but the issues emerged from red letter day between Pakistan and India in shape of territorial disputes, like Kashmir dispute. Pakistan and India fought three Wars and still allegation wars are being fought between influential of both states. Recently, Uri attack has laid new foundation for war between both states after Pathankot and Mumbai attacks, but question is; will there be a war? Visualizing all the facts, both states have crossed three lines of deterrence against each other as both are nuclear power states.  It means that any attack from either side will be replied with same force as both states have their best delivery systems. All the tactics are being utilized by Modi government to pave the way for war, but Indian military influential are not portraying themselves in mood to fight with Pakistan as head of Indian air force was found missing in recent meeting on important issue of war. Along with such situation, retired Indian military men are not ushering good remarks for India sitting on TV channels; And almost 40,000 Indian soldiers have submitted applications for long weekend, which has exhibited elements of fear in Indian army. What are those factors, which are barricading Indians to enter into war with Pakistan?

Actually, international politics has entered into new depiction; United states and India are gathering at same page with bundle of new deals. Similarly, Pakistan and Russia are getting together strongly after Gilani-Putin meeting at Moscow, And multiple positive results have been scouted like, recent military exercises between Pak-Army and Russian Troops, Russia has invested $2billion for construction of Lahore-Karachi motorway and both countries are going to sign pact for fighter jets; which will provide Pakistan air force with best combination after F-16 of America and F-17 thunder. Why Russia will patronize Pakistan; a country, which ditched her ever at every ground on vindication of USA? As, geostrategic  location of Pakistan is the factor binding Russia for vindication that’s why both states are thronging themselves. Along with such cynosure, CPEC is also attracting Russia for trade.

Obviously, China on one side has grudges against India, but on second side has friendship with Pakistan; either for its interest or other benefits, it will support Pakistan. Such prevailing scenario is torturing Indians, which have compelled Modi government to use other tactics like, to stop the flow of water or declaring Pakistani leadership as incompetent. To American CIA report, India has been warned, not to enter into war with Pakistan; which will be highly  dangerous for India. Not only CIA has issued such warning for India, but also British and German reports have enacted same jobs. In short, time of conventional warfare has gone and world is passing through critical stage after nuclear weapons because any state can make head  way of nuclear technology in case of losing war. Results will emerge totally similar to second world war, when America used two nuclear bombs ( size; 1.2m, 1m) (Names; Little Boy and Fat Man), what happened? Two cities of Japan were put to end.

Two days ago, Modi  delivered a speech in Kerala, talking about the isolation of Pakistan in the world, but his moves couldn’t control the phobia of Pakistan Army from the eyes of Indian news reporters. As, Indian retired Military man had spoke to media before Uri attack about incapability of Indian Air Force, comparing with Pakistan Air Force. He focused that India was investing on importing weapons and crafts, but Pakistan was having its own factories, either with collaboration of China or anyone else; which was great difference according to him. Such rummy words of their officials have compelled them to suffer from jiggling movements. During such spicy parleys, Pakistan Air Force further shook Indians by making flights at Lahore-Rawalpindi Motorway.

Unfortunately, constructive approach has not been followed by the Indians, which can settle major disputes between both rivals like Kashmir dispute. The  British were having more than 13 colonies in America before American revolution. The Americans fought 1st war of independence and war of 1812 against the British for self determination, but at last they paved clean way through constructivism and initiated trading. Such can happen in case of Pakistan and India, but latter are pre-empting for war raking behind realism, but certain described factors are not allowing them for action. Alleging Pakistan as terrorist state is a venom, which is fueling the fire as grandson of Akbar Bugti, who is agitating against Pakistan, has even declared that they will stand before Pakistan Army in the War against India. Nodoubt, such emotions are there in India, but not at such escalated level; still factors are there, wedging Modi to declare war against Pakistan.

In an interview, renowned nuclear scientist of Pakistan named Dr. Samar Mubarak recently said that Pakistan had better technology and long ranged missile system as compared to India, while a German report oozed that Pakistan was not only indulged in nuclear weapons but also Dr. Abdul Qadeer had directed it towards utilization of his formula about weapons of space. On the contrary, Indians have exhibited their own weak points like interviews of influential, 40,000 leave applications. Visualizing such status quo, Modi can’t even ponder for war, which will result into mass destruction.

In the nutshell:  variant circumstances have compelled Modi, not to dare for war but if he does then it will be last war for both states due to nuclear weapons. If Modi is instigating himself a daring man then he can dare for giving self determination to Kashmiris, who are agitating for their rights. Still India can fight war with Pakistan on the subject of poverty that who will erode poverty first from his state? Such will be a positive move and his craze for war will be imbued. So far as territorial dispute of Kashmir is concerned that can be settled through referendum or peaceful dialogues. Can’t Pakistan and India follow the example of Britian-America jointure?

In short, time is urging Modi government to end with this doctrine for well being of humanity; if you attack me, I will attack so hard that you will not be able to recover.