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Americans in the eye of History.. Episode 01


(?How did Columbus discover New World)

Episode: 01

In the globalized world of today, everyone talks about superpowers and leaders, ruling the world so white house through all contexts is reigning and dictating other countries of globe, but on the parallel British and some other nations have prolonged and conquering history; why Americans are clutching such title and what are those facts, bolstering America day by day in race of information and technology? All of these queries are compelling to introspect about Americans background and their approaches towards culmination. Starting through ancient discovery of America; at the height of ice age about 35000 years ago, when much of world’s water was locked up in continental ice sheets, a land bridge(1500 Km) was there connecting Asia and North America. By 12000 years ago, Human beings were living in western Hemisphere. In 2500 BCE,A group of nomads, moving from India crossed acute bridge and reached north of America, the place now is called Alaska. They then moved south into land that was to become the United States and settled along pacific ocean in the Northwest, in the mountains and deserts of the Southwest, and along the Mississippi river in the Middle West. Amid early settlers of America, there were Hohokam, Adenans, Hopewellians and Anasazi and did everything for their livings in that part of exploring era.

Until the 15th century, Europeans believed that there were only three continents in the world; Europe, Asia and Antartic. With passage of time, Europeans started trading with Asia especially India, but owing to clashes of European and ottoman Empire; formers had to suffer from killing, either they were passing through land routes or ocean. Then, European rulers asked for navigating shortest possible route to India and Christopher Columbus came up with idea. He believed that sailing west across the Atlantic ocean was the shortest possible route to Asia and was ready to sail for whatever country would pay for his voyage. Either because of his arrogance or ambition, he found it difficult to find a patron and was refuted by the Portuguese,  the British and the French. Having influential patronage from court, Columbus kindled King Ferdinand and queen Isabella of Spain to partially underwrite his expedition.

Furthermore, In 1492, Columbus started his journey with crew member and reached north of America, when he peeped into acute Island  and found other civilizations looking like Indians, he enthusiastically declared that he had found India.  Columbus called native of America as red Indians thinking that he had landed in India and those people were Indians. Four civilizations were living in America earlier like Mayas, Red Indians, Aztecs and Incas. Meanwhile, many people visited this part of Columbus’s India, but another Italian navigator named Amerigo Vespucci sailed extensively along American Coast and was considered to be first to realize that America was in fact a “New World” and not part of Asia.

After visit, Amerigo published a document and instigated America on the map for first time, known parts of western hemisphere in 1507. So, after Amerigo, this place was named as; The Land of Americus, but with passage of phrase grasped a conversion to one word that was America. This was how, a new world clutched its introduction on the map of world. Question ambushing here is; what was the lesson learnt by European through this expedition of Columbus? Columbus imprinted two depictions on the world history, but peeping into positive aspect;   owing to his journey, Europeans of several countries began to look to expand outside of Europe for trade and exchange. European foods, animals, ideas and ideologies went from Europe to Western Hemisphere, at same time animals, plants, gold and some local customs and ideas came to Europe from Western Hemisphere; this was called Columbian exchange. The fact that Columbus is considered a historical hero is incredibly tumultuous to many. After landing at San Salvador in the Bahamas, he found gold on the island of Hispaniola that he carted back to Spain. He and his explorers lynched many natives and made thousands of them as slaves. On the other hand, he with his crew brought diseases, which slayed many native Americans as well.


India’s pressed neck policy



Every year during flood season, debates are broadcasted by various channels about Kalabagh dam, politicians emerge quarreling for imposing upon other one’s cliché but yet to the prevailing life, no one has been visualized imprinting decorum solution for it, acceptable to everyone. Why do politicians not divert their guns towards India or can such roles not be performed by them in case of India or prolonged performance can’t be ushered by them? To Indus water treaty, India is bound to maintain water level of 55000 cubic square feet through western rivers ( Indus, Jhelum, Chenab not Neelum) annually and 22000 cubic square feet has been received by us since 2004. India claims that such shortfall is there, due to less rainfall while counter argument of Pakistan is emphasizing truth; it says that 67% of water comes from melting of glacier.

Furthermore, moving with treaty India is bound to send 6-month prior notice to Pakistan before initiation of new project (Dam Upstream), while Pakistan has to reply within 3-months. In case of disagreement, both states can hold case to international court of arbitration. India has constructed 72 projects like Dulhasti, Salal, Bagehar and Kisangangaetc and numbers are in pipeline; which India can construct, but with prescribed height. Actually, Indians have violated the terms of concordat as more height (33 feet)  hasbeen given to dam like Kisanganga with claim that mostly dams have been constructed  on Neelum, which has not been mentioned in western rivers. In return, Pakistan says that Neelum is no doubt not part of western rivers, but Jhelum has main flow of water from Neelum. Since 2004, India has not sent single letter to Pakistan about permission, and Pakistan sent 300 objection letters since 1971 to India, none of them has been replied.

Including the issue of Kishanganga Dam by Pakistan, both Islamabad and New Delhi took issue over bagleaur dam in 2009 to ICA ( International court of Arbitration) and ICA appointed observer team for conflict. What acute team has found regarding conflicted dam? Structure of dam is complete and can’t be reversed with 33 feet more height than prescribed. Indian lobby prevailed over Pakistan in ICA to be provided with fresh data to court. Further, Indians say that Pakistan should not waste water to sea( 32%) while it should waste(17%) to sea. In reply, Islamabad stayed to its claim of water receiving. KawajaAsif( Minister for water and power) addressed to parliament; if flow is reduced with same pace then drought will be there in Pakistan in 2024. While director agriculture Punjab said that Pakistan had been facing 1 billion rupees loss per crop due to reduced flow.

Such cunning steps are being taken by India in violation of treaty, as New Delhi maintains flow according to its will  and on the contrary, Pakistan faces huge loss through flood or water shortage. India will continue to build dams until proper orchestration of Pakistan about constructing new dams because low stream always has more rights over water than upstream according to laws. So, to overcome reduced water flow and losses through flood, all wings of Pakistan have to gather at juncture, which demands for one will. In short, India will have to increase flow, if Basha, Dashu and Kalabagh dams are constructed. Such mastery will also escalate the water life line of country from 28 days and Kawaja Asif will need no ground to pray for rain. But, these strides are exhorting to get rid of egoism, so that country could get better.

Recently, burning issue of Kashmir and Uri attack have fingered Pakistan and India towards harsh talks and pre-war preparations. Mr. Modi uttered ferocious words about ending of Indus water treaty during a gathering, but can it be done? International court of Arbitration is holder of treaty between both cliques and it can’t be ended on the will of one faction, but such claim of Mr. Modi has starched the words of  Mr. Obama’s 1st speech in 2008; Pakistan and India’s next war will happen due to water conflict.  So far as Indian surgical strikes are concerned; those have badly failed because Indian media and former high influential have declared them, baseless and without influence.

Water is the basic need of  human body and such treaties are based on international codes of conduct, which can’t be easily violated. Just like Pak-India, Hungary and Slovakia were concerned about Gabcikovo-Nagymarosproject and filed a case in ICJ. On September,1997 ICJ passed a ruling in the case to put such consonance beyond the disputes. Treaty can’t be ended and violated, but can be terminated by another treaty, which Pak-India are not articulating. If Article 63 of Vienna convention on law of treaty is introspected, it says that severance of diplomatic relations has no concern with violation of treaty except diplomatic relations are being shaped severe about treaty. So, through such angle, Pak-India are having burning question of Kashmir and Uri attack, which are being followed through tactics of Violation of Indus water treaty.

To conclude: Pakistan remained sluggish in relation of pursuing India regarding the violation of treaty, whether it is reduced water flow or ending of concordat except strongly pursued case of Salal Dam 1977. So, strong diplomacy is needed on every forum with jointure of all wings over construction of dams. In short, such treaty should not be used as ammunition of war or for political needs, because it has long entrenched history, which can’t be ended.

A message from KARBALA


The month of Muharram has come once again with same reminders about carnage happened in Karbala, where true followers of Imam Hussain (R.A.) were lynched for victory of unjust system instead of spreading message of God Almighty. Imam Hussain (R.A.) uttered a loud voice on the 10th of Muharram, “Is there anyone to help this poor?”  such utterance was not perhaps for that kind of help, but a message to the Muslims about Islam and price paid for it.  Owing to such price, Islam spread across the world and Muslim empires apprehended glories having commendable leaders. Similarly, HazratMujadad Alf-Sani (R.A.), Shah Waliullah and Sir Syed were the leaders of 17th and 18th centuries in Asian Subcontinent, who kept the Muslims united under one platform. Were they shias? Obviously, no because they were Deobandi by beliefs, but never darted the Muslims towards division. Later on, 19th century again oozed with talented leaders like Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal, which resulted in separate homeland for the Muslims of Subcontinent. Till red letter day, the Muslims were connected with strong bonding, but what has happened to the Muslims in 1437 A.H? Everyone is orchestrating to kill second person, even having same religion, Are the Muslims not confronting fiascos?

The Muslims ruled the world acting upon the teachings of God Almighty and His prophet(PBUH), because they were not divided and worked for uplift of Islam. Like, Quaid-e-Azam belonged to a specific community of the Muslims, he was Ismaeli Shia by belief and on the contrary, Allama Iqbal was sunni by belief; in spite of such difference, they crowded Muslims under one spat against exploitation of the Hindus. Actually, after independence Pakistan also faced religious exploitation with other social and economic issues due to presence of a few conservative and paid scholars, which resulted in severe aftermaths like breach amid the Muslims. With passage of time, instead of thronging Muslims under one oasis, scholars of both groups considered such breach as foundation of their businesses. Such cyclone of fire got stronger day by day and Mullahs were enjoying soft drinks sitting at side. Being second largest country with Sunni population( 85%) after Indonesia and second largest country with Shia population(40 million) after Iran, hitherto Pakistan has been clutched by mud of sectarianism, even agitation against each other has crossed all limits.

Shiaticommunity  has been relentlessly targeted in variant ways by the militants, who were originally trained and raised for the Saudi-CIA-ISI sponsored Afghan Jihad against Soviet Union during the 1980s. Militants have lynched more than 23,500 Shia Muslims, 45,000 Sunni Sufi or Barelvi Muslims and hundreds of Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus and other persecuted communities in Pakistan owing to severe brainwashing by specific group of followers from 1963 to 31st May,2015. Religious scholars, doctors, lawyers, educationists, government officials, other professionals, shopkeepers, vendors and students, all have been targeted in one way or the other for the mere reason of them being Shia.Shias have been attacked in religious processions, they have been dragged off the buses, separated and slaughtered, they have been targeted on their way to pilgrimage, they have been subject to attacks on their way to schools or workplaces, they have been gunned down while offering prayers and they have been attacked while performing their regular daily business. They have been killed in all parts of the country from Parachinar to Karachi and Balochistan to Gilgit-Baltistan. Are we the followers of Islam, which teaches about the rights of humanity?

Unfortunately, mostly Mullahs are visualized flabbergasting about Jihad at Friday gatherings in lieu off guiding youth. No doubt, doing Jihad is the righteous deed, but jihad-bil-Qataal is focused by clerics, while doing jihad against ones esteem is above all.  Actually, no one craves to hearken second one  and portrays himself as true follower of Islam and such were the conditions of European people in dark ages, when popes dominated Europe. When Europe started turning towards golden age, division occurred in Christianity; Catholics and Protestants.  Getting out of acute ferocious time, both cliques focused for uplift of countries. Here in Pakistan, recently four women of Shia-Hazara community have been slayed, and still we are calling ourselves Muslims, Followers of Prophet(PBUH) and believers of one God Almighty.

Equality, Justice, Kindness and speaking truth were the teachings of Prophet(PBUH), now which are peeped in European society and the Muslims are actually not following those lessons. Putting killing issue to aside, Pakistani society is imbued with elements of corruption, bribe, so-called justice and inequality; such elements can be illustrated with paradigms, but everyone is well-aware of these strides; can you get your case filed in court without paying bribe? Perhaps, calling oneself Muslim is much easy than following the codes of Islam and its teachings. Still don’t you ponder that grandson ofprophet(PBUH), Imam Hussain(A.S.) had asked for such help regarding the spread of Islam; which we are not doing?

So  far as militants are concerned, they can’t be Muslims as Quran says, “Killing one man is equal to killing the whole humanity.”  Two days before, a newspaper reading passed through my eyes, where it was written a saga; one Hindu with his wife came across the militants somewhere and the latter asked about his religion. The Hindu replied that he was a Muslim; the militants asked the Hindu to read Kalma and then was set free. Moving forward, the Hindu’s wife abrogated, “how had he read Kalma?” The Hindu told that he had read Geeta instead of Kalma because the militants had no knowledge about Kalma. Such people can’t depict themselves Muslims, isn’t it?  Furthermore, killers of children like, APS carnage 2014  and suicide bombers, who attack mosques can’t be environed in Islam through any definition.

Stating the pith: not only have the elders of BanuHashim but also the youngsters like,Hazrat Ali Akbar(R.A.) and children like,Hazrat Ali Asghar(R.A.) have sacrificed their lives for glory of Islam. Still that call of Imam Hussain(R.A.) in 1437A.H is knocking at our doors to get out of deep sleep and sectarianism; it is our duty to be united under one canopy for culmination of Islamic values. Here will  bebric-a-brac role of clerics, who should get themselves free from fetters of Mullahismand work on solid bases to throng youth. Offer prayer with folded arms or unfolded, that should not be topic of discussion by Clerics, but how can youth be tracked and how Islam, being religion can dominate?  In short, it’s time to prepare ourselves with answer, which we will have to give to grandson of Hazart Muhammad(SAW) on doomsday that such strides were enacted by us for spreading of Islam.

Strengthening Union of America, India And Afghanistan


It might be listened through elders that friends could be changed, but unfortunately enemies and neighbors couldn’t be changed. Under such stance, Pakistan is very unfortunate country having neighbors like India and Afghanistan; so far as Iran and China are concerned, former is having ups and downs in relationship, while China is backing Pakistan for its personal interest in the region. No doubt, Chinese investment of $52 billions in Pakistan is guarantor of boom for Pakistani economy as CPEC, being a corridor will urge south-Asian investors and grasp buckets of money; its impending success can be visualized at the world arena. China, an emerging world best economy demands 28-30 days for launching of its new product or transferring it in the West, while after CPEC, time will be reduced to 6-7 days. Further elaboration is here through paradigm; after birth of Pakistan, leadership decided to approach capitalist block (America) instead of communist block (USSR) in spite of having invitation from latter block. Then, 1979 was the year of cold war, when USSR( 80,000 troops) invaded Afghanistan at the request of Afghani PM(Babrak Karmal) for clean-up mission and America forced Pakistan in Afghan war for showing its power.  Till 2015, Pakistan vindicated strategy of America, either it was wrong or right then why have Americans joined hand with India and Afghanistan, ignoring such sacrifices of Pakistanis?

Actually, the Americans are having fear of Thucydides trap, which can be visualized through President Obama’ s interview to a journalist in 2008, when he was asked about influence of China in American economy, sitting in his presidential office, he replied, “ you are talking about influence of China in American economy,  they have invaded into my office as American flag on my table is made of China.”  Such elements of fear have compelled White House to create a jointure with India and Afghanistan. Recently, John Kerry visited New Delhi, not Pakistan; which exhibited that Americans were not interested in collaboration with Pakistan and China was major agenda of agitation by Americans. So far as American jointure with India is concerned, America has strong naval power consisting of seven fleets and Indian ocean is guarantor of world leader in 21st century. According to Alfred Thayer-Naval strategist, “ whoever controls Indian ocean controls Asia, this ocean is key to seven seas and in 21st century, destiny of the world will be decided in these waters.” Such are the reasons of refusing for delivery of F-16 to Pakistan as CPEC is paving way for culmination of Chinese economy.

India and Afghanistan remained close friends as former raised slogans against intervention of foreign states in territory of Afghanistan, but such slogans were and are being raised to have safe haven for Indians to attack Pakistan. Scenario is lying here because Islamabad and Kabul despite of sharing geography, ethnicity and faith couldn’t develop good relations. Even relations are standing at worst because Afghans are not yet accepting Durand line. In short, America and India are having their aims in Afghan territory after 9/11, reflected through Bonn conference 2001  and Pakistan having bad relations with Kabul, provided way to White House and Pundits. Question here is; why India is becoming part of this Union?

India and Pakistan are having rivalry from day of division and Indians miss no chance to attack or blame Pakistan, so they can’t watch Pakistani economy progressing; on the other hand, Indians crave to become regional power which can only happen through such jointure. On one side, India is utilizing Afghan territory to support separatist movements in Balochistan and on the other side; India, Iran and Afghanistan are developing Chahbar seaport to minimize the role of CPEC, which is also beneficial for America.  Situation is further going towards tension as Pakistani camels are pasturing towards Russian block, which means that whole depiction of South-Asia is moving towards change. For Americans Interest, India is only having potential to counterweight China, which has joined both states( India and USA) over nuclear deal.

Such collaboration can hardly be broken down as all thrice are gaining their interests and future leadership of America can also be visualized, bending towards this union as Hillary Clinton (Democratic nominee of presidential election) said that the future of politics would be decided in Asia, not in Iraq or elsewhere, and the USA would be right at center of the action. Hillary’s words has shown her approach towards Asia after getting into White House while Donald Trump (Republican nominee of Presidential election) is the man, who is speaking to get rid of Muslims; how can he-man join hand with Pakistan, an Islamic state? To the Guardian-British newspaper, India is dominant by Hindu-terrorists, they will obviously not make settlement with Pakistan.

In the nutshell: Pakistan can’t change its neighbors, but can develop good relations with them as Afghanistan and Iran can be brought to table with strong diplomacy. Time is urging for initiative, which will be backed by initiative and initiative by politicians in the field of diplomacy. According to theory of realism, Americans have never patronized Pakistan at the hour of need, so leadership should finally decide to move in the camp of Russia, which will be highly beneficial in resolution of conflicts with Iran as well as India up to an extent. As, Imran Khan is agitating against Nawaz Monarchy and its scandals, will Nawaz enact such daring role?



Will Modi’s government Dare


After long and untiring efforts of Muslim leaders, Pakistan was achieved as a separate homeland for the Muslims, but the issues emerged from red letter day between Pakistan and India in shape of territorial disputes, like Kashmir dispute. Pakistan and India fought three Wars and still allegation wars are being fought between influential of both states. Recently, Uri attack has laid new foundation for war between both states after Pathankot and Mumbai attacks, but question is; will there be a war? Visualizing all the facts, both states have crossed three lines of deterrence against each other as both are nuclear power states.  It means that any attack from either side will be replied with same force as both states have their best delivery systems. All the tactics are being utilized by Modi government to pave the way for war, but Indian military influential are not portraying themselves in mood to fight with Pakistan as head of Indian air force was found missing in recent meeting on important issue of war. Along with such situation, retired Indian military men are not ushering good remarks for India sitting on TV channels; And almost 40,000 Indian soldiers have submitted applications for long weekend, which has exhibited elements of fear in Indian army. What are those factors, which are barricading Indians to enter into war with Pakistan?

Actually, international politics has entered into new depiction; United states and India are gathering at same page with bundle of new deals. Similarly, Pakistan and Russia are getting together strongly after Gilani-Putin meeting at Moscow, And multiple positive results have been scouted like, recent military exercises between Pak-Army and Russian Troops, Russia has invested $2billion for construction of Lahore-Karachi motorway and both countries are going to sign pact for fighter jets; which will provide Pakistan air force with best combination after F-16 of America and F-17 thunder. Why Russia will patronize Pakistan; a country, which ditched her ever at every ground on vindication of USA? As, geostrategic  location of Pakistan is the factor binding Russia for vindication that’s why both states are thronging themselves. Along with such cynosure, CPEC is also attracting Russia for trade.

Obviously, China on one side has grudges against India, but on second side has friendship with Pakistan; either for its interest or other benefits, it will support Pakistan. Such prevailing scenario is torturing Indians, which have compelled Modi government to use other tactics like, to stop the flow of water or declaring Pakistani leadership as incompetent. To American CIA report, India has been warned, not to enter into war with Pakistan; which will be highly  dangerous for India. Not only CIA has issued such warning for India, but also British and German reports have enacted same jobs. In short, time of conventional warfare has gone and world is passing through critical stage after nuclear weapons because any state can make head  way of nuclear technology in case of losing war. Results will emerge totally similar to second world war, when America used two nuclear bombs ( size; 1.2m, 1m) (Names; Little Boy and Fat Man), what happened? Two cities of Japan were put to end.

Two days ago, Modi  delivered a speech in Kerala, talking about the isolation of Pakistan in the world, but his moves couldn’t control the phobia of Pakistan Army from the eyes of Indian news reporters. As, Indian retired Military man had spoke to media before Uri attack about incapability of Indian Air Force, comparing with Pakistan Air Force. He focused that India was investing on importing weapons and crafts, but Pakistan was having its own factories, either with collaboration of China or anyone else; which was great difference according to him. Such rummy words of their officials have compelled them to suffer from jiggling movements. During such spicy parleys, Pakistan Air Force further shook Indians by making flights at Lahore-Rawalpindi Motorway.

Unfortunately, constructive approach has not been followed by the Indians, which can settle major disputes between both rivals like Kashmir dispute. The  British were having more than 13 colonies in America before American revolution. The Americans fought 1st war of independence and war of 1812 against the British for self determination, but at last they paved clean way through constructivism and initiated trading. Such can happen in case of Pakistan and India, but latter are pre-empting for war raking behind realism, but certain described factors are not allowing them for action. Alleging Pakistan as terrorist state is a venom, which is fueling the fire as grandson of Akbar Bugti, who is agitating against Pakistan, has even declared that they will stand before Pakistan Army in the War against India. Nodoubt, such emotions are there in India, but not at such escalated level; still factors are there, wedging Modi to declare war against Pakistan.

In an interview, renowned nuclear scientist of Pakistan named Dr. Samar Mubarak recently said that Pakistan had better technology and long ranged missile system as compared to India, while a German report oozed that Pakistan was not only indulged in nuclear weapons but also Dr. Abdul Qadeer had directed it towards utilization of his formula about weapons of space. On the contrary, Indians have exhibited their own weak points like interviews of influential, 40,000 leave applications. Visualizing such status quo, Modi can’t even ponder for war, which will result into mass destruction.

In the nutshell:  variant circumstances have compelled Modi, not to dare for war but if he does then it will be last war for both states due to nuclear weapons. If Modi is instigating himself a daring man then he can dare for giving self determination to Kashmiris, who are agitating for their rights. Still India can fight war with Pakistan on the subject of poverty that who will erode poverty first from his state? Such will be a positive move and his craze for war will be imbued. So far as territorial dispute of Kashmir is concerned that can be settled through referendum or peaceful dialogues. Can’t Pakistan and India follow the example of Britian-America jointure?

In short, time is urging Modi government to end with this doctrine for well being of humanity; if you attack me, I will attack so hard that you will not be able to recover.

Declining Social values


Social values, traditions and norms are not begotten with a child, but all these are inducted by society and agents of socialization. Hazrat Adam and Eva were sent to the earth, which was having no society and such norms as prevailing nowadays on the earth. In short, variant institutions of society are concocting places behind these values. Pakistan is tribal and cast based society, where mostly features are having resemblance with the Indian society because the Muslims and the Hindus lived together for years that’s why mostly norms are scouted, intermixed between two nations. First mechanization and modernization took western society in its clutches; when someone talked about women dominance in the western society till 1903, deviants were thronged in large number against the empowerment of woman, but with passage of time and revolutions, these behests were accepted. Hitherto, woman empowerment has touched apex in the West like Angela Merkel, Niclon Strugen, Theresa May, Hillary Clinton and Angela Eagle, etc. are reigning the whole world with their powers.

Glinting future or panorama is being fancied by everyone about Europe, but along with such commendable change; norms and values of their old culture are not there  in action. Perhaps, being tired of visualizing old homes and carelessness from the offspring, once again family-system is being preferred by the western countries. Peeping into patriarchal society of Pakistan, which was wedged into stipulation of endogamy; elderly parents enjoyed time passed with families in enthusiasm. Often hearkened through elders that self-immolation and love didn’t exhort for any return, people were well-wishers of each other, even unsuitable marriages were celebrated with pomp and show, and were sources of happiness between the families. Either folktales were part of culture  or adhered to taboos.  Unfortunately, decline has emitted in social values owing to mechanization and modernization, which mildewed  vista of the West in previous era. Extended family system yet being inherited by parents has no pavement for followers; either societal attitude has changed or leadership being raked is doing nothing for protection of social values. One side of portrait is ushering safe haven, being provided for nuclear families and woman empowerment, which have attained podium of dominance in the society. Am not deviant of woman role in society, but to carry with religion and norms, woman should be geared pioneer up to an extent. Where is parental culture standing, either on the verge of fiasco or culmination?

Patriarchy is not being protected, but visualizing the West, deterrence before further transformation is being wedged by concerned socialists of Pakistan. If  Western countries after passing through tumultuous situation of callous are trying to approach family system once again then Pakistan should not go beyond the line as it will become difficult for Pakistani society to regain its legacy. Are the ancestors living in Pakistan especially Urban areas, guaranteeing culture, traditions and values of their parents? It is admitted fact; change occurs in the society and can’t be stopped, but norms and values shouldn’t be altered by people as these are crucial things of legacy. Veiling society of Pakistan can’t be crisscrossed as such women have become strong, but still phobia is there because if urbanization had power to sift the attitudes of society then it can alter many more things. Owing to Urbanization, relationship between two persons have attained new shape, as relation between them will be visualized on basis of profit-loss.

Like the America; which is fully cast based society, tribal and cast systems of Pakistan are also bruising black, but benefits are at apex as well in such systems like, people will be closely related and caring for each other. Isn’t it so? As far as villages are concerned; contradictory to Urban areas where people are unaware about family living next to their house and are strangers for each other, villagers enjoy happy life style with norms and traditions. Time is clicking that our society is going  to follow West, but shouldn’t we make such mistakes as those are repenting upon such decisions and trying to clutch old life style.

To conclude: Mechanization and modernization are curious and highly urged by developing societies, but negative images in form of eroding social norms through urbanization are not to be coaxed. Declining social values in Pakistani society is exhibiting stipulations, made by western society a few decades ago. In short, we are going beyond liberalism, which will cause much more damage to our society. Barricades are required to control our parental values at this point as values and traditions are sliping through our fingers through processes of Mechanization and modernization. It is the best time to save parental culture otherwise destiny will decide; what you are, who you are and why you are?

Will Akif’s Talent be spoiled


Recently, August 28,2016 the day which blurred the future or dreams of many volunteers as MCAT, special test for admission into governmental medical colleges of Punjab was held by UHS (University of Health Sciences). Mostly students were forced to seek other fields of their interests; why? Are the students with biology not have much competence to carry medical education or system doesn’t fancy their faces? Emphatic pressure is not being catapulted in the sense that all students appearing in the MCAT should go for medical education, but what about the poor students, who don’t have resources in their pockets to prepare themselves for MCAT?

Firstly, the test especially arranged for admission into medical colleges exhibits the element of mistrust upon the educational system, it means; authorities consider variant boards  of HSSC incompatible to emit purified result and are arranging for entrance test. Secondly, the benchmark has been set at the level which demands for four-years consecutive study without failure. Is not it a discrimination; 100 marks in matriculation and  30 marks in FSC are equal to 5 marks in entry test; MCAT?  Indulgence of students with poor families into medical colleges have become impossible as variant institutes like KIPS, TORICA, STARS etc. are preparatory institutes for MCAT, demanding a plethora of money. A student with poor family can’t afford such expenses and in spite of having good grades in matriculation and intermediate, one can’t imbue one’s dream to become a doctor. Will dream of gypsy girl- Nargis, who has secured 1004 marks in matriculation be fulfilled in such vexed education system as she is dreaming to become a doctor?  Such is also exploitation of rights and obviously, deprived boy will not work for best interest of his nation as he was inclined to profession, not desired by him.

Hopefully, your dome will question education system after reading given paradigm; a boy named “Akif” who had 1022 marks in matriculation and 498 marks in intermediate (part 1) and appeared in recently held MCAT, was visualized weeping as he made preparation at KIPS  and couldn’t get through test achieving 610 marks in admission test out of 1100, why and where are the mistakes, which led to failure? Or was the student not intelligent and gained marks through bribe in matriculation and intermediate?  Whom to be blamed for deprivation of his dream as every nook and corner was focused by him during preparation? Definitely, he will beat his one year more to clutch dream or if he goes for other profession then how far he will be best in his doing, is unknown.

Actually, Policy makers are not promoting education, but they are escalating the literacy rate that’s why country like Pakistan is having no even single university amid top 300 universities of the world. Reason stands at the basic root level , where introspection is not being made, examination system is not pure, teachers are not well trained. In spite of having all problems, government is not articulating even single mastery to get rid of progenies in education system. Everyone knows that education is one of the strongest pillars for culmination of states that’s why world is focusing to promote education. So far as Pakistan is concerned, Punjab government is lifting literacy rate to pave way for aid, which is being granted by United Kingdom to Punjab for education, but unfortunately,  nothing better has been done to attain millennium developmental goals except laptop schemes to starch youth inclination.

Teachers are posted, who have good relations with district-political ruling leadership as they vindicate politicians in election and exhort money from government without delivering something to students. Is it not a form of corruption? These absurdities at higher level take part in the failure of system and students. The world has moved towards information technology and our system is teaching Sir Syed and Mirza Ghalib’ s life stories. In the era of 21st century, our educational system believes in cramming business instead of practical work. That’s why demands of Pakistani students are clutching steep day by day in foreign countries. China, an emerging world top economy and its educational system is not point being discussed by me, but what about India, who ever is considered rival by us; Are they not doing better in educational field as compared to Pakistan? Delhi University of India is included in top 100 universities of the world and it has vast opportunities with respect to fields for students, while Pakistan is having not.

That was about public institutes, but private sector is also not performing to its best as every street is having 3 to 4 private institutes and one university; what’s that? Does education quality not matter in Pakistan? Giving education to children has become business as both factions are obtaining benefits; government is cowering money by issuing NOCs and institute owners propaganda may be well known to you.  Whole the educational system has become failure in Pakistan  and is coaxing for correction at root as well as upper levels.

In the nutshell, government should stride at sudden level to promote education in lieu of literacy rate,  which only can happen through restructuring  of educational system and revision of courses. In short, these steps require a few well wishers of educational system as well as prosperity of Pakistan, someone having authority in his hands can perform this role, but steadfastness to ambition is to be focused. Still, Pakistani streets are having talented children, who can hoodwink the whole world.  

Sad demise of my smiling Uncle


Passing through its 70th year, Pakistan is breathing and replying to its rivals, but not at its potential that was expected by Quaid-e-Azam and also having stumbling blocks on its way towards culmination. Amidst biggest road blocks is its policies, articulated by ruling elites, which are exhorting for correction.  PML(N) government having public mandate is paying all attentions towards infrastructure development, which is no doubt important, but not at the costs of deaths. State is coaxing for restructuring as it has not delivered well up to its potential, but health and education departments are perhaps more in worst situation. Instead of becoming safe havens for depressed people, these departments are drinking the blood of public. Socio-economic development is guarantor of prosperity, but what will be clutched through such prosperity if public don’t enjoy good ambience.

Exemplifying through stance about health department, my uncle was taken to emergency ward in  DHQ hospital Chakwal by Rescue 1122 after facing serious injury on Tuesday. With passage of time, we have been informed about fractured arm and leg by doctor with advice of shifting patient to Rawalpindi. Unfortunately, DHQ Chakwal was not having single surgeon after resigning of Hafiz Tayyab; Are there no such emergencies happening daily in Chakwal? PML(N) had apprehended mandate from Chakwal in 2013 election and it did nothing, politicians are abyss in ransacking resources and manipulating the poor people.  Furthermore, when patient was shifted to DHQ hospital Rawalpindi, he got early treatments and bindings, not through manual procedure, but with reference of a relative, who was posted as doctor at DHQ, Rawalpindi.

Meanwhile, doctors had informed us about operation after one day and the patient was shifted from emergency ward to normal-AC-ward as special immunity awarded by acute doctor. On the day of operation, doctors refused to operate by saying that they were missing with oxygen cylinders in operation theatre and it was unknown to them, when oxygen would come as Eid holidays were approaching.  Such internal conditions of DHQ hospital( Rawalpindi), where patients come from almost four districts are bruises of administrative collapse. During such status quo, government is orchestrating for road networks in presence of failed health and education system.

A bit further, as my uncle was a worker with daily wages, family decided for operation in private hospital as phobia of infection was also concerning family members badly  so he was shifted to reliance hospital in Bahria Town, Rawalpindi at 10pm. In the early morning, doctor operated successfully, but after half an hour, my uncle passed away due to cardiac arrest. Governmental as well private  health institutes are ushering such exemplified cases daily; will orphans and wife of Abid Hussain (my uncle) fancy the projects like Metro bus and link roads when sole- earner of their family left them alone owing to poor-health facilities? If District headquarter hospital, Rawalpindi is missing with basic facilities like oxygen then how can we urge for other rights? Metro bus, orange train and other road networks like CPEC are obviously crucial for uplifting economy of country, but in absence of good health, these projects can’t facilitate public. Only promotion of education can result in prolific aftermaths as it’s a podium, which can revolutionize Pakistan.

My uncle was not only well wisher of his family but also was a social worker that’s why mostly public of village have sensed his demise. He-man was buried with loud hue and cry as he was a healer of public wounds. Really, his smiling face is pining yet many people including me, but his wounds were not as deep, which could lead to grave. Governmental influential are culprits of his death because those were having mandate and it was their duty to provide facilities in the hospitals.  Unfortunately, political leadership is not introspecting into public beneficial politics but profit-loss politics has become their motto. Whom to be docked for death of Abid Hussain (42 year old), which is right of public in democratic country?

Pedantic policies are visualized missing as government has deep focus over infrastructure development leaving variant institutions in lurch.  On the other hand, every year Pakistan confronts flood which sabotages road links and agriculture along with human lives, but government is not articulating for serious strides like construction of Dams. What to speak of political pundits, they often speak of increasing electricity production, but steps are not visualized that how will electricity be increased? Basic needs of a human body are rotti, Kapra and Makaan ,and government is unable to provide poor families with these basic needs. If such needs are not being provided then what poor will do with roads, CPEC and economy etc.?

Not only my uncle has suffered from such conditions but also many like him suffered and a few still are lying on the beds of death, whom to be declared culprit as whole the system is lacking competency in every field. Articulation of state has become need of hour  as Pakistan can’t progress with old package except a new one. Governmental approach is being demanded to be sifted towards basic problems like health and education. So far as leaders are concerned, then anyone who wishes to enact for best interest of country will have to convert himself into statesman for the hovering outcomes. The question is; will Nawaz Sharif do such commendable job?

Kashmir Saga


( Who will knock the conscious of pundits?)

The Jammu and Kashmir dispute is the core issue between Pakistan and India that has been bedeviling relations since August 1947. It’s another known fact that both countries  have variant perceptions about dispute. Pakistan regards it as  an unfinished agenda of partition and issue of granting self-determination to Kashmiris and India, on the other hand links it as territorial issue; both countries are holding their territories according to UN- recognized ceasefire agreement.  The state of  Jammu and Kashmir is landlocked region with a total area of 2,22,236 sq.km. Of this, 78,114 sq.km falls under Pakistan administered Kashmir and 37,555 sq.km under China. In addition to this, 5,180 sq.km of J&K territory were ceded to China by Pakistan under March 1963 Sino-Pak boundary agreement. The state shares a 221 km international boundary with Pakistan in the Jammu region and 365 km with China along Ladakh. The line of control, which divides Indian and Pakistan administered part of J&K, is 1001-km long border ( Jammu-205km, valley-460km and Ladakh/Siachen- 336km).

The modern state of J&K evolved from the Dogra heartland in Jammu, as the home of many different ethnic groups and a diverse set of cultures. In 1834, Ladakh was conquered and incorporated into state and Baltistan was annexed by Dogra in 1840 after conquering. The valley of Kashmir joined in 1846, when the British sold it to Gulab Singh for 7.5million rupees. In 1935, Gilgit was leased to the British for 60 years and they terminated the lease in 1947. After ceasefire agreement of January 1, 1949, Pakistan and India went to war in 1965 once again resulting into further zoning of territory. Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir valley were encircled by India, Azad Kashmir and Northern area by Pakistan and Aksai Chin by China.

In the wake of 1971 war, Simla concordat was signed between Pakistan and India on July 2,1972, but still Indians accuse that under this agreement Pakistan accepted LOC  as an international border and dispute to be settled bilaterally. In 1987, following a controversial state election in Kashmir, Kashmiris rose up against Indian government and a people’s revolt began. During the 90’s, almost 100,000 people lost their lives and a vast majority of them were civilians. Currently 750 million Indians security personnel have been deployed that means one Indian solider for every 3 Kashmiris. Again Kargil conflict brought issue to limelight. Recently, Buran Wani’ s killing with many mores has initiated fierce tug of war at state level.

At the core of Indian  position on Kashmir is New Dehli’s claim that the decision of Maharaja Hari Singh to accede to the Indian union, regardless of its circumstances, is final and legal and it can’s be disputed. If there is any unfinished business of partition, it is the requirement that Pakistan relinquish control of that part of Jammu and Kashmir that it illegally occupies. India further mentions that the UN resolutions calling for the will of people to be accomplished are no longer tangible because Pakistan hasn’t imbued preconditions of withdrawal from the territory it occupied through aggression. To Indians, will of people does not need to be ascertained only through plebiscite as problem of Kashmir is one of terroristic act sponsored by Pakistan. Above descriptions are claimed by Indians and Pakistan used to mention J&K as a disputed terrain; the state’s accession to India in October 1947 was provisional and executed under pressure of Indian military presence. The disputed status of J&K is acknowledged in the security council resolution of August 13,1948 and January 5, 1949, to which both India and Pakistan  agreed. These resolutions remain fully in force today, and can’t be unilaterally disregarded by either party then where are the claims of Indians standing here?

Keeping to aside historical background of disputed terrain, Pakistani establishment concerned with civilian patched official invitation to the Indians once again in order to abolish barbarism being carried out by Indian forces in Kashmir valley. Could it be pondered that Indian diplomats would come to table over Kashmir issue, visualizing Mohdi’s sentiments on Indian independence day? If India is not willing even to join any organization, where regional and bilateral disputes are settled then how will Kashmir valley maintain its peace? Like SAARC and SCO, terms and conditions of both organizations are well known to everyone.

If India claims Kashmir as her territory moving with will of Hari Singh then all those sanctuaries were to be part of Pakistan, whose dynasts were muslims and craved to be affiliated with Pakistan and if Hyderabad Deccan and other muslim rulers’ states were linked with India owing to majority of non-muslims and territory encircled by Indian part then majority of Kashmiris were muslims and territory was annexed with Pakistan. In short, Indians never stood to single claim and brutalized through strong military presence in muslim states. Similarly, Mohdi’s nomination as PM has further aired agony and anarchy in Kashmir as he-man is trying to nip uproar of Kashmir through force and that’s his motto.

Self-determination and human rights violation are the slogans, which are replied by UN, but in context of Kashmir valley, UN is yet not being scouted trying for the best of Kashmiris. Perhaps, uncounted number of soldiers like Burhan Wani have passed urging the world, it means that India being emerging economy and crucial in regional politics has strong hearing at international arena. Such renaissance is needed like Sartaj Aziz and Lydan meeting oozed as latter being secretary general of OIC urged world to roost Kashmir dispute through plebiscite. For which, India is not ready as Kashmiris will not vote for pundits, but for their best concerns.

Amidst 49 different kind of solutions for Kashmir issue; Owen Dixon plan, Chenab formula, Musharraf four points formula and Nawaz Sharif four points formula even couldn’t settle dispute. In spite of these, there is no dearth of ideas on how to resolve the Kashmir dispute. Based either on analogical reasoning or historical experience of conflict resolution attempts involving other situations, most of these proposals emphasize the need for transforming dynamics of India-Pakistan conflict from a zero-sum competition over Kashmir to a positive sum situation in which both sides would gain from a settlement of dispute. Needless to say that none of these ideas can be pursued in earnest without a sustained and institutionalized India-Pakistan dialogue process centered on Kashmir, nothing will bring peace unless dialogue process will be vindicated by Kashmiris.

The Road, which leads to Prosperity



Inequalities lie everywhere in the society, each periphery has its own discriminating saga, not only is Pakistani jurisdiction confronting such pre-emptive clauses, but also all those terrains, which wish to stand in the rows of culminated states and are there, in the developing pipelines. Illustration with paradigm confines one’s dome to pointed path of discussion, take Europe here as example, which is instigated as benchmark of prosperity and every nation tries to follow its suit. If such words of European history are uttered then nobody will pronounce these wrong as Europeans were even more worse in their dark age, before 14th century  than status quo of Pakistan. They were much more conservatives about religion as compared to us, even every verdict or approach darting towards religion was crisscrossed by them. Nothing else mattered for them except religion, but  European intelligentsia worked for lifting Europeans from dark age into golden age through variant steps of positivism. Days passed on and centrist-Europeans revolutionized  world through industrialization, then mechanization and information technology. Here at the stage after revolution, automatically centrists were secular in their approach.

Glimpsing into Pakistan, which has become safe haven for every social-problem of society, unequal distribution of wealth is no issue, but utilization of resources towards constructivism is problem with huge criticism. Scoping solution for surged problem, institutions should be developed for introspection of money flow from opulent tycoons to downtrodden families, how such piped flow will occur? Industrialization, which will raise job opportunities for skilled labor and in return, tycoons will pocket resources and labor will reminisce its hunger. Poverty, no doubt has rooted itself deeply in Pakistani society, but industrialization has only power to clutch it, out of mud because escalation in investment will bundle the value of rupee in stock exchange. Along with this depiction, revival of economic boom will aid Pakistan towards the roads of prosperity. Same initiatives were kindled by Europeans for economic boom.

Education- best weapon to rule the contemporary world, which is confronting stumbling blocks of inequalities in Pakistan as differential schoolings emerge standard of education into two zones. Children of poor families are morally forced to public sector and opulent children are directed towards higher-standard institutes. Eventually, opulent boys will apprehend good-jobs and blue collar jobs will remain for poor people. Hardly possible is it that two types of students with variant backgrounds will meet at one rostrum. Solution stands here; education standard in private and public sector institutes should be paralleled with talented teachers without any further discrimination.

Grasping development of infrastructure and facilities to every corner of Pakistan, institutes should be developed. Take taxation department; if it implements  similar restrictions for Nawaz Sharif as well as downtrodden then no installment will be urged by finance Minister or someone else from foreign-banks for development and coping with human rights. if  tycoons don’t pay taxes or get rid of it then  it means, a day laborer with 500 rupees will pay. What were European theories of progressiveness and mercantilism? Simply, those were about trades and piling of taxes for uplift of states. Devotedness of articulators in taxation department is demanded without discriminatory effect between Prime Minister and a day laborer.

Unfortunately, Pakistani terrain remained safe haven of militants for long and they orchestrated different carnages in mosques, schools and other institutes of country. Yet, Armed forces are eroding their roots and have forced them to conclusion. Claimants claim that such territory like Pakistan can never progress as it is imbued with social-issues. Replying them with single line; if japan progressed after visualizing world new portrait then why can’t Pakistan stand, best in the globe? Japan remained part of Germany-pool in both ferocious world wars and Japanese at local level had same type of claims. Simply, when they emerged themselves out of mud,  culmination became their destiny.  In short, Japanese visualized their interest, more commendable in development than wars but such realization occurred after facing vicious side. Likewise, Pakistani hegemons have also scouted tumultuous side of picture and military has held its emblem to hoodwink Taliban, wherever left.

Oh sectarianism; how will it be tackled? Europeans prostrated their god without any intervention of alien from outside, but they became liberals with escalation of industries and development. Keenly darting protestant and catholic issue of 16th century, that was totally similar to sectarian-divide here, what happened? With developments of states, their ideas about religion continued changing and at last, religion was kept to aside from state-matters for prosperity. Similarly, ideas of conservatives should be altered as Holy prophet (SAW) himself said in hadith; “Seeking knowledge is superior to salat, zakat, Haj and jihad near Allah”.  Education is only best weapon to eradicate social issues as brain development  of youth will change destiny of Pakistan.

Major issue of discrimination is happening in Balochistan, even residents are deprived of their basic rights. Everyone talks about separatist movements, but no one peeps into matter that why Baloch are coaxing for separation?  Separatist movements of Balochistan can be tackled through socio-economic development as China is enacting against separatist movements in jurisdiction of Xijang, Chinese are developing acute area socially, economically and morally. No doubt, Pakistan government is also following suit, either for personal interest or for sake of Baloch, that’s unknown. Actually, such steps should be taken at continual basis without barricades.