Strengthening Union of America, India And Afghanistan


It might be listened through elders that friends could be changed, but unfortunately enemies and neighbors couldn’t be changed. Under such stance, Pakistan is very unfortunate country having neighbors like India and Afghanistan; so far as Iran and China are concerned, former is having ups and downs in relationship, while China is backing Pakistan for its personal interest in the region. No doubt, Chinese investment of $52 billions in Pakistan is guarantor of boom for Pakistani economy as CPEC, being a corridor will urge south-Asian investors and grasp buckets of money; its impending success can be visualized at the world arena. China, an emerging world best economy demands 28-30 days for launching of its new product or transferring it in the West, while after CPEC, time will be reduced to 6-7 days. Further elaboration is here through paradigm; after birth of Pakistan, leadership decided to approach capitalist block (America) instead of communist block (USSR) in spite of having invitation from latter block. Then, 1979 was the year of cold war, when USSR( 80,000 troops) invaded Afghanistan at the request of Afghani PM(Babrak Karmal) for clean-up mission and America forced Pakistan in Afghan war for showing its power.  Till 2015, Pakistan vindicated strategy of America, either it was wrong or right then why have Americans joined hand with India and Afghanistan, ignoring such sacrifices of Pakistanis?

Actually, the Americans are having fear of Thucydides trap, which can be visualized through President Obama’ s interview to a journalist in 2008, when he was asked about influence of China in American economy, sitting in his presidential office, he replied, “ you are talking about influence of China in American economy,  they have invaded into my office as American flag on my table is made of China.”  Such elements of fear have compelled White House to create a jointure with India and Afghanistan. Recently, John Kerry visited New Delhi, not Pakistan; which exhibited that Americans were not interested in collaboration with Pakistan and China was major agenda of agitation by Americans. So far as American jointure with India is concerned, America has strong naval power consisting of seven fleets and Indian ocean is guarantor of world leader in 21st century. According to Alfred Thayer-Naval strategist, “ whoever controls Indian ocean controls Asia, this ocean is key to seven seas and in 21st century, destiny of the world will be decided in these waters.” Such are the reasons of refusing for delivery of F-16 to Pakistan as CPEC is paving way for culmination of Chinese economy.

India and Afghanistan remained close friends as former raised slogans against intervention of foreign states in territory of Afghanistan, but such slogans were and are being raised to have safe haven for Indians to attack Pakistan. Scenario is lying here because Islamabad and Kabul despite of sharing geography, ethnicity and faith couldn’t develop good relations. Even relations are standing at worst because Afghans are not yet accepting Durand line. In short, America and India are having their aims in Afghan territory after 9/11, reflected through Bonn conference 2001  and Pakistan having bad relations with Kabul, provided way to White House and Pundits. Question here is; why India is becoming part of this Union?

India and Pakistan are having rivalry from day of division and Indians miss no chance to attack or blame Pakistan, so they can’t watch Pakistani economy progressing; on the other hand, Indians crave to become regional power which can only happen through such jointure. On one side, India is utilizing Afghan territory to support separatist movements in Balochistan and on the other side; India, Iran and Afghanistan are developing Chahbar seaport to minimize the role of CPEC, which is also beneficial for America.  Situation is further going towards tension as Pakistani camels are pasturing towards Russian block, which means that whole depiction of South-Asia is moving towards change. For Americans Interest, India is only having potential to counterweight China, which has joined both states( India and USA) over nuclear deal.

Such collaboration can hardly be broken down as all thrice are gaining their interests and future leadership of America can also be visualized, bending towards this union as Hillary Clinton (Democratic nominee of presidential election) said that the future of politics would be decided in Asia, not in Iraq or elsewhere, and the USA would be right at center of the action. Hillary’s words has shown her approach towards Asia after getting into White House while Donald Trump (Republican nominee of Presidential election) is the man, who is speaking to get rid of Muslims; how can he-man join hand with Pakistan, an Islamic state? To the Guardian-British newspaper, India is dominant by Hindu-terrorists, they will obviously not make settlement with Pakistan.

In the nutshell: Pakistan can’t change its neighbors, but can develop good relations with them as Afghanistan and Iran can be brought to table with strong diplomacy. Time is urging for initiative, which will be backed by initiative and initiative by politicians in the field of diplomacy. According to theory of realism, Americans have never patronized Pakistan at the hour of need, so leadership should finally decide to move in the camp of Russia, which will be highly beneficial in resolution of conflicts with Iran as well as India up to an extent. As, Imran Khan is agitating against Nawaz Monarchy and its scandals, will Nawaz enact such daring role?