A message from KARBALA


The month of Muharram has come once again with same reminders about carnage happened in Karbala, where true followers of Imam Hussain (R.A.) were lynched for victory of unjust system instead of spreading message of God Almighty. Imam Hussain (R.A.) uttered a loud voice on the 10th of Muharram, “Is there anyone to help this poor?”  such utterance was not perhaps for that kind of help, but a message to the Muslims about Islam and price paid for it.  Owing to such price, Islam spread across the world and Muslim empires apprehended glories having commendable leaders. Similarly, HazratMujadad Alf-Sani (R.A.), Shah Waliullah and Sir Syed were the leaders of 17th and 18th centuries in Asian Subcontinent, who kept the Muslims united under one platform. Were they shias? Obviously, no because they were Deobandi by beliefs, but never darted the Muslims towards division. Later on, 19th century again oozed with talented leaders like Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal, which resulted in separate homeland for the Muslims of Subcontinent. Till red letter day, the Muslims were connected with strong bonding, but what has happened to the Muslims in 1437 A.H? Everyone is orchestrating to kill second person, even having same religion, Are the Muslims not confronting fiascos?

The Muslims ruled the world acting upon the teachings of God Almighty and His prophet(PBUH), because they were not divided and worked for uplift of Islam. Like, Quaid-e-Azam belonged to a specific community of the Muslims, he was Ismaeli Shia by belief and on the contrary, Allama Iqbal was sunni by belief; in spite of such difference, they crowded Muslims under one spat against exploitation of the Hindus. Actually, after independence Pakistan also faced religious exploitation with other social and economic issues due to presence of a few conservative and paid scholars, which resulted in severe aftermaths like breach amid the Muslims. With passage of time, instead of thronging Muslims under one oasis, scholars of both groups considered such breach as foundation of their businesses. Such cyclone of fire got stronger day by day and Mullahs were enjoying soft drinks sitting at side. Being second largest country with Sunni population( 85%) after Indonesia and second largest country with Shia population(40 million) after Iran, hitherto Pakistan has been clutched by mud of sectarianism, even agitation against each other has crossed all limits.

Shiaticommunity  has been relentlessly targeted in variant ways by the militants, who were originally trained and raised for the Saudi-CIA-ISI sponsored Afghan Jihad against Soviet Union during the 1980s. Militants have lynched more than 23,500 Shia Muslims, 45,000 Sunni Sufi or Barelvi Muslims and hundreds of Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus and other persecuted communities in Pakistan owing to severe brainwashing by specific group of followers from 1963 to 31st May,2015. Religious scholars, doctors, lawyers, educationists, government officials, other professionals, shopkeepers, vendors and students, all have been targeted in one way or the other for the mere reason of them being Shia.Shias have been attacked in religious processions, they have been dragged off the buses, separated and slaughtered, they have been targeted on their way to pilgrimage, they have been subject to attacks on their way to schools or workplaces, they have been gunned down while offering prayers and they have been attacked while performing their regular daily business. They have been killed in all parts of the country from Parachinar to Karachi and Balochistan to Gilgit-Baltistan. Are we the followers of Islam, which teaches about the rights of humanity?

Unfortunately, mostly Mullahs are visualized flabbergasting about Jihad at Friday gatherings in lieu off guiding youth. No doubt, doing Jihad is the righteous deed, but jihad-bil-Qataal is focused by clerics, while doing jihad against ones esteem is above all.  Actually, no one craves to hearken second one  and portrays himself as true follower of Islam and such were the conditions of European people in dark ages, when popes dominated Europe. When Europe started turning towards golden age, division occurred in Christianity; Catholics and Protestants.  Getting out of acute ferocious time, both cliques focused for uplift of countries. Here in Pakistan, recently four women of Shia-Hazara community have been slayed, and still we are calling ourselves Muslims, Followers of Prophet(PBUH) and believers of one God Almighty.

Equality, Justice, Kindness and speaking truth were the teachings of Prophet(PBUH), now which are peeped in European society and the Muslims are actually not following those lessons. Putting killing issue to aside, Pakistani society is imbued with elements of corruption, bribe, so-called justice and inequality; such elements can be illustrated with paradigms, but everyone is well-aware of these strides; can you get your case filed in court without paying bribe? Perhaps, calling oneself Muslim is much easy than following the codes of Islam and its teachings. Still don’t you ponder that grandson ofprophet(PBUH), Imam Hussain(A.S.) had asked for such help regarding the spread of Islam; which we are not doing?

So  far as militants are concerned, they can’t be Muslims as Quran says, “Killing one man is equal to killing the whole humanity.”  Two days before, a newspaper reading passed through my eyes, where it was written a saga; one Hindu with his wife came across the militants somewhere and the latter asked about his religion. The Hindu replied that he was a Muslim; the militants asked the Hindu to read Kalma and then was set free. Moving forward, the Hindu’s wife abrogated, “how had he read Kalma?” The Hindu told that he had read Geeta instead of Kalma because the militants had no knowledge about Kalma. Such people can’t depict themselves Muslims, isn’t it?  Furthermore, killers of children like, APS carnage 2014  and suicide bombers, who attack mosques can’t be environed in Islam through any definition.

Stating the pith: not only have the elders of BanuHashim but also the youngsters like,Hazrat Ali Akbar(R.A.) and children like,Hazrat Ali Asghar(R.A.) have sacrificed their lives for glory of Islam. Still that call of Imam Hussain(R.A.) in 1437A.H is knocking at our doors to get out of deep sleep and sectarianism; it is our duty to be united under one canopy for culmination of Islamic values. Here will  bebric-a-brac role of clerics, who should get themselves free from fetters of Mullahismand work on solid bases to throng youth. Offer prayer with folded arms or unfolded, that should not be topic of discussion by Clerics, but how can youth be tracked and how Islam, being religion can dominate?  In short, it’s time to prepare ourselves with answer, which we will have to give to grandson of Hazart Muhammad(SAW) on doomsday that such strides were enacted by us for spreading of Islam.